Welcome to the Club (Enderlox/Team Crafted FanFiction) by BlueCrystalizer
Welcome to the Club (Enderlox/ Blukins
'The Army' is an elite group of fairly young warriors, with their extremely skilled leaders, 'Team Crafted'. They are said to be like shadows that protect the people of...
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Overnight (Team Crafted's Haunted Castle Horror) by SonicPitchdods
Overnight (Team Crafted's Lunnuel Marquez
It all started with an email, an email letting them know a new parkour map that has been released and they are the lucky players. Sixteen Minecrafters entered a whole ne...
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Team Crafted Fluffs by HeroBrine969
Team Crafted Fluffsby Jack
Team Crafted Fluffs!! Fluffs included: •SkyLox •Merome •SparkAnt •SetoSolace •And a bunch of other crap!!! X reader will be included!!!!! **Also, heads up, there will be...
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The Hybrids of Team Crafted and Seto's Old Friend by Otunia
The Hybrids of Team Crafted and Otunia
Seto is over 200 years old, but his friends don't know that. One week before his birthday everything will change; things will be revealed and an old friend will arise wi...
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Your my everything/ SparkAnt Fanfic by HeroBrine969
Your my everything/ SparkAnt Fanficby Jack
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The Cons Of Being Me {TEAM CRAFTED} by Only1WorthMentioning
The Cons Of Being Me {TEAM CRAFTED}by Alex
He's stepping out of his town; going to a new school where he's 99.9% sure he knows no one. He'll be the new kid, the one people are curious about. But that's the least...
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unSTABle ~|Mc Youtuber FanFic|~ by Pho3n1ncloud
unSTABle ~|Mc Youtuber FanFic|~by Pho3n1xcloud
"What is going on guys and girls! My name is ***** or ******* and welcome back today, to minecrafttt! How are we doing everyone? Welcome back, welcome back! Today w...
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Moonire's Mansion by CadenceChan
Moonire's Mansionby Panda
20 Random people had landed here for a reason... Will they get out alive? Join Leia and Riri as they try to escape this fiendish mansion. But what happens? Don't ask me...
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