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Revenge On The Player (#Wattys2014)

Revenge On The Player (#Wattys2014)

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Escope7582 By Escope7582 Completed

two pair of hands slid on top of mine and I felt Jack’s chest, pressed against my back. Jack put his head on my shoulder and I froze.  “W-what are you d-doing?” I stuttered. Wait, why am I stuttering? This shouldn’t be happening to me! I shouldn’t be nervous that he is doing this or that I’m blushing like a cherry red tomato! Uh oh, I’m blushing, damn it.  Jack ignored me and spun me around, making me face him. I took a step back but my back hit the counter and I held onto the counter behind me. Jack took a step forward so that our bodies were pressed together.  Our foreheads were pressed together, looking each other in the eyes. I was too mesmerised in his blue eyes, looking into my bluish-green eyes. We ended up leaning in-  ~~~~~  A girl, named Amy Prescott, used to be that girl who got bullied, had good grades, never swore or ditched in her life till she left her school to go to Florida. Amy meets a couple of people that change her 'good girl' attitude.  Two years later, she moves back to her home town and back to her old school. The boy that bullied her, Jack Reece, takes an interest in her when she does come back but she has a boyfriend. What will happen?  Will Amy fall for Jack Reece or will she stay with her boyfriend, Dillon? Find out here!  There's drama, romance and a little bit of humour.

LottiJung LottiJung Mar 28, 2016
In year nine I 'll be 13-14 and in year eleven I'll be 15-16... (I live in Germany)
jarianaforlife jarianaforlife Jun 27, 2016
In California it's like all mixed it can be 13-14-15 for year 9, 15-16 year 10, 16-17 year 11, and 17-18 in year 12
nolongerusethis nolongerusethis Mar 03, 2016
In the uk you're 13-14 in year 9, 14-15 in year 10 and 15-16 year 11 haha
TheHybridShift3r TheHybridShift3r Oct 06, 2016
Oh wow ?!!? They be bullying you about your smartass self by saying,"haha smarty pants geek you're smarter than everyone and has good grades!! So in your face wierdo!!!""
xoLoveArixo xoLoveArixo May 30, 2016
In Australia you're 14-15 in yr 9, 15-16 for yr 10, 16-17 in yr 11 and 17-18 in Yr 12
CoolDotPerson CoolDotPerson Apr 29, 2014
Wow!!! It's very interesting... I'm gonna enjoy reading it... Have u ever thought about being an author???