Burning Night (A Tale of the Everburning City)

Burning Night (A Tale of the Everburning City)

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There is no night in the Everburning City. 

There can never be. 

Malice hides behind tragedy, as a conspiracy begins to gather steam. Natalia Casper, reporter for the Tributary, risks more than her reputation as she finds herself chasing plots that reach from High Central to the furthest walls. 

Adrian Keates, fleeing a life of crime, takes refuge in the one place in the City with strength enough to drive off even the hardened thugs of the Undercity, and finds himself tutored by a legend of the City's army. 

Tabitha a'Loria, already summoned to fight hellfire and insanity, is forced to hunt for someone who unwittingly holds dangerous secrets. Secrets that could either tear the City apart, or offer it the first hope it has known since the Founding.

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KellyJBurke KellyJBurke Jul 29
Check the second sentence here; I think it's missing something.
RosieRoo689 RosieRoo689 Oct 11
Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I'm already in love. This is going to be AMAZING
Great chapter. I'm very intrigued by the Undercity and the gritty characters who seem to reside there.
KellyJBurke KellyJBurke Jul 29
"A velvet glove over an iron fist." Sweet line, and very poignant.
KellyJBurke KellyJBurke Jul 29
The line "from small men who had other outlet to feel power" seems a bit off to me.
And you end with a twist; masterfully done, as always. You're setting this up to be a complex story, with high stakes, strong leading characters, and sneaky games played by the ones who control the Undercity. This was a great follow-up to your chapter one. :-)