Adopted By Team Crafted //tc 1

Adopted By Team Crafted //tc 1

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"It's tearing apart the family.

I'm tearing it apart."

«completed april 18, 2014»

Pooh-tay Pooh-tay Jun 28
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Green_Vader Green_Vader Jun 07
Hannah ? Hannah Montana!? Sigh MA SHIRT
                              ITS THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS 
                              On wait you diidnt mean Hannah Montana....
literallyxgrace literallyxgrace Jun 08, 2016
yep. you wrote a book about every emo kids life including mine
Jury0f9 Jury0f9 Feb 25
lmfao all I do all day is watch YouTube in my room upstairs 😂😂😂
sweaterbro sweaterbro Nov 10, 2015
How does she watch them though? I ask this question a lot when I read adopted by books.
Youtuber_fanfic_girl Youtuber_fanfic_girl Nov 01, 2015
Awesome story! (also, does anyone else think that my profile picture looks like a retarded enderman?) xD I had to ask, lol