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Adopted by Jennifer Lawrence(Complete) by HarmonyJ19
Adopted by Jennifer Lawrence( Just a Dreamer
The story title explains it all! Sorry im bad at photoshop! Madelyn rans away from home. She was abused and the person who was taking care of her was just dreadful. How...
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Before the Family (Prequel to The Everlark Family) by Jmellark_
Before the Family (Prequel to 🌹 Ƒɑղժօʍ ӏօѵҽ 🌹
(Prequel to the Everlark Family) Five years after the rebellion ended, Katniss and Peeta have been reacquainted, still distanced from much of life. Both are lost in a de...
  • family
  • joshifer
  • story
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JLaw's daughter  by HarmonyJ19
JLaw's daughter by Just a Dreamer
Madelyn found out that Jen is her biological mother, and the media knows now. How will her life change when she will be known as Jennifer Lawrence's daughter? What about...
  • celebrity
  • romance
  • joshutcherson
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The Everlark Family {CURRENTLY BEING REVISED} by Jmellark_
The Everlark Family {CURRENTLY 🌹 Ƒɑղժօʍ ӏօѵҽ 🌹
A/N: This book is undergoing some grammatical revising, so some chapters will be edited and some won't. I'm hoping to edit all the chapters as soon as I can, thanks! :)...
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Speak | Joshifer by rossness
Speak | Joshiferby rossness
Seems simple. He confesses his feelings, and she realizes that she's loved him all along. But somehow, trouble seems to find Jen and Josh no matter how much they fight i...
  • hungergames
  • catchingfire
  • teenfiction
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Hijacked On Fire by consxious
Hijacked On Fireby Rated M💮
What if Katniss was captured during the Quarter Quell instead of Peeta? Peeta who is now the Mockingjay has to deal with his hijacked lover Katniss and also ending the r...
  • everlark
  • hijacked
  • rebellion
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Baby Mockingjay 2.0 by castleoffandoms
Baby Mockingjay 2.0by Explore.
What if Katniss was pregnant during Mockingjay? This is a fanfiction about how it would be if Katniss was pregnant in the Mockingjay movies and books. The beginning of t...
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  • babymockingjay
  • joshifer
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Together Forever(adopted by Jennifer Lawrence/ Sequel) by JlovesPizza
Together Forever(adopted by jordan alana
Jen's in a coma. Josh and Jade stay with her everyday. Will she ever come out of the Coma? Will she make it? What about Jade what is she going to do? What will josh do i...
  • josh
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  • together
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Dandelions in the Spring by Kendall_0213
Dandelions in the Springby Kendall
Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson dated long before The Hunger Games. During the short six months, they had the time of their lives. Until they broke up because of l...
  • twins
  • jennifer
  • children
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If This Was A Movie - A Joshifer Fanfiction by hfkstan
If This Was A Movie - A Joshifer zoey
A mediocre joshifer fanfiction that I don't recommend reading unless you ship joshifer, which would be absolutely tragic. It's a genuinely terrible book. Good luck, you'...
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  • joshhutcherson
  • jenniferlawrence
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Bully Me. Love Me.  by watermelonsarered
Bully Me. Love Me. by watermelonsarered
Jennifer Lawrence gets bullied in school. What happens when her bully, Josh Hutcherson, falls in love with her? Read to know more.
  • hungergames
  • joshhutcherson
  • bully
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Truly Forgiven(adopted by Jennifer Lawrence/ final book) by JlovesPizza
Truly Forgiven(adopted by jordan alana
It seems Jen and Josh have hit quite a rough spot. Jen is left with Willow and Jade, and Josh is left by himself. Is Joshifer over or will Josh be Truly Forgiven. (Final...
  • jenniferlawrence
  • joshifer
  • adopted
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Odds in Our Favor: A Joshifer Fanfic by miss_j_44
Odds in Our Favor: A Joshifer miss_j_44
Towards the beginning of the Mockingjay Part One premiere, Josh and Jen are feeling closer than ever. But what will happen when a Friday morning takes its toll on the ac...
  • everlark
  • fanfic
  • mockingjay
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Good Girls Get Bad Boys  by watermelonsarered
Good Girls Get Bad Boys by watermelonsarered
Bad boy meets good girl. Really bad at summaries...I know. Read to know more.
  • badboy
  • jenniferlawrence
  • war
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A Twist of Fate( adopted by Jennifer Lawrence ) by JlovesPizza
A Twist of Fate( adopted by jordan alana
My name is Jade. My life was horrible, but eventually I find a way into the heart of someone that will love me forever and never let me go. *** IN EDITING***
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  • jlaw
  • jade
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You're all I Wanted and More - A Joshifer Fanfiction by BelieveinLawrence
You're all I Wanted and More - A BelieveinLawrence
Jennifer and Josh are headed for Hawaii to film Catching Fire. But what will happen when one thing leads to another and things get complicated between them? Will they fa...
  • joshifer
The Ray of Sunshine That Brightened Up Her World by LovaticXHarmonizer
The Ray of Sunshine That Kaiya
Lilly is a four year old orphan living in Bright Sunny Skies Orphanage for Girls. Despite the name, everything isn't bright and sunny for her. She gets bullied and tease...
  • adoption
  • joshhutcherson
  • jenniferlawrence
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The Story of Joshifer by best_fanfic15
The Story of Joshiferby Madison✨
You know that girl Katniss from hunger games that's my perfect wife Jennifer Lawrence. You know that boy Peeta from hunger games that's my perfect husband Josh Hutchers...
  • joshiferfanfic
  • fanfic
  • jlaw
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Sunkissed | Joshifer by rossness
Sunkissed | Joshiferby rossness
The ultimate legacy to leave behind is someone who will love you forever. That could be the case here, but Jen and Josh aren't so lucky. With only three months before he...
  • alternateuniverse
  • teenlove
  • joshifer
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Silhouettes by annabethsheadcanons
Silhouettesby Stephanie
My take on what happened between the end of Mockingjay and the epilogue, based off the book version of The Hunger Games series by Susan Collins. Though all writing shown...
  • mockingjay
  • wattpride
  • everlark
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