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The Broken Boy  by YourLocalWeeb234
The Broken Boy by YourLocalWeeb
Uzumaki Naruto has enough on his plate. The daily beatings and general hate he tries to hide was already enough. But when life decides to throw even more problems his wa...
My Dearest Rival by RoseWaters3
My Dearest Rivalby Rose Waters
Kakashi x Might Guy Naruto soulmate au they are so cute☺ fhduwiaoldlkfjsjjwnrnjfisj😆 ok sorry about that fangirling for a second😶 Anyway this is a kakashi x might guy...
Yuri x Victor ONE SHOTS ✩°。⋆⸜(ू。•ω•。) by politespider
Yuri x Victor ONE SHOTS ✩°。⋆⸜(ू。•ω...by ¯\_ȌᴥȌ_/¯
☆*:.。. Fanfic of le amazing Yuri on ice. Of course~ .。.:*☆ ONE SHOTS
Stay [SasuNaru] by CheysShadow
Stay [SasuNaru]by CheysShadow
An argument that left Naruto feeling broken. An accident filling Sasuke with regret. Hopefully it's not too late. *Warning: This is a BoyXBoy love story! If you don't...
You can't get enough of me, can't you? by ShipperDreams
You can't get enough of me, can't...by Shipper Dreams
My name is Levi Ackerman and I'm the elite of the elite. I have the best killing abilities you motherfuckers will ever gonna see. I killed so many titans, I even stopped...
Trauma [ERERI/RIREN] by panicatthe_always
Trauma [ERERI/RIREN]by panicatthe_always
Eren's mother had died a long time ago and he still hadn't gotten over it. Grisha abused him and blamed him. He tormented himself over it. He got nightmares and he hated...
Our maid (Saiki K.) by KidCat8
Our maid (Saiki K.)by Kid Cat
This is a story about Saiki being a maid and all his classmates starting to fall for him, he'll be wearing his ring a lot more in this story then when he does in the ani...
Where is daddy? {chuuya x dazai} by unuseaccountforget
Where is daddy? {chuuya x dazai}by ....
Before dazai leave the port mafia, chuuya has been want to tell something but hasn't a chance. After 4 years the one that chuuya want to tell, dazai accidentally found o...
KomaHina Lemons by Kaoru_Hitachiin04
KomaHina Lemonsby Kaoru Hitachiin
KomaHina Lemons. KomaHina is one of my favorite ships of allllll time. Enjoy some lemons. I am also not the best at writing and there will be mistakes that I miss so do...
Slight Annoyance  ◐Hikaru Hitachiin And Kaoru Hitachiin◑ by Neptune_8
Slight Annoyance ◐Hikaru Hitachii...by Meraki ♡
◑ "No, you cannot hold our hands," ◑
Jjk {Sacrifice} Sukuna x malereader by NatsumeMiharu
Jjk {Sacrifice} Sukuna x malereaderby Li Zhu
In the temple deep in the forest, lives a god, who was once loved by all. As the years passed the god was forgotten, because villagers began to fear the god. They start...
Haikyuu oneshots  by 6DonMatteo9
Haikyuu oneshots by ~( ̄▽ ̄~)
Oneshot collection Here's some boy x boy stories about our beloved haikyuu ships. You can make requests if you want. Contents are Smut 🍋, fluff 💞, angst💧, NO X READE...
Worth It (IidaBaku) by Worm_of_the_Book
Worth It (IidaBaku)by Kit
After a freak accident leaving Bakugo sobbing in a back alley, Iida finds him and helps him. Iida lets his more relaxed side show and Bakugo is intrigued, but refuses to...
My Sisters Boyfriend (yaoi) by lloonyttunes
My Sisters Boyfriend (yaoi)by mp3.yaoi
A boy who thinks he is in love with his sisters boyfriend(Haru) and tries his best not to show his feelings does he slip up?
Ereri / Riren photo book  by YaoiSluts
Ereri / Riren photo book by The Gay
Title says everything!!
TU VOZ [Todobaku] (Editando) by Mxxnou
TU VOZ [Todobaku] (Editando)by Mxxnou
Todoroki nunca habría imaginado que Bakugou tendría una voz tan tranquila, tan calmada y mucho menos un comportamiento que demuestre mucho más que explosiones e insultos...
Memories by AnimeFanFictions1234
Memoriesby Anime FanFictions
"Must be a nice dream..." 2 years after Ash's death, Eiji decides to go back to America. He wants to visit all the places him and Ash had shared special momen...
That's not how I planned it  by loveyou12575
That's not how I planned it by loveyou12575
Bakugou Katsuki is bullying Midoriya Izuku to cover up his own feelings. Later on he can't take anymore end up accepting these feeling
NaruSasu-The Bad Boys by Anonymous_1232
NaruSasu-The Bad Boysby Anonymous_1232
THIS IS YAOI- BOY X BOY, DON'T LIKE DON'T READ- Just a warning~ Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine, none of the characters are mine (except the Grandma) Summary: Leaving h...