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Vanished by Katherine101
Vanishedby ♔Mɪss Kᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ♔
We all know the story of the original family , the Mikaelsons . Mikeal , Esther , Elijah , Niklaus , Finn, Kol , Rebekah and Henrick . But you're forgetting one . One ve...
  • damon
  • gilbert
  • elena
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Dandelions in the Spring by Kendall_0213
Dandelions in the Springby Kendall
Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson dated long before The Hunger Games. During the short six months, they had the time of their lives. Until they broke up because of l...
  • josh
  • thg
  • jenniferlawrence
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Broken (Peeta Mellark Fanfiction) by lebookqueen
Broken (Peeta Mellark Fanfiction)by Jessica
Peeta Mellark has survived the Hunger Games, he escaped the Quarter Quell, then he was rescued from the torturous hands of the Capitol. His memory has been tampered with...
  • lawrence
  • mockingjay
  • hungergames
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Not Just A Fan - Josh Hutcherson by floatingpetal
Not Just A Fan - Josh Hutchersonby floatingpetal
Emma's just another typical girl who's lost in her own head and in love with a celebrity. She has just graduated from high school and with every move she makes, somethin...
  • love
  • hutcherson
  • josh
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Good Girls Get Bad Boys  by watermelonsarered
Good Girls Get Bad Boys by watermelonsarered
Bad boy meets good girl. Really bad at summaries...I know. Read to know more.
  • hutcherson
  • joshifer
  • badboy
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The Boy I Used To Know ( A Josh Hutcherson FanFic) by AdelynnLSJ
The Boy I Used To Know ( A Josh Adelynn
I used to know him so well. Doesn't he trust me anymore? For best friends Annie Silverman and Josh Hutcherson, life is about having fun to the max, YOLO dares, heartbrea...
  • mockingjay
  • joshhutcherson
  • silverman
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Better an oops by wanderinblack
Better an oopsby wanderinblack
Better an "oops" than a "what if"
  • fanfic
  • hutcherson
  • onedirection
Is this love? A Darren Criss Love Story by Just_a_fangirl0318
Is this love? A Darren Criss S.K Regehr
When Darren Criss accidentally texts Sydney they hit it off right away. Will they meet and not be able to handle the pressure. Or will they stay strong ****WARNING**** P...
  • amazing
  • happy
  • 11k
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16 and pregnant        (Joshifer)                                All rights reserved by mjreds
16 and pregnant (Joshifer) Melissa
Just two actors in love facing life ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  • babies
  • hutcherson
  • 16andpregnant
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Trapped in a Island with Jenny Nicholson by terra_jean
Trapped in a Island with Jenny Laura McNeil
Taurus John idolizes Jenny Nicholson and would do anything to hang out with her. A big wave inexplicably brings them together. Parody of Trapped in a Island with Josh Hu...
  • jenny
  • trapped
  • mylittleponyfriendshipismagic
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Becoming Found by Kaitlyyyyyyyn
Becoming Foundby Kaitlyn with a 'K'
Third book in the 'Becoming Wanted' series. Sequel to 'Becoming Lost'
  • france
  • nashville
  • music
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School treat (a Josh Hutcherson fan fic) by Bethyroberts
School treat (a Josh Hutcherson CreativeBethyxx
When a girl finishes her exams and her school gets a treat what will it be? Maybe a celebrity guest. And is there a slight chance of a bit of romance between the guest a...
  • girl
  • love
  • comes
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Stand Up and Remember (One Direction Fan-Fic) by MeganHampson
Stand Up and Remember (One Megan
Meet Bella, the twin of the one and only Harry Styles. But there is one problem, she doesn't remember anything before one direction. She doesn't remember the last two ye...
  • bela
  • bella
  • austin
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Trapped on an island with josh hutcherson (rewritten) by yeetmymeatbaby
Trapped on an island with josh bella
the title says it all :)
  • rewrite
  • josh
  • funny
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joshifer ~ their story by flicktion
joshifer ~ their storyby flicktion
Love is just a small word, but a big, big feeling. Love seems great and all, but it comes with a price. Like if anything happens to that person, something happens to you...
  • games
  • jennifer
  • lawrence
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My New Mommy, Jennifer Lawrence by LovaticHungerRue
My New Mommy, Jennifer Lawrenceby Aaliyah Lawrence-Lovato
Ella Taylor Kelinson, who is 3, is living at a care home that she had lived at since birth. What will she do when Jennifer Lawrence comes to adopt a little girl.
  • jlaw
  • joshy
  • lostandfound
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The Friend || Josh Hutcherson X Reader by Dj_Mika01_YT
The Friend || Josh Hutcherson X ¥~~~mika~~~¥
Y/N was just a new girl to New York, She lived in Brooklyn. You were headed to your office when you bump into someone. Will you be enemies or be best friends? Read on to...
  • thg
  • xreader
  • josh
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Hold Me Joshy by ilovejoshy15
Hold Me Joshyby ilovejoshy15
A girl wants Joshy Hutcherson to hold her
  • hutcherson
  • josh
Firestorm {Zarry, Ziam, Zouis, Ziall} by TruthIzMe
Firestorm {Zarry, Ziam, Zouis, ⚓Aвʟαzε AıM⚛
[READ UNKNOWN MATTER & STARLIGHT BEFORE THIS] "...The Rising of A New Era..." "Shoot," I muttered to myself, once the knife had created a small slit...
  • liam
  • love
  • horan
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