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Another Love Story (editing) by XwithasideofY
Another Love Story (editing)by XwithasideofY
Addie is a simple girl who is stuck in a life full of fame and fortune that she doesn't want. Having experienced rejection of not being 'cool' enough to be at the top, s...
  • curry
  • tita
  • false
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Jigsaw (Undergoing major editing) by Intrepid_Imaginer
Jigsaw (Undergoing major editing)by Ashley Chang
Ezio has always been different, so different that people don’t believe that he’s related to his family. Even Ezio doubts that he’s their biological son. His grey hair an...
  • truth
  • synthetic
  • news
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Going through the motions of Love Poem Book. by red_08
Going through the motions of Red
Couples break up and couples stay together. This is a book on the ups and downs of loving someone. Faking a smile, when you're really hurting inside. The ups and downs i...
  • heartbroken
  • cheating
  • happy
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ZoneXNana by Bts_Nana
ZoneXNanaby 💖 A.R.M.Y 💖
Okie new ver. Of this fanfic. I think I can write better now than I did in the other one so yeaaaa. Gonna delete the other one though ㅋㅋㅋ. But yea enjoy 🤪❤️
  • aaron
  • zane
  • aphmau
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Hamilton Rp by Http-Goose
Hamilton Rpby Alex the Pitbull
Read the title bintches ^^
  • judge
  • hamilton
  • zone
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Trent's Got the Chalk by PerkyGoth14
Trent's Got the Chalkby PerkyGoth14
Trent's cousin Rudy and his best friend Penny are coming to visit Cartoon Network City for the next couple of days. Will they be able to fit in and be good friends and w...
  • cartoon
  • crossover
  • drama
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Alone by Alrayyan_5
Aloneby Xx_ry🌱
This is my first kind of "long" story So I hope you guys support me and yeah.. P.S I don't know how to write descriptions so..
  • friend
  • loneliness
  • romance
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Helena by LittleChinaDoll
Helenaby LCD
Helena has worked as Mr. Crain’s maid since she was twelve. For five years she has obeyed his strict and old fashioned rules. Then one day the master’s wife offers Hele...
  • time
  • father
  • cleaning
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The resident bad boy is a werewolf? by hahaisabella1415
The resident bad boy is a werewolf?by Isabella
Alexandria London Torres. A "drugged up pixie on speed" as her old classmates called her. Alexandria, or Alex, is an independent girl who doesn't like being ch...
  • track
  • jack
  • badboy
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Wolf Gang: The Unknown Hero by nocturnalreading
Wolf Gang: The Unknown Heroby Roshawn Williams
What would you do if your friend was in trouble and the way only to save him was to insert a advanced super microchip into your brain? Well, this was the choice given t...
  • romance
  • fighting
  • nanotechnology
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Me Myself and I by raxhel245
Me Myself and Iby raxhel245
Three triplets who are separated at birth live in the same city but go to different schools, not knowing there all meeting with the same guy and the guy not knowing ther...
  • fighter
  • life
  • zone
The Dead Zone (On Hold For Now) by BlueNinetails
The Dead Zone (On Hold For Now)by Blue
Liana is a girl lost in a world of darkness. Surrounded by death and blood, with the added stress of being Orochimaru's favorite toy. But is Liana as lost as she seems...
  • fan
  • captive
  • fight
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Friend Zone  by tibbledolan
Friend Zone by tibbledolan
  • firstdayofschool
  • friend
  • zone