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My Little Rabbit- Uke Male Reader- (Yaoi Oneshots stories) by LittleNightmareBlood
My Little Rabbit- Uke Male Reader...by Little Nightmares
My goodness~ I see your reading this right now adorable little simps yes your reading this right all anime/games/movies boys you love dearly will be in and it shall we...
Naru&Sasu One-Shots  by NarutoGirlxxx
Naru&Sasu One-Shots by NarutoGirlxxx
Title explains it all Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of the pictures I've finished this book of one-shots for now but I will add more stories to it in the future...
[Book 2] You're Not Alone Anymore (A Naruto Fanfiction) by That_One_Anime_Lvr
[Book 2] You're Not Alone Anymore...by That_One_Anime_Lvr
(Sequal to Somebody To Call Family) After naruto left to go train with jiraiya, sasuke left konoha to go to orochimaru to get stronger. When naruto found out he was dete...
[SLOW REVISING] You Have a Purpose by uchiha_itachi_ik
[SLOW REVISING] You Have a Purposeby itachi_.ik
After the huge battle on the bridge was over, Haku and Zabuza Momochi died in the aftermath of it. For them, they were luckily granted a second life. Zabuza would do bet...
Stay [SasuNaru] by CheysShadow
Stay [SasuNaru]by CheysShadow
An argument that left Naruto feeling broken. An accident filling Sasuke with regret. Hopefully it's not too late. *Warning: This is a BoyXBoy love story! If you don't...
Forgive Me, Naruto ( Narusasu / Sasunaru ) by sns_enthusiast
Forgive Me, Naruto ( Narusasu / Sa...by sns_enthusiast
(Naruto The Last Movie AU) After returning from his 2-year redemption journey for an emergency mission, Naruto and Sasuke are forced to confront their feelings for each...
Man of the Match | DaiSuga by TerribleTyler
Man of the Match | DaiSugaby Tyler
What do I have going for me? Besides waking up daily and needing to squash my chest, put my packer in my pants and style my hair to not be feminine fluffy - at least I'm...
Demons Mixed With Feelings (Karmagisa) by HungryGoofball
Demons Mixed With Feelings (Karmag...by HungryGoofball
This is a Karma x Nagisa story. Hope you enjoy it my little Goofballs ^_^ I don't own anything from Assassination Classroom. I don't own the picture used as a cover. I...
Still Hiding? (Ereri) by tteeth
Still Hiding? (Ereri)by tteeth
After a long night with the current unit of the Scout Regiment. Eren wakes up hangover with a black eye. And everyone is staring at him? Once Armin tells him what had ha...
KomaHina Lemons by Kaoru_Hitachiin04
KomaHina Lemonsby Kaoru Hitachiin
KomaHina Lemons. KomaHina is one of my favorite ships of allllll time. Enjoy some lemons. I am also not the best at writing and there will be mistakes that I miss so do...
What's love? [Iidabaku] by YaoiTerm
What's love? [Iidabaku]by YaoiTerm
[Edit 8; SEQUEL IS OUT "Confusion 'N Spices"] Description- Iida Tenya, one who has never loved romantically before... Or have had someone confess... Gets an...
My little giver Tododeku by MinorzBiscuitz
My little giver Tododekuby MinorzBiscuitz
Shouto Todoroki, a perfect student. The one where no one talks to yet massively adored by others. Him wanting to focus on school was the only thing he cared about in his...
Lacuna by Hiraeth_153
Lacunaby Hiraeth_153
Each night was getting harder for Katsuki. He hasn't slept in days. Not being able to even close his eyes for a second just for rest. He needed to stay alert, awake. Bec...
Episode 25: What really happened by ShipperDreams
Episode 25: What really happenedby Shipper Dreams
I'm alive. -Ash I'm going to tell you what really happened in Banana Fish after Episode 24 and finally reveal how it acuatlly ended. -- ⚠️Attention:...
FEVER || ✔️ by cryincrows
FEVER || ✔️by tommy ☆
jotaro captures a fever while his mom is away visiting his grandfather, joseph, in new york. kakyoin is requested to take care of jotaro, but he feels something strange...
Instinct Released (Ichigo X Hichigo) EDITING by WhiteSnow116
Instinct Released (Ichigo X Hichig...by WhiteSnow116
MANGA SPOILERS!!! When Muramasa got Ichigo Kurosaki to come to the Soul Society, instead of getting Ichigo's Quincy Powers (fake Zangestu) he got Shiro (Hitichgo or Holl...
Error404/William and Error!sans in Tensura by rfabi2013194jfk
Error404/William and Error!sans in...by Error
A peaceful day it was for error and william u til the one know as author decided hey lets have fun and throw them into a different multiverse im sure everything will be...
Irrevocably  by vengeful_black
Irrevocably by Black
Kakavege fanfic. slightly out of character. Smut warning. Swearing.
You Saved Me (Depressed Yurio) (Yurio X Otabek) by kim-kargashian
You Saved Me (Depressed Yurio) (Yu...by eve.
Yurio just flopped a performance. Yuri and Victor where so excited after Yuri coming first and they were planting soft kisses all over each other's faces and Yurio felt...