Pain's Worth IT.

Pain's Worth IT.

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Cre@tive Roxxy Writingz By Midnight_Creativitie Updated Feb 01, 2016

**Sequel to  Addicted**

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Since Qua' sean and I found out I was pregnant, we were happy, but what's the point of having a child when he doesn't love you no more? So I decided "abortion" is the better option, but a lot's been going on. I love Qua' sean to death, but him marrying Dove just shows me who he really was. Putting me through all that bullshit and making me fall for him. How did I get so soft for this dude?

You can't regret what already has been done, but.... 

(Read Addicted if you haven't)

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aaugustin799 aaugustin799 Jul 01, 2016
I knew she was Preggo before I don't know how but I just did lol
ghettolee ghettolee Dec 17, 2016
This my second time reading but ima hush cause I don't wanna spoil it for the first timers😏
youngd194 youngd194 Nov 11, 2015
I just realized how much of a hoe both sean and dove were in the first book
nolove123jj nolove123jj Jul 24, 2015
why do you keep going back be you wrong and u keep going back
c_murdaa_luv c_murdaa_luv May 10, 2015
Why the hell would u buy all those test, when u can make an appointment?
menii303 menii303 Apr 30, 2015
I Just Started Reading This An I'm Already Tired Of That Word.