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A holes fanfiction (Squid) by mysterygirl19h26
A holes fanfiction (Squid)by mysterygirl19h26
Faith Young Summers has been sentenced to an all boys camp called Camp greenlake for 18 months, but she doesn't dare to let anybody in, but what happens if she catches t...
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Dig (A Holes Fanfiction) by InternetKidz00
Dig (A Holes Fanfiction)by InternetKidz00
Well, I guess if you do something wrong you have to make up for it right? Well I never thought that I'd actually get sent to a stupid camp! I thought it was some stupid...
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Dig It Up *A 'Holes' Fanfiction* by doctorandriver
Dig It Up *A 'Holes' Fanfiction*by doctorandriver
"Kathlyn Barlow, the jury has found you guilty..." Kat Barlow is in trouble once and for all. The judge gives her two choices of her fate. Jail or mysterious '...
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Mr. Sir's Daughter: The Only Girl At Camp Green Lake (Holes fanfic) by 2000daemongirl
Mr. Sir's Daughter: The Only 2000daemongirl
Mr. Sir's daughter is a counsellor at Camp Green Lake. She is only young, but the campers treat her with as much respect as they give the other counsellors. Mr. Sir is v...
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*Holes Fanfic* Camp Green Lake by CrazyForSlimShady
*Holes Fanfic* Camp Green Lakeby Chloe Best
Hailie is sent to Camp Green Lake an all boys detention camp. How will the boys react having a girl around and will she be able to look after herself or will she need so...
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Roses & Thorns by SarcasticAnon
Roses & Thornsby Anon
Rose has been convicted of murder. She murdered two people in one night: Her abusive parents. When in court, she is faced with an option, Camp Green Lake or Jail. She ta...
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Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
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The Movie Holes D Tent Preferences by foxythefoxpiratechil
The Movie Holes D Tent Preferencesby Delta
Characters included: Zigzag X-ray Armpit Squid Stanley/Caveman Magnet and Zero
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Holes D-tent preferences  by Crimson_Cass
Holes D-tent preferences by 💗🖤Cass🖤💗
The total says it all. #3- in D-Tent (4 Aug 2019)
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Feeling Wanted (Holes Movie Fanfiction "Squid") by xxHeart_of_Goldxx
Feeling Wanted (Holes Movie ♥ Sammi ♥
Have you ever felt just out of place in the world or even unwanted? That's exactly how Liliana Young feels in her life. Especially since she has no family to support or...
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Troubled Ones by small_town_gowrl
Troubled Onesby Cecilia
Marisa Cullen's was always forgotten by her family. When her mom died when she was 10 her dad took his pain out on her. She joined a gang and started street fighting. W...
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Forbidden yet Sweet ( A vocaloid fanfic ) ( Gakupo Kamui X Luka Megurine ) by Aaruna_Burin09
Forbidden yet Sweet ( A vocaloid Aaruna⭐️Burin
This is a story of a 16 year old student named Luka Megurine. She isn't your standard female heroine, she isn't girly or ladylike instead she is described as a delinquen...
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WE ARE TOGETHER by PutriInsyira
Ok cerita ni ttg 5 elemental yg lama terpisah akibat..... benda yg teruk (?) atau lebih senang fitnah. Elemental yg berada di Pulau Rintis pun tak tau yg diorg ada adik...
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Boboiboy Stories by bilsemli
Boboiboy Storiesby wut r u luking at--
This is a book of Boboiboy memes, pics ,truth and dares or stories. I will make good stories for you i promise OwO I accept OCs but not shipping them, sorry... 😅 So...
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Their Girl (Holes Fanfic)  by Wen_Sadie
Their Girl (Holes Fanfic) by ° lamebow °
Ophelia Redhook was just a normal girl. Well, if you consider using fake money that was printed in your basement by your crazy uncle to be normal. When she gets caught...
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The Green Lake Girl ~ A Holes Fan-Fic by willow1005
The Green Lake Girl ~ A Holes clover willow
My name is Allison Hayes and I may or may not have gotten into quite a bit of trouble with the fuzz. I had a choice to go to Jail for two years or a Camp in the middle o...
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Forbidden yet Sweet II ( A vocaloid fanfic ) ( Gakupo Kamui X Luka Megurine ) by Aaruna_Burin09
Forbidden yet Sweet II ( A Aaruna⭐️Burin
Just a continuation of Forbidden Yet Sweet... But- Luka's finally a Senior High Student! Gakupo? Umm still a teacher. Of course. A lot of ups and downs happened in the...
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Holes One Shots by Nellyboy9
Holes One Shotsby Queen Nellybuoy1987
This the very first one shot I've ever written so these one shots are gonna be pretty silly and I will add some of my OCs in these one shots. Enjoy!
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My paraniod love. (zigzag holes) by mad_as_the_rabbit
My paraniod love. (zigzag holes)by Amanda
Heidi ellard is sent to a all boys camp. Only to find she fits in well but falls for a certian member of D tent. But with the Warden on a constant watch and all the boys...
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Madeline~ Camp Green Lake's Only Girl by SarcasticAnon
Madeline~ Camp Green Lake's Only Anon
Maddie has never really got along with guy(or girls for that matter).That doesn't help when she's sent to an all boys detention facility called Camp Green Lake, forced t...
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