FAIRY GODFATHER |Unleashed His Highness Useless Fairy...Eh...(^o^)?|

FAIRY GODFATHER |Unleashed His Highness Useless Fairy...Eh...(^o^)?|

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Mis4-2n8 D' Smooth Criminal (^o^) By mis4-2n8 Completed

(Genre: COMEDY, ADVENTURE.... WARNING: NO ROMANCE) Tired of fairytale romance?! then try this twisted fairytale \(^O^)/ so you'll understand that it's better to read romance than this harharhar...

A dashing and handsome prince charming who only want a wife but end up having a useless fairy-godfather instead...

Will Godfather be able to help the prince or make his life a living h*ll?...coz he sounds and look suspicious in any rate...harharhar


skye_wolverine7 skye_wolverine7 Mar 27, 2013
wow u wrote the story as a scriptplay! must have taken immense hard work and patience(which i dont have). will u plz check out my works too? thnx!
ibelieveinawesome ibelieveinawesome Jan 11, 2013
lol... not gonna say asskdfljlajfkl;jdflkf this story's awesome adkjfklsjfla;jf
                               'cause you probably get that a lot. Instead I'm gonna go more original and just say... nice name choices.
cityhuntersarang cityhuntersarang Nov 16, 2012
Im gonna read this just Cuz u have siwoon and heechul on the cover the only one missing for me is dong hae
mis4-2n8 mis4-2n8 Feb 17, 2012
@thepoorhero LOL agree undertaker is one funny, cute (especially when he laughs LOL) scary but lovable character!!!!XD
mis4-2n8 mis4-2n8 Feb 16, 2012
@thepoorhero harhar yeah!!!!I love that band way back 90's LOL wow sebastian!!!!!!gosh i really love that butler (^o^)
mis4-2n8 mis4-2n8 Feb 01, 2012
@0987kim harhar thanks that you had appreciate that :D @Bi-Rain4life LOL cheers fellow SIWON Lover XD yeeeeah! @Pinkfishy467 yay!!! I think you love SUJU eh high five!!!