Demon Stories

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Killing: an act of love so sweet your body falls victim to such an ecstasy the staccato of the heart bursts your very soul and you perish into the stars above like so many unfortunates who have met the one called demon. 
    Beau, Violette, Diana, Josephine, and Saya are demons who snatch the lives of the living to live themselves. Killing, loving. But what is to kill as is to love? What is a human, what is a demon, what is an angel, or even to live? 
    A journey through human history from Ancient Asia to the Roman Empire to Victorian England to Bohemian Paris to modern Japan and much more, the demons tell their stories as like to a lover's ear. 
    {I'm not trying to scare you. I'm just trying to write something beautiful. This is not horror, really. I don't know how to describe it.}
    Note: The stories can be read separately or together. Many of them are one-shots, or constructed to be stand-alone even if they are connected to the overall plot. So you really can choose whichever one sounds most intriguing to you, whether by character or time period or country, or whatever you want really.
    Can't get enough? Read "The Demon Stories Companion", full of sneak peeks, explanations, weird things, and even mini Demon Stories:
You have a great writing style, so there isn't much for me to suggest. Although, I'd make the spaces between paragraphs shorter since big spaces indicate scene breaks. This is well done :)
Ohhhh! Nice writing, so very excited to have discovered this wonderful story here on Wattpad, hopefully, it will end as nicely as it has begun :)
this story is so good :3 i love it will recommend it to my friends to read this story.
I would make this into a new paragraph because he's talking again
This is a run-on sentence so I would suggest splitting them into two different sentences since its very long
The way you have it written now is kind of awkwardly worded. Maybe "But with a sharp ended abruptly." Possibly even combine it with the paragraph before