One Little Kiss.

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Alexis By TexasRain Updated 7 months ago
Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence have been best friends since they were neighbors growing up in Kentucky. When they were both casted to star in The Hunger Games they realized that their little stage kiss might mean something more. Do they have stronger feelings underneath their many years of harmless friendship? Or will other people get in the way of what they truely feel?
Hi! I just noticed you added my book to your reading list. Thanks! I love this chapter. :3
haha no problem. i love this story. cant wait for the pdate. and thnx to you i got an account on here and have 2 stories posted. well about to be 2/ i love this sight, almost as much as fanfiction. thnx:)))
This is really funny, and I really love it! You so perfectly captured their real personalities!
i love this. i found it on fanfiction, and i made an account just to read this.
AHH!!  You've captured them perfectly!  I don't read a lot of fanfics, but this one caught my attention and I'm glad it did!! :D
I will be posting short critiques since you picked DEAL 2 on my forum.
                                    Here it goes :
                                    1 - The pace is slightly fast, often difficult to keep track.
                                    2 - Vocabulary isn't all too mighty, but I would suggest some bigger words . . . but not all too bombastic!