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My Mate Is My English Teacher?!?!? (Watty Awards)

My Mate Is My English Teacher?!?!? (Watty Awards)

209K Reads 3.9K Votes 15 Part Story
C By TwilightDays Updated Aug 24, 2012

Being the new girl is hard enough but now Hannah finds out she has a mate and its not who anyone expected it to be. It's none other than her english teacher, Mr. Harris. Hannah Wright learns a lesson on patience, respect, and love. Lets see how Mr. Harris changes Hannah's life for better or worse. Take a ride with Hannah and Mr. Harris and you won't be sorry.

HarryStilesinc HarryStilesinc Sep 03, 2016
Her relationship with her father is cute but a little uncomfortable
BackupWeirdo BackupWeirdo Jun 07, 2016
You sound like you married him I can barely even have a conversation for more than 2 minutes with my father
jjjmsl jjjmsl Dec 24, 2015
Yeah...sorry no I'm changing that to something decent like green day or 5sos
96Nutcracker 96Nutcracker Feb 08, 2015
she was enrolled in a werewolf school... maybe they have been? lol
love_melikearose love_melikearose Dec 10, 2014
Of course's totally normal for someone to say that to you! *note the sarcasm*
AelitaNoble AelitaNoble Sep 01, 2014
I believe (and please correct me if I'm wrong) but in this story you do not shift you have basically an animal spirit inside you and it can walk beside you like a friend so it's not you but you host one body