Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver

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Sixteen-year-old Mirra can see people's memories. She is a Shadow Weaver, one of the outlawed, glitter-eyed race feared in her land and forced into brutal slavery as children. She and her brother Kel have escaped their fate by hiding near the frozen mountains. But when bounty hunters snatch Kel, Mirra injured and unable to track long distances will lose him unless she gives herself up to his captors. As as a Shadow Weaver who's survived childhood and whose golden-flecked irises have faded, concealing her talent, Mirra's own value is priceless on the black-market.

Taken to a lawless town in the northern territories, Mirra convinces her captors to sell her to a mysterious young man destined for the same province as the officer who has bought her brother. The young man is the Kingdom's missing Prince, feared dead after his escort was attacked on an expedition. He has been in hiding, waiting for a Shadow Weaver whose skill he can use to discover who ordered his assassination. But before he will risk breaking his father's law and taking Mirra to the royal court, he must test her talent and her ability to hide it. If Mirra fails, her hopes of seeing her brother again will be cut by the noose around her neck.

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amberstones12 amberstones12 2 days ago
Finally! A British writer! I don't have to worry at cringing when I see the word 'mom' ugh I hate that spelling tho.
                              I mean you are allowed to say whatever. This is just MY pet peeve.
H011Y03 H011Y03 Mar 13
We get told to use " rather than ' for speech at school? (I live in north west England)
UK grammar seems easy enough even tho ive never touched it a day in my life. Screw it tho, it's still English
norwal83 norwal83 Oct 10, 2016
Question? How did you do the cover? Lol it's so good I wanna know 😁
It's amazing that America and the Uk speak the same language, but the rules are so different
Sahaam21 Sahaam21 Feb 08
I'm from England and I write dialogue with double quotation marks. Oh well ill be able to read it and that's what matters