ToO uNsUrE tO mAtE

ToO uNsUrE tO mAtE

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BoyxBoy's #1 Stalker 옥 By CozyBXBLover Updated Dec 01, 2017

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::.Sequel To 'Too Young To Mate'.::  

Eddy life is completely falling apart. His mate is upset with him for an incident that, he couldn't completely control and along with that his parents thinks he's still hasn't grown up after five years has pass. But, little do they know Eddy isn't the little boy he was when he returned home from boot camp five years ago. The only good thing out of all the bad things that has happen to him recently is his best friend Kyle returning home after five years of being away.  Their catching up together is shatter when his mate brings back a boy that had seemed to be living in the wild all alone for a while. Max {his mate} wants to keep the kid. But, Eddy feels that nothing good will come from it.  Welp! He's about to find out he could never be more right. 

Kyle's back and he's just as amazing as ever! He can't wait to start his new life with his mate. But what happen when a surprise visitor comes a try's to make a claim for him? Not only that but he also finds out that an event from his past, that still hunts his dream had a motive. 

 Peter lost everything in his old town. After a heart aching event took place he's now got his life back together, an amazing girlfriend, awesome friends! What more can he ask for?! Of course nothing right. But, because he's living in a werewolf pack there is a fact he's going to be getting a mate. Boy is he surprise when he finds out who it is. 

((★If you haven't read 'Too Young To Mate' Please do because you might get confused on some parts in this story.★))

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KesiHendricks KesiHendricks Jul 24, 2015
So nice of Eddy to give the little boy his wish to be with his friend
maddim123 maddim123 Oct 25, 2014
i read the first book and these first few chapters to the second book. im super excited to see another chapter hopefully soon :)
How come eddy wont tell max that the kid didnt wanna get adopted and that he wasnt ready for a kid they would be arguing but not bout them not getting a kid it would be about having children in general
Beast_Monster Beast_Monster Jul 21, 2014
I was so happy when I saw this story up!!! And eddy is once again one of my favorites
gay_durpie gay_durpie Jun 30, 2014
Don't ever stop this story I love reading it and I hate you for leaving me hanging
Loves_MeMe Loves_MeMe Jun 28, 2014
I can't wait for the next chapter it was a look gooooodddd so good luck and hope to see the next chapter up soon! ;););););););););)