Burn Out

Burn Out

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CauseOfMyEuphoria By elysian_writes Updated Apr 09, 2020

"I won't let you fall, Ophelia. Ever. I will catch you. Always." He said, as I stared into his ocean blue eyes.

"But what if you can't? What if the fall is inevitable?" 

And I knew I was going to fall. A fall so hard that maybe I would never recover but I waited for him to answer. To drive my worries away.

"Then, I will fall with you..." 

And that was enough, for now. Enough for a lifetime.


Ophelia Hale was never the one to fall, not even by the charms of a siren. Like an unattainable dream and yet so close, Stellan Walker succeeds in uncovering the candour behind her smile. 

She shielded herself for as long as she could. But she never expected him to flicker something in her so foreign, for she discovered too late how she was drowning in his eyes. Because little did she realise, that sometimes, you don't fall for the sirens. Sometimes, you fall for the deep, tranquil ocean instead. And they were a mixture of calm and storm, but a beautiful mixture nevertheless. 

Though fate had never been benevolent on her, as she finds herself in twists, so tangled that she endangers the one love she always deserved. A story that is worth a lifetime, a forever. And stories of love have always had a twisted end, as they both either become the refuge of each others heart or the catalyst to their own destruction at the curve of their infinity.

They were the perfect match.
Either the perfect match would burn once or sizzle together for a lifetime.

Join in the ride of Ophelia and Stellan as one fills the loneliness within and other drives the pain away.


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