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The girl at camp green lake. (A holes fanfiction) by Zigzagsgirl716
The girl at camp green lake. (A ho...by Zigzagsgirl716
Gloria Evans isn't getting what she bargained for when she's sent to camp green lake where she meets the D-tent crew. A little romance breaks the surface as suspicion ri...
Mr. Sir's Daughter: The Only Girl At Camp Green Lake (Holes fanfic) by ren_is_writing
Mr. Sir's Daughter: The Only Girl...by Ren Is Writing
Mr. Sir's daughter is a counsellor at Camp Green Lake. She is only young, but the campers treat her with as much respect as they give the other counsellors. Mr. Sir is v...
That one boy who changed me by PoppyandSummer
That one boy who changed meby Poppy :)
Holes fanfic! Zigzag love story <3 enjoy!!
Holes: The Only One by PjOrWhatever
Holes: The Only Oneby Ψȟåț£√£ȑ.
Ivy Sweetin had always been the good girl, but it got boring. She ended up at Camp Green Lake; a juvenile camp...... for all BOYS! She meets the boys in group D. She fin...
Broken Hands and Weathered Souls: a Holes Fanfiction by TravelWriteDream
Broken Hands and Weathered Souls:...by TravelWriteDream
When Nellie Johnson accepts Camp Green Lake over jail, she's more than happy to serve out her sentence until she finds out it's an all-boys camp when she meets the D-Ten...
Troubled Ones by small_town_gowrl
Troubled Onesby Cecilia
Marisa Cullen's was always forgotten by her family. When her mom died when she was 10 her dad took his pain out on her. She joined a gang and started street fighting. W...
measured by nights » holes by abi_gets_obsessed
measured by nights » holesby abi🧡🤍💖
A Stanley Yelnats X Hector Zeroni fanfic written by roxierocks on Fanfiction.net All credit goes to them.
Inconsolable [Holes] | Squid by CeruleanMusings
Inconsolable [Holes] | Squidby 𝕄use
It's hard to accept your future when your past continues to show up in your present. Mickey Mason is sent to Camp Green Lake by accident. They thought she was a boy and...
Treat You Better by ellacatcactus
Treat You Betterby emoqndyy
When Robin Gets Into Trouble With The Law, She Has One Of Two Choices To Pick From. Either Jail or Camp Green Lake. She Picks Camp Green Lake But The Judge Forgot To Men...
A mistake gone right (A Holes Fanfic) by BlackPiercedVeil
A mistake gone right (A Holes Fanf...by Christina Biersack
Charlotte Iero and Kylie Young have had a reputation of being badasses since Middle school. Deystroying property, robbing stores, breaking into houses. It ends when they...
Together ~ ZigZag (holes) x Reader ~ by EllaMazeB
Together ~ ZigZag (holes) x Reader...by newtie
What happens when a girl is sent to camp green lake? Holes x reader Your Name: Y/n Thompson Backstory: you're being sent to camp green lake for taking a joy ride on some...
Dig It Up *A 'Holes' Fanfiction* by doctorandriver
Dig It Up *A 'Holes' Fanfiction*by doctorandriver
"Kathlyn Barlow, the jury has found you guilty..." Kat Barlow is in trouble once and for all. The judge gives her two choices of her fate. Jail or mysterious '...
[Holes Stanley x Zero] I'm Glad You Stole Them. by Spade_mishige
[Holes Stanley x Zero] I'm Glad Yo...by Spade
If you dont know the movie. I recommend you watch holes. I dont own any of the characters or the movie I'm just being dumb lol.
my paranoid love (zigzag x reader)  by urmom69694200
my paranoid love (zigzag x reader) by ur mom 😫🤣😍🗣🙄💅
you are y/n barlow great great granddaughter of kissn' kate barlow. you get sent to a detention camp. your choice was jail or camp so you chose camp, Camp Green Lake. yo...
JB➪{𝙷𝚘𝚕𝚎𝚜} by Krisbinorhino_
JB➪{𝙷𝚘𝚕𝚎𝚜}by KJ✔︎♫
{ZigZag x OC} "Jaliyah Barlow, you are officially spending the next 18 months at camp green lake!" ||When there's a girl at camp green lake,but dosent do anyt...
Flames **** A Holes Fanfiction (ON HIATUS) by CornishPixie24
Flames **** A Holes Fanfiction (ON...by CornishPixie24
When a young girl gets sent to Camp Green Lake for committing a terrible crime, she begins to give up. She doesn't talk, doesn't eat, but then every thing changes... She...
𝙶𝚒𝚛𝚕 𝚒𝚗 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 || zigzag holes by PoppyandSummer
𝙶𝚒𝚛𝚕 𝚒𝚗 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 || zigzag h...by Poppy :)
Hi! I wrote that one boy who changed me its finished now so I guess I'm writing this hopefully this can make some people smile thank you for the love <3
Dig (A Holes Fanfiction) by InternetKidz00
Dig (A Holes Fanfiction)by InternetKidz00
Well, I guess if you do something wrong you have to make up for it right? Well I never thought that I'd actually get sent to a stupid camp! I thought it was some stupid...
Various X Reader Oneshots // By Daesies_ by daesies_
Various X Reader Oneshots // By Da...by innocence
Various Male characters X the reader.. you! Requests are open! Feel free to send your ideas!!
Surrender by cece20182
Surrenderby cece20182
Charlie Sinclair is being sent to Camp Greenlake. She is forced to leave behind her little brother, Sammy, and forced to live among six boys as her tent mates. One tent...