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Cry Me a River (bxb)

Cry Me a River (bxb)

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PrinceDel By PrinceDel Completed

Ever since River was old enough to ask, his father had told him that he doesn't have a mate and if he were to have one, he was to be rejected. But River didn't care, even if rejected, just meeting his mate would be enough. Little did River know that one day he was to be sold off into slavery with only that little thread of hope to hold him together.
 #62 in Werewolf- 06/22/17
 Contemporary Reads Awards- 8/10/16
Brigades Awards- 11/10/16

I love that concept but its stupid as hell conflicted
Mika-Kun33 Mika-Kun33 Jun 06
Yes it should. Those greedy Bästärds would NEVER understand😳 smh
Whenever I go shopping and they just have random mirrors around the place I hate it. I need to prepare myself to critique the clothes not myself, so change rooms are bearable, but I still don't like them a lot.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you love someone, it doesn't matter what they look like to someone else, because they can be the most beautiful thing in the world to you
destiel29 destiel29 Jul 12
Family don't end in blood🔴 blood may be thicker than water but water is more clear ⭕ idk what the means sorry l was trying to sound depperesed and wise😂 sorry
KDenise_22 KDenise_22 Jun 26
Like this story's so good I had to stop reading my other stories just to reread this one