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"My name is Eve, and my story isn't the typical one. Where a human shows many aliens, amongst many worlds, the beauty of what it means to be human, hoping they change their ways. No. This is my story, and I would never change it. Where a humans' ability to learn how to survive and adapt amongst those many aliens, on those many worlds is beautiful in its own right. I found a life I never dreamed of. It's mine now. Well, ours really. Through the devastation and through the bliss, it became our story along the way, and we'll never give it up."

Eve is sitting in an alien prison, though prison is too nice a word for where Eve is thrown. Amongst animals (she assumes anyway), the aliens pay no attention to her, as they think she is no better than the monkeys and other animals that yell from their cell. 

When Ardaxur, another alien, is thrown in with the animals as a punishment, he can't believe that he has to spend 2 days amongst any of these filthy beasts (he's never going to do another favor for his friend again). When the animal he is thrown in with talks to him, using some type of device to translate for her, he see's her and see's that the merchants on the ship are involved in more than he ever knew. 
*all mature chapters have a non-mature version of the same chapter, which is posted after the mature version.*
My book is rated mature, and it isn't rated mature because of a few curse words or just a little violence. There is violence, sexual content (consensual), and if there are other triggers I will make you aware before a chapter. Some books use the mature rating for reasons that I don't ever really figure out. But not this book (or any of my books). It earns that mature rating. Please do not read if these things bother you. 
*I try to use actual science in my sci-fi (though sometimes the laws of physics just don't want to help me out)*

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