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Left Behind by ViktorNikiforovIRL
Left Behindby ✦Viktor Nikiforov✦
Viktor left seven years ago, Leaving Yuuri behind with the Grand Prix silver medal and both half's of their matching rings. Yuuri, Completely heart broken, quits skating...
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Yurio x Reader A Week in November by ScarlettSoul04
Yurio x Reader A Week in Novemberby Soul
When you finally get to meet your role model and hero Yuri Plisetsky at the Women's Men's finals in France, you had no idea what a jerk he was. Over time you two find fe...
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Texts ~ Victuuri/Viktuuri  ( Viktor x Yuuri ) by undeadlatte
Texts ~ Victuuri/Viktuuri ( lars is lame
Yuuri suddenly gets a message from a stranger one day named Viktor, he thinks the guy Is kind of annoying and pushy but they eventually develop a friendship but soon eno...
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Only You [Victuuri Mafia x Omegaverse Au] by Dorian_the_noodle
Only You [Victuuri Mafia x Dorian_the_noodle
Yuri on Ice Au The AU is a mix of the Omegaverse and Mafia There maybe some suggestive scenes later on in the story. An Alpha mafia boss Victor Nikiforov has an inter...
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Instagram ~ Victuuri/Viktuuri by undeadlatte
Instagram ~ Victuuri/Viktuuriby lars is lame
Yuuri has idolized Victor from afar for so long and everything changes when his childhood friends kids upload a video of him skating to an old performance by Victor hims...
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Kitty Love (Viktor x Neko!Yuuri) by evetheweirdo
Kitty Love (Viktor x Neko!Yuuri)by eve theweirdo
Yuuri is in a horrible living position due to his rare condition. He was genetically mutated as a child to be able to grow cat ears and tail. He is forced to live in a...
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this is educational by fireprincess2002
this is educationalby Xskylight7
Yuri is a bright and cute teatcher. A normal guy who teatches at a high school who might have a thing for the principal. Yuri can't let he's feelings get in the way...
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Royal Pain // Victuuri Au by smolpanofphan
Royal Pain // Victuuri Auby Kat
Every guard who has ever tried to fill the role of Yuuri's royal bodyguard has quit after a month. Victor, his newest guard, is determined to stay. Started- 2/12/17 Ende...
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Victuuri family by Victuri_nudes
Victuuri familyby Jaaaaaaaayla
"Hello beautiful~" Victor kissed yuri passionately. "Hi there" Yuri blushed. "Ewwww" yurio giggled (unplanned Mpreg idk)
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Alpha finds his Mate (Yuri!!! on Ice) by cassandraanne2212
Alpha finds his Mate (Yuri!!! on cassandraanne2212
Yuuri was an omega male and he has yet to experience his heat. He's never met his mate even though.... already knows he is Yuuris mate, but won't say it until Yuuri gets...
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The King of the Ice (Victuri) by HartoStirling17
The King of the Ice (Victuri)by Leo
His name was Victor Nikiforov. Silver hair, blue eyes, and a smile that could charm anyone. His talent for ice skating led him to the top of every podium he competed for...
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Money by fireprincess2002
Moneyby Xskylight7
Yuri a waiter at a cafe....a normal life, going to college has a job a nice normal family, until a customer came, Victor a very ritch man who wants his money back, but i...
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Soulmate - Viktuuri Fanfic ☆ by yanderetokisaki
Soulmate - Viktuuri Fanfic ☆by Yan The Author
Soulmates, the destined partner of one other human. Gender, race nor age doesn't matter as long they're both born in the same decade. Everyone has one, they can be ident...
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Victuuri lemon ;)  by Uchiihaa
Victuuri lemon ;) by Uchiha
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WHY ME!! (Discontinued) by jagerboombastic002
WHY ME!! (Discontinued)by Eren Ackerman
It's been a year since The Grand Prix and Viktor left for Russia. Yuri has had a hard time with his heats ever since Viktor left him. Yuri has tried to ignore his feelin...
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Really Gay photos  and Comics           by babylxffy
Really Gay photos and zapzapretarded
once you open you may not ask questions
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The Morning After [Victuri] ✔️ by BLoveKia
The Morning After [Victuri] ✔️by Kia
Yuri wakes one morning in the bed of one Victor Nikiforov after getting drunk at a club the evening before. However, their one-night stand would not be the last he would...
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Demons (Viktor x Yuuri x Yuri) {Slow Updates} by walkingsilence
Demons (Viktor x Yuuri x Yuri) { who knows
The devil is real. But I've seen him well them. They are not little red men with horns and a tail. They are beautiful, because they are fallen, my father forgot about t...
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You're a jerk - Viktuuri AU by undeadlatte
You're a jerk - Viktuuri AUby lars is lame
High school AU in which Viktor bullies Yuuri. Yuuri katsuki, age 17, has had enough of Viktors taunts and teasing. What he does next shocks the whole school. (also on a...
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Victuuri: A Vampire's Love by MerrynJohns
Victuuri: A Vampire's Loveby Gemini Moon 14
Yuuri is a young man living on his own in a small town. Legend has it that vampires that once lived there acted as the town's guardians. While the story seemed fun, Yuur...
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