The Girl in the Music Shop

The Girl in the Music Shop

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I felt a hand brush my thigh, pulling me out of my dazed state. I looked at the handsome boy and instantly recognized him; he was that Larken boy. The one Papa said to stay away from. But there was something about him that made me want to stay closer to him.

"You're Will's daughter, aren't you?" He asked. I nodded, unable to find my voice. "Ya know, he told me to stay away from you. But." He ran his tongue over his lower lip, moving closer to me. "There's just something about you that makes doing that harder."

I swallowed tightly, looking into his blue eyes. They were like a crystal pond, still and perfect. "He told me to do the same." I said, loud enough for him to hear.

"Are you going to?" He asked, moving between my legs.

"He's my father. I have to." I said, looking away from his mesmerizing eyes. The boy cupped my cheek, making me look into his gaze again.

"No, you don't." He murmured. "It's a good thing to rebel once in a while."

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Emmett Larken." He said, smirking. "And yours, baby doll?" I opened my mouth to reply but Shawn cut in before I had the chance.


Eleanor Beal-Stevens always had a passion for the arts: singing, dancing, painting, drawing, and playing instruments. Her family wasn't a conventional one, but she loved them none the less. She was the product of an affair while her parents were still in their performing arts school, and her parents ended up marrying different people, that loved her like their own daughter.

Emmett Larken was the bad boy no one liked, except all the girls he was with. A new girl on his arm everyday and his pack of friends around him, he never heard the word 'no' before. Then he met Eleanor, the one girl who he could never have because of her father. Will they be able to overcome their obstacles?

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