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One Night = New Life by piccolo2017
One Night = New Lifeby piccoloYAOI
19 year old Izuku Midoriya, an omega, woke up sharing the same bed with his two alpha friends, Bakugo and Todoroki. Later finding out he was pregnant, he's in search of...
  • myhero
  • omegaverse
  • mpreg
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Library (Ciel x Sebastian) by AverieSandoval
Library (Ciel x Sebastian)by 🖤fan girl🖤
Ciel is in love with books. He always goes to the library. One day he sees a really handsome man named Sebastian. Sebastian is the new librarian. Ciel continues to go th...
  • yaoianime
  • smuts
  • kuroshitsuji
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DMMD Smut and Lemons by GretchenDemon
DMMD Smut and Lemonsby GretchenDemon
Title says all. Just know what you're getting in to... Boy x boy so just a warning if you don't know. Highest rank: 2 in Aoba; 4 in dmmd ; 3 in yaoi anime; 1 in AobaxCl...
  • yaoi
  • dmmd
  • yaoismut
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Reincarnated as Prince of the Moon ~ Re-Editing by Error4o4NotFound
Reincarnated as Prince of the Moon...by ⋆𝕰 𝖝 𝖎 𝖘 𝖙⋆
STORY UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! RE-EDITING!!! He was an ordinary boy in high school. He never had many friends or talked much at school. He didn't talk much at all. Period...
  • anime
  • moon
  • fluff
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Karmagisa: Our Fate Upon The Crown by WeiMei_
Karmagisa: Our Fate Upon The Crownby Q-Chan
History that repeats. Love, that never dies and continues to thrive upon the Kingdom. Through the royal families, the King and Queen are chosen only if they are the rein...
  • karmaakabane
  • yaoi
  • anime
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Slight Annoyance  ◐Hikaru Hitachiin And Kaoru Hitachiin◑ by Neptune_8
Slight Annoyance ◐Hikaru Hitachii...by ⌈𝑀𝑒𝑟𝑎𝑘𝑖⌋
◑ "No, you cannot hold our hands," ◑
  • yaoifanfic
  • ootori
  • yaoifluff
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Gay Stripper(Bakudeku)  by Armonu-chan
Gay Stripper(Bakudeku) by Armonu-chan
Blonde boy name katsuki bakugou is looking for a lover. His friends name Kirishima and Denki took him to a place to cheer him up called Gay Strip club. They having a fun...
  • boyxboy
  • katsukibakugou
  • yaoianime
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That's not how I planned it  by loveyou12575
That's not how I planned it by loveyou12575
Bakugou Katsuki is bullying Midoriya Izuku to cover up his own feelings. Later on he can't take anymore end up accepting these feeling
  • bakudeku
  • yaoifanfic
  • myheroacademia
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End of Serenity (BL) by QianIshkhan
End of Serenity (BL)by Qian MingYue 钱明月
"One day, we'll both be free from here. I promise." Two boys fall in love. Their world is more than it seems. They can't be together. Not now. Not ever. Six ce...
  • utopiansociety
  • suspense
  • fantasy-romance
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My Savior | A Munakata X Oc Novel {K Project} by SuperDweebs
My Savior | A Munakata X Oc Novel...by SuperDweebs
This is a story about Akihiko and Munakata. Aki was found on the streets after being left homeless. Munakata took him in to take care of him. They ended up falling in lo...
  • yaoihardcore
  • sadness
  • yaoifanfic
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One True Pair by smoltodo
One True Pairby smoltodo
"Baking is what I like to do...let me bake with you!" I looked into his green eyes. This boy, I fear has developed feelings for a man like me. And I fear, that...
  • todorokikun
  • yaoifanfic
  • wattpadfanfiction
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Alone  (Tododeku) by Anime_King11
Alone (Tododeku)by Anime._.Trash
Izuku and todoroki were together for 2 years but the then todoroki said that he never loved him and that he hates him. Todoroki left Izuku without knowing that he was pr...
  • child
  • iloveyou
  • terrible
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Ouran Academy One-Shots by CoCoBadgers003
Ouran Academy One-Shotsby AnimeGirl003
All the smut you could ask for with your favorite ships! I will accept requests!
  • highschool
  • host
  • ouranacademy
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Speaking the Truth ~COMPLETED~ by Orquidiea_Writer
Speaking the Truth ~COMPLETED~by Orquidiea_Writer
After drinking a chemical made by Hange, Eren could only speak the truth, sometimes out of nowhere. It gives him a lot of trouble when his secret crush accidentally spi...
  • yaoistory
  • ererifanfic
  • erenxlevi
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The Sexual Types by AnimeLover738594
The Sexual Typesby Anime Lover
two pair of twins come to ouran not knowing the school.one of the twins is male which his name is mitsuki and the other twin is female,and her name is meiko. they're alw...
  • ouran
  • yaoianime
  • wattys2019
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Yaoi images book 2 🥴🍆👌 by __Anime_is_bae__
Yaoi images book 2 🥴🍆👌by __Anime_is_bae__
Hey I'm back bitches! 🤠👀 Hopefully you'll like these ones The pictures don't belong to me
  • fluff
  • gay
  • cute
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Your Love (Miritam fanfic) by x1XMeepX1x
Your Love (Miritam fanfic)by x1XMeepX1x
Tamaki's feelings for Mirio has been getting in the way of his goal to become a hero, "Just tell him." people say, but it's not that easy in Tamaki's case. Wil...
  • bnhagay
  • mha
  • gay
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Demons Mixed With Feelings (Karmagisa) by HungryGoofball
Demons Mixed With Feelings (Karmag...by HungryGoofball
This is a Karma x Nagisa story. Hope you enjoy it my little Goofballs ^_^ I don't own anything from Assassination Classroom. I don't own the picture used as a cover. I...
  • gay
  • boyxboy
  • karmagisa
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My vampire stalker bxb by Lilli_insane217
My vampire stalker bxbby Lilli_insane217
Alex is just a normal 17 year old he has lots of friends and is loved by his family. So what happens when he finds out that he has a stalker. What will he do when one ni...
  • moonwalker
  • yaoianime
  • brokenfriendship
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Falling for you (ZxS)  by Sigrid20002
Falling for you (ZxS) by Shiggy
Zorro ist fast schon dafür bekannt, oft in Schwierigkeiten zu geraten. Er legt sich regelmäßig mit Straßenschlägern und Ähnlichem an und kassiert dabei auch gerne mal. K...
  • schutzengel
  • modernau
  • one
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