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The Bright Future Awaits! The Villainess Lady's Route of Happiness by CrescentShine
The Bright Future Awaits! The Thorny Ross
HIGHEST RANK #1inFantasy (07.30.18) A young genius doctor in her peak of career died in a bank robbery. As she thought that it was the end of her life, she is reborn as...
My book covers by worldofmagix
My book coversby 𝙇𝙞𝙣𝙙𝙖 𝙁𝙖𝙚𝙧𝙮𝙣
In here I will post every book cover that I made for my books and I will also let you know what they talk about or what they used to talk about. Just to let you know tha...
Plants vs Zombies: World of Magic by Brotherlandball
Plants vs Zombies: World of Magicby Brotherland
In a world where spells and magic are everywhere, Everything is possible! The kingdoms in the continent of Aleroya would sometimes go to war with each other in hopes of...
The Other Place (Royale High) by kxiiwrites
The Other Place (Royale High)by Kaii
Royale High, a magical highschool where people discover that they have magical powers. This is the journey of a 16 year old boy, fitting in with the others in the campus.
The Princess of Ice Kingdom by Nine_iscutepup
The Princess of Ice Kingdomby XiaLuLu
A princess born with power. The power is the blessing or curse that will depend on the princess as how she used it. When she was born, the kingdom of the princess start...
Arcane Odyssey: Magic & Memories by AE1THER
Arcane Odyssey: Magic & Memoriesby Ver.dant
Conflict is at an all-time high as the many kingdoms wage war over possession of Sea Curses, powerful artifacts which grant the user immortality and great power. He must...
ATLANTIA: Rise Of Rebellion by Yanzieyy
ATLANTIA: Rise Of Rebellionby Mark
Thirteen-year-old David Rhenford is used to winning. He has a great family, great friends, and a closet filled with trophies, but his never-ending winning streak is pitt...
Who Am I? by TonnieIchitotsu
Who Am I?by ThyCookieBoat
This story is regarding to an original character, Lenny Crest. This story takes place in a world called Magius from the game World of Magic on Roblox by Vetexgames. (A t...
**"Eternal Echoes: A Love Story Beyond Time"** In a world where fate weaves intricate destinies, "Shadows of Fate" narrates the profound love between...
"Draco" by imonao3now
"Draco"by nobody
"Malfoy? Why Malfoy?" she asked, still smiling and but with a bit nervous posture. "It is what it is." -It's completed- __________________...
The Black Mage by Aeromonas
The Black Mageby A. hydrophila
Olivia Andrias Lerax who became an orphan at birth due to an unticipated attack that resulted to her as the last of her lineage.She has been going in and out of the mag...
Arcanumundus: Masters Of The Arcane by ElevenCancer07
Arcanumundus: Masters Of The Arcaneby EC
Esther Rudeneja, a 16-year-old mage, received her training in Ecomancy from her adoptive family. However, despite their dedicated efforts, Esther's fascination with magi...
WORLD OF MAGIC OCSby A handy dandy boi
play the game on roblox Its FUN! Game from vetexgames MAKE YOUR OWN CHARACTER AND BE GOOD OR BAD? HELP OTHER NPCS DEFEAT ENEMIES COLLECT TREASURES! This is all about Wor...
WOM Pheng oneshots by Niocetea
WOM Pheng oneshotsby A handy dandy boi
Phillip and Heng belong to me I will try to update the WOM oc book This is a ship and I wanna make it canon for somepoint cover by me✨
Magius: The Tale Of Five by WoMstory
Magius: The Tale Of Fiveby WoMstory
In this story, five characters - Dragos, Tadashi, Jay, Roy, and Lance - are wielders of magic - Shadow, Crystal, Moonlight, Wood, and Ink respectively - in a world full...
Belong by Rei-6Chan-a
Belongby Rei-Chan~
Warning: language, sexual actions ____________________________________ Ren Lives in a world of magic Ren abuse and tortured by people in lab coats. Where Ren escape h...
The World Beyond the Limits of my Own World by rman11_
The World Beyond the Limits of Arman M. Rivera
A story which features a journey of a boy whose living in the modern times, where changes and technology is very rapid and rampant at the same time. What will happen if...
Prowess of Inheritrix: The Last Lightning User Sorceress by heirkookie131
Prowess of Inheritrix: The Last heirkookie131
Ressonette Auxkurt, a fifteen year old girl had begun her magical adventures as she was trying to save her lost grandfather. Her journey seems to be uneasy as she had th...
I Am The No-Name Villain by CrescentShine
I Am The No-Name Villainby Thorny Ross
[ORIGINAL STORY] Because of the slap I get, I started to recall my past life memory and discovered that I was reborn in an otome game called Capture His Heart. In this n...
World of Magic by DopeyTidepod
World of Magicby DopeyTidepod
A story of a young man, who's flirty nature gets the better of him and leads him into the world of magic. He is forced to take on a great evil that plans on destroying t...