Teach Her ✔️

Teach Her ✔️

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Y|O|O|N|I|V|E|R|S|E By pocketbangtan Completed

"Screw the rules. I want you, Kim Y/N."

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BTS Park Jimin x reader 
High school teacher AU


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yoongimoongi yoongimoongi 2 days ago
So jimin is her brothers roommate and her teacher. I needed this story
queenslisa queenslisa 2 days ago
"giving you whiplash"
                              ...THAT SAME PHRASE WITH A DIFFERENT MEANING. IS. M I N E.
queenslisa queenslisa 2 days ago
Ugh.......I'm ill *coughhellovenuscough*
                              I hate those who like just by looks or bodies, which is 99.9% OF THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE SOMEONE SO I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO FIT IN
SillyGoose321 SillyGoose321 a day ago
All these people reading this for their like 4th time and I’m here reading it for my first.
Holy_Suga Holy_Suga 14 hours ago
Ok so like. My 5th time reading this. Im sorry i just love it too much
queenslisa queenslisa 2 days ago
I knew what it meant a nanosecond after I saw it even if I never seen it before