Arrhenphobia }{Kingdom Hearts + Final Fantasy }{ by ChesireCatXIII
Arrhenphobia }{Kingdom Hearts + Scary Girl
[Name]. One of the most popular girls at school along with Kairi, Rinoa, and Xion. Though to others they're considered the bitches, acting superior to everyone else. Yet...
  • roxas
  • demyx
  • rinoa
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Kingdom Hearts (Cloud Strife Fanfiction) by CelestialShadowWolf
Kingdom Hearts (Cloud Strife Lost in the Stars
**Will take place in Kingdom Hearts. I will also include worlds that aren't in Kingdom Hearts 2** One day on a mission, Skylar messed up and Cloud got mad at her. She fe...
  • donald
  • aerith
  • cloud
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Memories ʚϊɞ KH;Vampire 2 by storyfan09
Memories ʚϊɞ KH;Vampire 2by Kay
M E M O R I E S Bella begins dreaming of the mysterious man who loved her once before. Will she remember or be killed like her dopplegänger before her. ▹ Book Two of t...
  • roxas
  • goofy
  • action
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When Darkness Turns to Light by Akizakura202
When Darkness Turns to Lightby Aki
A Naruto/Shippuuden and Kingdom Hearts crossover. Three years ago, Hikari Uzumaki's world was consumed by darkness. She arrived at Disney Castle, but something was missi...
  • kingdom
  • donald
  • riku
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A Life With Them (Final Fantasy VII) by berrycherry04
A Life With Them (Final Fantasy Kim Aya
Hi, this is my first story, so please be nice to my story. Anyway, this story takes place in the movie: Advent Children. I can hear, feel and see your pain. You are like...
  • tifa
  • vincentvalentine
  • ffvii
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Traverse Towns loving couple! by chey1478
Traverse Towns loving couple!by chey1478
This is a story about the famous Squall Leonhart, who actually likes to be called Leon. Even by his own lover. Who is she may you ask? Well let's just say she makes Aeri...
  • aerith
  • leon
  • kingdom
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