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Learning My Roots (Hope Estheim Love Story) by KatherineIn
Learning My Roots (Hope Estheim Lo...by KatherineIn
Bella Lauren had just moved to Cocoon from a different world. What will happen to her? Who will she meet? What will she learn about the world her mother grew up in? Fina...
  • estheim
  • hopeestheim
  • finalfantasyxiii
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Kingdom Hearts x My Hero Academia crossover by RoxastheXIII
Kingdom Hearts x My Hero Academia...by RoxastheXIII
The city has been attack by heartless and nobodies, and at the mist of the battle the one for all user meets a hooded figure dual-wielding to blades. Will Deku be able t...
  • myheroacademia
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • keyblade
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You Are My Kingdom Hearts ➳ Axel by elvhenwildflower
You Are My Kingdom Hearts ➳ Axelby elvhenwildflower
Jai Arrons lived in Radiant Gardens with Leon, and she had for a long time now. But when Radiant Gardens is destroyed and turned into Hollow Bastion, Jai has to try to w...
  • kingdom
  • love
  • fantasy
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Org XIII: 7 minutes in Nobody's Heaven by alexis_mahoney
Org XIII: 7 minutes in Nobody's He...by Not_Having_A_Heart
You're the newest recruit in Organization XIII, patching up for the missing Roxas. You're name is Xesharilden, but you've been nicknamed 'Angel' due to your ability to m...
  • xiii
  • organization
  • hearts
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Org. XIII x OC by RileyAsher
Org. XIII x OCby RileyAsher
These are oneshots of Organization XIII x OC, I do not write lemons. Sometimes it might get a little heated but not much. If you decide to even read any of them, Please...
  • saix
  • vexen
  • luxord
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(Roxas X Reader) Nobody✔ by king_yoonmin
(Roxas X Reader) Nobody✔by Yoonmin
I watch as a girl with h/l h/c hair walk in as he called her name. She bore a hooded cloak like the rest of us. I could tell she had potential, Axel seen it also. I neve...
  • xreader
  • kingdomhearts
  • xiii
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el cambio del cielo by Niyuko
el cambio del cieloby Niyuko
numero XIII, que se sabe de el? solo un simple apodo, black cat. tsunayoshi sawada, que se sabe de el? traicionado en el futuro giotto di vongola, que se sabe de el? pr...
  • black
  • tsuna
  • cat
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Lupin the 3rd and The Gem Bride (x reader) by StarKid45
Lupin the 3rd and The Gem Bride (x...by StarKid45
Lupin is jumping through hurdles trying to steal the famous and rare rainbow tanzanite. But he didn't plan on falling for an unhappy bride.
  • lupinthe3rd
  • daisuke
  • arsène
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Final Fantasy XIII oneshots by AgamiOmelette
Final Fantasy XIII oneshotsby Taki
Disclaimer: I dont Final fantasy or the cover picture, I just really like them both! Oneshots revised from my fanfiction account onto here. I write a lot if FFXIII stori...
  • silly
  • xiii
  • lightning
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Life Before The Organization (Organization XIII x Reader) {Completed} by PetitMarshmallow
Life Before The Organization (Orga...by PetitMarshmallow
(N/n) wasn't always hollow and empty. She use to be sweet and full of energy back when she was a somebody. What happens when Xemnas leaves Saix in charge for a month? Wi...
  • xiii
  • reader
  • oneshots
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Life in the Organization.....by Arikxa by Katsumi431
Life in the Organization.....by Ar...by Katsumi431
Hello everyone....my name is Arikxa. Saix gave me a journal to write down the events that has occurred during my time in the Organization so that I wouldn't forget them...
  • kingdom
  • organization
  • hearts
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Final Fantasy XIII: Episode Zero Part one: Encounter by Malorie_Chan
Final Fantasy XIII: Episode Zero P...by Malorie
  • zero
  • villiers
  • vanille
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Final Fantasy VII: The Origins! (A Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction) by CarloFTW
Final Fantasy VII: The Origins! (A...by Carlo Nassar
Behold!! A fanfiction about the origins of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7. As well as his pals!
  • kids
  • sephiroth
  • wattys2017
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Anime Oneshots: November Themed by MizzGinger
Anime Oneshots: November Themedby ❥Mizz
A bunch of one shots of different characters. Reader x [Character]
  • holiday
  • noblesse
  • one
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Final Fantasy XIII: Part Five: Friends by Malorie_Chan
Final Fantasy XIII: Part Five: Fri...by Malorie
  • zero
  • xiii
  • farronepisode
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Babysitters of the organization XIII (Request ideas) by SammyChanArts
Babysitters of the organization XI...by Sammy-Chan
This is a fanfic story of me turning into a baby and the organization has to deal with me while they have other plans for this Also i'm Open for any request ideas for i...
  • hearts
  • xiii
  • kingdom
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A Dangerous Game [Marluxia] by VladimirXloverXmusic
A Dangerous Game [Marluxia]by Sara
Ever since Riku Replica went rogue in Castle Oblivion, Vexen has been itching to create a new Riku to help! However, Genetics twisted to make his new creation into a fem...
  • hearts
  • axel
  • sora
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Organization Days by Ryuukikori
Organization Daysby Ryuukikori
  • organization
  • roxas
  • xiii
Organization XIII Applications by XAngel_ChanX
Organization XIII Applicationsby My name is of no importance
Just some Applications to the Organization, Enjoy! At the moment I am not excepting any more, I will later though.
  • organization
  • applications
  • xiii
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XIII Days of Christmas by XAngel_ChanX
XIII Days of Christmasby My name is of no importance
It's Christmas time in The World That Never Was, but two little Nobodies have no idea what that means! In this countdown to Christmas, Roxas and Xion watch their fellow...
  • xiii
  • organization-xiii
  • hearts
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