Friend Zone ✦ Markhyuck by xiaojunnie
Friend Zone ✦ Markhyuckby 🖤
"I don't want to be his friend, Jeno. Don't you get that? I've screwed this. There's no going back to being friends once you admit your feelings for them." &qu...
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friendzone? by RizkaDesti
friendzone?by RizkaEff
BEBERAPA CHAPTER PRIVATE. FOLLOW DULU UNTUK KENYAMANAN MEMBACA. Terima kasih Rara dan Aidan. Kenal saat SMP dan menjadi teman sebangku serta berlanjut ke SMA membuat Rar...
  • zonateman
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Friend Zone (Kise Ryouta fanfiction) by notyourfantasy
Friend Zone (Kise Ryouta xxxx xxxxxxx
[COMPLETED] I am nothing but a childhood friend in his eyes but I know, one day, it will all change. (Kise Ryouta x OC)
  • kaijo
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Hamilton Rp by Http-Goose
Hamilton Rpby - honks spookily -
Read the title bintches ^^
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The School Zone by Katkid911
The School Zoneby Highlighter
Summer and Sally have been friends forever. But when people start disappearing it is up to them to join forces with a girl named T.J. to solve this mystery.
  • school
  • candy
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Series of Love | Yandere Boy x Female Readers by MeyDanyzz
Series of Love | Yandere Boy x ❀ダニエル❀
What will happen to you when someone got obsessed to you? He will do anything to make you his mine. Even it means killing. Would you accept his feelings? Or not? ✉☖✉☖✉☖✉...
  • obsession
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Random crap you should read by TerrifyinglyAwkward
Random crap you should readby Brooke <3
So this is a book where I can write my crappy ideas for random stuff people that read this aren't going to understand . also mabye a little bit of my life
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Girls Zone 💋❤ by Cute-Nutella-Jar
Girls Zone 💋❤by NUTELLA IS BAE ❤
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Upside Down [Marius Yo Fanfiction] by satoshori
Upside Down [Marius Yo Fanfiction]by Future Mrs. Sato
"I live in a world where love is predetermined for me by destiny. Just a single glowing stone on my ring finger determines who will stand beside me for the rest of...
  • marius
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A New Guardian NFL Rush Zone Guardians Unleashed Marty X OC Reader by destinycopley13
A New Guardian NFL Rush Zone Chasity Copley
Alexis is a girl with extraordinary powers. Alexis has never allowed anyone into her life or really trusted anyone. Alexis is a very beautiful girl who was very shy and...
  • romance
  • wolf
  • fanfiction
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War Zone by Head_Moderator
War Zoneby Head_Moderator
Two people who were separated as young children, yet when they finally meet again, it's not how they would expect it... (Made by two different people and if the writing...
  • action
  • war
  • adventure
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Life Changer by CJCUTY
Life Changerby Cuma Jenks
Danny's life changed forever when his parents took his class to the Ghost Zone, he finds out he has to be the next king. His friends try to help keep his secret but it...
  • ghost
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Friendzoned♡ by ichitpilya
Friendzoned♡by Hannah♡
\\One Shot// -taennie♡ -contest entry♡
  • zone
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My Doodles! by mogekocrack69
My Doodles!by Shark_Bully_69
The title says it all..
  • drawings
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  • idate
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Anything for Love (The Adventure Zone) by KindaSmoll
Anything for Love (The Adventure Emily
After listening to The Adventure Zone I just knew I had to try my hand at some fanfiction. This story contains major spoilers for the Balance Arc so if you haven't watch...
  • adventure
  • taz
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Once, Not Twice[ON HOLD] by XoShayWrites
Once, Not Twice[ON HOLD]by XoShayWrites
  • highschool
  • hate
  • lane
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Origin of an Immortal by tigeresslilli
Origin of an Immortalby Lily
I finally sat down and worked on my OC Lily's origin story and how she attained her Immortality that I usually mention briefly in the prologues of my works. It's just a...
  • dead
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Fried zone  by user75528761
Fried zone by
This is taglish I you will like it
  • zone
Danny Fenton/Phantom's Twin Sister by Dragonlady0112
Danny Fenton/Phantom's Twin Sisterby Cassy
My name is Winter. I have bright icy blue eyes and black hair with toxic green streaks in it. I'm Danny Fenton's twin. I'm also a halfa named Icy Flame. I have white hai...
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