A forbidden love

A forbidden love

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Georgia By georgialou2601 Completed

For nine long, torturous years, her father has beaten her and her mother hasn't cared for her. Jessica Smith has felt unloved for a long time.

Jess is close to giving up until handsome Matthew Reeves shows up. He's kind and gentle towards Jess just when she needs someone to be there for her. Matt doesn't seem to want Jess out of sight at all.

When Matt shows up in the most unexpected place, secrets are revealed. Secrets that could change your life forever. Secrets that make you question your own identity.

Is Jess' father who he makes out to be?

  • forbidden
  • love
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  • romance
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  • werewolf
HarshiHyperAngelic HarshiHyperAngelic Jun 25, 2016
Really..? How cm she didnt faint or something yet???  This is so not possible..!
I'm sorry but all I see in my head is Lex Griffin the fitness model for gym shark
luvbeingme100 luvbeingme100 Apr 18, 2016
Jesus Devina and Damon this is so awful!!!!!!!! I love them but it is Devina and Kol and Damon and Elena
VrattikaSingh VrattikaSingh May 27, 2016
who on earth would like to watch a horror movie? well I won't.
AliciaVeritas AliciaVeritas Feb 23, 2015
so far this is interesting, but she can't go home can she? will Matt let her?