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The Hunter's Girl (Dean Winchester Fan Fiction)

The Hunter's Girl (Dean Winchester Fan Fiction)

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Olivia By seer-oflight Completed

He smirked and leaned against a locker. "I've noticed that you're different from other girls, aren't you?"  
 "Ah, yes, from our extensive conversations," I said sarcastically. "So, tell me Dean Winchester, how am I different from other girls?" 
"You aren't falling head over heels for me." 
I rolled my eyes. "You got that right."   
"So, Kimberley, why aren't my charms working on you?" He asked.  
"What charms?" That earned me a laugh.  
"You know, my handsome features, my cool attitude, my kindness, must I continue?"  
"I guess I just must be immune."  
He sped up ever so slightly and stepped in front of me, blocking my path. He leaned a bit closer to my face and smiled a one sided smile. "You won't be for long."  
"Is that a challenge, Winchester?"  
"Yes, yes it is."    

Kimberley Blackwood is an average girl at Clear Grove High School in Illinois. But, when Dean Winchester comes to her school and starts up a challenge with her, everything turns upside down.

Brebear504 Brebear504 2 days ago
And now all the emo trash (*coughcough* me *coughcough*) people shall be happy
Never listened to them. More of a Queen, David Bowie, Panic! At The Disco kind of person
Rarestrose3 Rarestrose3 Jun 18
I feel you. I hate being stuck in traffic as well. Such a hassle to get too your next period.
Brebear504 Brebear504 2 days ago
I red half of that and red Hazel ... and thought of Hazel from FIOS
DestinyStapleton DestinyStapleton 4 days ago
Go look at the cover page. I'm pretty sure that girl is Aria (Lucy Hale) 
                              DAMNIT A STOP HARASSING TEENAGE GIRLS
Who is this Hazel Waters? I'm only on the last couple of episodes of season 3.