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Taken By The Brothers  (Menagé) Unedited by NHolloway
Taken By The Brothers (Menagé) NHolloway
She is 21 fresh out of college looking for a job as a secretary. Lucky for her, her brothers best friends have a job for her as their own secretary. The brothers get s...
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My Contract With A Vampire by Whines8
My Contract With A Vampireby Whitney T. Hines
Have you ever been so down on your luck, that you thought there was no way out? Have you ever been so desperate that you’d except a job from a complete stranger, and sig...
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My Twin Bosses by damienmason221
My Twin Bossesby Damien
Dimitri and Kayden Jameson were very successful and very powerful CEO's of their own empire. They were also very cold and closed off. They own houses and penthouses all...
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Brainwashed Spy (Editing)  by DawnGirl_Wolf
Brainwashed Spy (Editing) by DawnGirl_Wolf
When school finished and summer began Tyler had it all planned out, she thought this was the year she will have the best summer ever but nothing ever goes to plan does i...
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Evangeline is an orphan, she worked hard so that she can survive and pay for her apartment and all her necessities and food. She is doing fine on her own and had a happy...
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•BOSSES• "complete" by WinXsters
•BOSSES• "complete"by Sia & Lucine
Бид чиний бүрэн эрхэт BOSSES. Итгэл хүлээлгэх PLAYERS -Loveimoo☔️🐰
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REQUESTS ARE CLOSED.Cuphead x reader (Oneshots) by Boredbrain
REQUESTS ARE CLOSED.Cuphead x Well shit
This book is ONLY for the game Cuphead don't deal with the devil game. Any batqftim! characters will be denied. You can requests a boss, Cuphead, Mugman, side character...
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Ark Survival RP by Jolteon_The_Pokemon
Ark Survival RPby Jolt
I was looking through the Ark Survival Evolved stories, and found no Ark Survival RP. Well, I guess I'll just have to make one.
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[BTS] 'The Mafia Bosses' Smut Series. ✔️ 18+ by Uljzang
[BTS] 'The Mafia Bosses' Smut 愛taejin.
"So, do you think you could be with me; The Mafia's Leader?" ~ ˀˀˀ ˀˀˀ ~ „˙ǝɯ ɥʇıʍ ǝpısɓuolɐ sʎnɓ pɐq ǝɥʇ llɐ ɥɔʇɐɔ pu∀ ¿ǝɯ ɥʇıʍ ǝq 'ɹO„ [[COMPLETED]] ⊱ ──────...
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Cuphead x Reader ONESHOTS -REQUEST CLOSED- by coffee_for-gods
Cuphead x Reader ONESHOTS Jane
Well, what do you expect? Oneshots with whatever Cuphead character you want! "Cuphead, Don't Deal With The Devil" does not belong to me, cover art does not bel...
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Dark souls twitter by Menter122
Dark souls twitterby Menter122
What the hard as balls bosses do in their past time.
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Dark Souls Cheese Strategies: Cheesy Souls 1/2/3 by Domtuber
Dark Souls Cheese Strategies: straw
This book is a guide on ways to cheese bosses in the "Dark Souls" games. "Cheesing" means to defeat a boss with as little effort as possible, without...
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My two bosses by BrittanyAnn24
My two bossesby Brittany Ann
splatoon and undertale MEMES AND MORE by lrodriguez7639
splatoon and undertale MEMES AND Inkcario13
so this is gonna be a book of memes and more related to my 2 biggest fandoms memes and cover art is not mine (Didja see the new cover)
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You've Become a Monster by Gil_and_Ludwig
You've Become a Monsterby Gilbert and Ludwig
Gil 'I don't like this' Ludwig 'I'm only doing this to make him proud...' Or at least that's how it was in the beginning. Gilbert didn't mind the war...until he watched...
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Luigi gets Possessed... Again.... And again...And Again! (Spoiler warning) by CheshirePorl
Luigi gets Possessed... CheshirePorl
(WARNING! SPOILERS!) I remake some bosses. All from Mario and Luigi games. Luigi gets Possessed/Corrupted...Again.... And again...Again.... And again...Again.... And aga...
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The bosses of Remnant: Ark Pugnacia Mod x RWBY by wilf789
The bosses of Remnant: Ark Dreadnough666
Drake Hunter, age 16, has died in a car accident (Curse you Truck-San) and has been reincarnated into Remnant to save it from it's oncoming doom. Or something on the lin...
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The Terrarian Chronicles: Era of Doom by RedstoneCyborg
The Terrarian Chronicles: Era of RedstoneCyborg
This is the uncensored version of the story, The Terrarian Chronicles. Bear in mind that this change will not change the story in any way. It will be the Mature version...
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The Terrarian Chronicles: Time of the Century by RedstoneCyborg
The Terrarian Chronicles: Time RedstoneCyborg
Disclaimer: Terraria is owned by 505 Games and Re-Logic. This is an unofficial story about the game. Some parts will not back up the game and some parts can even break t...
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She's Our Chase by mullert123
She's Our Chaseby jane elaine connor
You want to know what it's about just wait and find out.
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