"You are never leaving!" he snarled to me. I cringed back into the bed as his angered face loomed even closer. Not that I would ever admit it, but his anger scared me more than anything; and I had just met Kane in a bad mood.  	"W-why?"I stuttered out, pressing back even more. He leaned down and started raking his teeth across my neck. I shivered despite myself.  	"You're my mate, MINE!" he growled, pressing himself even closer to me and giving my neck an open mouthed kiss. I shuddered and bit my lip to hold back a groan. He pulled back and I looked up to meet his now dark eyes. I glared as his words sunk in. I pushed, trying to get him to sit up. 	"I'm not anyone's possession. And how can I know you're telling the truth and not just some possessive freak!" I snapped in agitation. He smirked before leaning in and trailing his tongue up the side of my neck. The sparks flew instantly. I couldn't control my gasp as my heart thundered in my chest. 	"You know that's not true, Mallory." He rumbled, nuzzling me neck. He trailed his hands down my side. 	"W-what do you mean?" I stumbled out as he kissed the place connecting my shoulder and neck. He pulled back and stared down at me. 	"I know how you feel." he paused and trialed fingers down my cheek, leaving a path of heat in its wake, "when I touch you." He finished before crashing his lips to mine in a passionate kiss.  Mallory used to think she was invincible, nothing could stop her. Her thoughts, however, did a 180 the moment she is taken by the tall, intimidating, sexy Damien. But this isn't just any normal kidnapping; not when Damien is a werewolf. Thrown into a whirlpool of shock, Mallory must not only fight to keep her sanity, but fight to control her feelings towards Damien. It doesn't help when he tells her they're mates. 	With Mallory being threatened, Damien becoming impatient and love blooming; how do you think this will all work out? All rights go to me.
lol I probably would've done the same without even thinking of getting lost
I've never broken a window either but I'm pretty sure I will 
Is it weird that I thought of the "my air whooshed" part as her farting?
I'm badass! My whole class skipped morning tutoring once!(because the teachers were late)
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"Haha suck it bitch, I'll do what I want!" Throws paperweight.
Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but the best form of retaliation