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Gods & Monsters(Unedited Sample)Published version available(links on profile)

Gods & Monsters(Unedited Sample)Published version available(links on profile)

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Janie Marie By janie1617 Completed

Book One of the Gods and Monsters Trilogy (PUBLISHING 2/28/17)
The human race stands on the brink of extinction; the result of a plague the likes of which the world has never seen. When salvation comes, it isn't a miracle cure created by science or our government that saves us.
No, our saviors are monsters.
Jane appears to be nothing special. In fact, she's a sad sight to behold, afflicted by the sorrow of her tragic past and failing marriage. The young wife and mother of two finds herself just as terrified as every other soul when humanity faces doom. Yet, when hope seems lost, Jane does something even her estranged husband fails to-she fights. And she's not alone.
David and his companions are what our world has dismissed as mere legend. Their duty to the human race brings them across the country, and they all know it is no coincidence when they cross paths with Jane.
As it happens, Jane is special. She's destined to be the very center of our world's fate. With her heart divided, monsters from every nightmare seek her out, but Jane will quickly learn the greatest war is the one within. 

So what will she do when they realize she's the greatest monster of them all?

Always_meme Always_meme Nov 29, 2016
I really like the way you started the book with the green emerald eyed man :) -BETA (meme)
Trashcan_Kayla Trashcan_Kayla Oct 19, 2016
Like i just started reading ur books and i really liked what you've been writing
this reminds me of the green eyed man from bolt the movie heh
Le_me_love_you Le_me_love_you Oct 11, 2016
I don't wanna be no damn star! I can't see myself up there all alone and watching these damn people live their lives while I'm just sippin some tea!🐸☕
Always_meme Always_meme Nov 30, 2016
I kind of feel like this sentence will be best placed above the one before it. Like your introducing the new male and then he asked "what is it". ❤️ #BETA
katie_grace98 katie_grace98 Nov 30, 2016
A tad repetitive, but I'm not sure how to condense it without loosing important information, just some food for thought. It's still good, not overly or annoyingly repetitive