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Ice Stained Blood (Yuri Plisetsky Fic) [EDITING] by dorklosaurus
Ice Stained Blood (Yuri Plisetsky...by Roman
At the age of nine, Emmy went to Russia to train under Yakov Feltsman. At the age of nine, Emmy landed her first quad. At the age of nine, Emmy was sent back to Americ...
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Agapé and Éros - Yuri Plisetsky X Reader  by s_fanfiction
Agapé and Éros - Yuri Plisetsky X...by I would steal the stars for y...
YURI PLISETSKY X READER (Y/N) used to be so happy and free but a turn of events led her to move her life to Russia to live with a father whom she despised. Yuri is a ch...
Storms | Yuri Plisetsky x Reader by NattieKitty
Storms | Yuri Plisetsky x Readerby Beautiful Tragedy
(Y/N) (L/N). Famous. 15. Female figure skater. I've found my way of life on ice, it became my best friend and the only thing I can trust on not leaving me. I admit to ha...
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The Other Nikiforov by Fallenangelsrose
The Other Nikiforovby Fallenangelsrose
Always the shadow and never the spotlight. The teenage prodigy that was always outshined by the living legend. She didn't mind because he was her idol, her brother, her...
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Yuri Plisetsky One Shots by SadLittleApricot
Yuri Plisetsky One Shotsby ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ
Just a collection of one shots about our precious kitten, Yurio <3
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Killer Ice Princess- Yuri(Yurio) x Reader by krypticgametress
Killer Ice Princess- Yuri(Yurio) x...by Karma’s A Bitch
Assassination Classroom and Yuri!!! On Ice Crossover. Y/N is a girl of many talents- she can skate, sing, draw, dance- and, oh yeah, kill. When the government send thi...
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Sleeping Beauty // otayuri fanfic  by Caslikesbees
Sleeping Beauty // otayuri fanfic by Oakley Wonders
Otabek Altin is working at a hospital for service hours for his high school. Otabek thought this experience would be boring but he enjoyed it after he met a certain some...
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Anime! lemons and one shots! by User_1006
Anime! lemons and one shots!by Oxiclean
its in the title I'll be taking request and stuff. this is my first lemon/one shot book so please dont hesitate to leave comments on how I can improve.
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Hot and Cold (Yuri Plisetsky x Reader) by PotatoChibi
Hot and Cold (Yuri Plisetsky x Rea...by asianricelah
"Y/N. For next season, you will be partnered with..." "With who?" I don't like where this is going... "With Yuri-" "Yuri Katsuki?!&quo...
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Beautiful ~ Victor X Reader by DemonWeirdUnicorn
Beautiful ~ Victor X Readerby Kris Rose
When the Russian gold medalist, Viktor Nikiforov moves to the small town of Hasetsu to coach Yuuri Katsuki, your old rink mate, your best friend despite your objections...
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Elastic [Yuri Plisetsky x Reader] by bubblyfrancii
Elastic [Yuri Plisetsky x Reader]by Claude is best boy
15-year old Yuri Plisetsky isn't just a rising star in ice skating. With the year moving fast, it's in due time that the blonde Russian goes back to school. Reluctant to...
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Anger (Yuri Plisetsky x reader)[complete] by Miver17
Anger (Yuri Plisetsky x reader)[co...by Miver17
Looks can be deceiving. [Y/N] [L/N], otherwise known as the (nationality) Princess, the top skater in the junior female Prix and continual winner, is finally qualified...
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Russian Suka ~ Yurio x reader  by Emo_Panda54
Russian Suka ~ Yurio x reader by Rivaille
Upon meeting Yuri Plisetsky your first impression is the Russian Suka. You hate him most as his personality seems to reflect yours, but you soon start to get along after...
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Yuri x Yurio ~ My secret desire by xxBannixx
Yuri x Yurio ~ My secret desireby The8BitEmo
It had been 3 years since Victor and Yuri had fallen in a deep love, but Yuri had a secret....
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We're the Gold!!! by LunaPack
We're the Gold!!!by Meggers
Definitely smut Yuri and Viktor after the grand pre finals and Yuri winning Silver, both living normal lives as Victor stays with Yuri, as they're in a secret relationsh...
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Skating Princess - Victor x Reader  by KM_Future
Skating Princess - Victor x Reader by Kim Mirae
(Y/n) (l/n). A star skater in Hasetsu, Kyushu. She has been skating for years. Ever since she was a kid, but every time someone like her friend, Yuko Nishigōri, suggest...
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Let The Conflict Begin..{Brothers Conflict x reader x crossovers }  by Judy_Redfox
Let The Conflict Begin..{Brothers...by Judy_Redfox
You are (F/N)(L/N) You are also Ema sister You use to live in Japan by moved to France What will happen when you move back to Japan...how will your new brothers react...
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Yurio x Reader (yuri on ice fanfic!) COMPLETED by ExternalYouth
Yurio x Reader (yuri on ice fanfic...by ExternalYouth
it all started when you were 8 years old and new to ice skating in a fresh pair of ice skates. that day was your first day ever of skating and a blonde Russian punk was...
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Love & Life: Yuri Plisetsky x Reader by frenchiefightingman
Love & Life: Yuri Plisetsky x Read...by Lafayeet
~Completed 03/21/18~ ⛸Y/N is one of the best female ice skaters in the world. Yuri is one of the best male Ice skaters in the world. Maybe that's why Viktor went behind...
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yuri on ice || one-shots x reader by -afterlight
yuri on ice || one-shots x readerby clarice
let's journey through the river of viktuuri and the stream of otayuri to explore the depths of the yuri on ice fandom! book-title says it all. this is a one-shots book...
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