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Holy Water To Cure The Sinners  by AbracadabraNRainbowz
Holy Water To Cure The Sinners by нαιℓєу 🎩🐰
To help cure the sinners of all there wrong doings
  • holyspirit
  • repent
  • god
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Melting Point by Devils_Music
Melting Pointby Psychotic Devil
A simple story about a seemly simple but complicated thing.
  • water
  • shortstory
  • ice
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Neptune Hunt by PercyTaylor
Neptune Huntby Priscilla Taylor
Mako is alive and he's changed... Safety Harbor is in peril again and Mako is the only one that can save them but with people on his short-fin tail he has to choose bet...
  • neptunechallenge
  • betrayal
  • dai
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Little Things  by LAEWriting
Little Things by LAE
Sarah Johnson has a lot of fears over the littlest of things. When the kids at school find out, they make fun of her for it. But there's a reason for those fears, as tho...
  • funny
  • fears
  • wind
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Of Water and Earth by MoyaWalsh
Of Water and Earthby Moya Walsh
For decades, two dragon races, the noble and wise Vada and the proud and powerful Ziamliu, have been at war while the other three dragon races; the Ahoń, Cionma, and the...
  • wars
  • fire
  • dragon
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What will Happen when team Natsu finally returns from 100 years quest? . . . Just a fun Gruvia love story. . . . The characters belongs to HiroMashima, But the story is...
  • romance
  • gruvia
  • fanfic
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Waterborn by darkrobinstar
Waterbornby darkrobinstar
Kai is a mermaid princess. That is, until her entire nation is distroyed. Not only that, she is captured by a vile human. She is forced to preform for other humans to ge...
  • ocean
  • water
  • princess
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Elements (Why Don't We Fanfic) by Nexusbooks_
Elements (Why Don't We Fanfic)by T
Hunter Ryan Cartwell believes that Daniel Seavey, the son of the general of the magic community, is the omni-power. Due to this belief, he teams up with Daniel to allow...
  • powers
  • elements
  • corbynbesson
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Caged by PensAreCool1
Cagedby Jamie
A young mergirl swam endlessly through the ocean, happy and carefree. One day, she saw a fishing boat. She approached it. When she was very close, she stuck her head out...
  • mermaidxhuman
  • cage
  • h2o
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Reincarnated as...water? by EloyFlores2016
Reincarnated as...water?by elflores2016
Do it later because of little problem
  • fantasy
  • reincarnation
  • water
Zodiac High School by zodiac_snow
Zodiac High Schoolby Infinite.beyond
  • taurus
  • earth
  • fire
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Just rambling haha by yoooooooduuude
Just rambling hahaby Hi
I have a temper
  • water
  • imthirsty
  • ramblings
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Ashes Bloom ☾ Original by ProudToBeSarcastic
Ashes Bloom ☾ Originalby Eva Fhutivych
In a kingdom where treachery rules, and the people live in fear, the only salvation are the secrets that have long ago been burried deep within myth and legend. Living...
  • elements
  • uprising
  • dystopia
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One with The Water by niveajc
One with The Waterby Nivea
🌙 Stuck ___ ___ | In | |a | |well| 🌊🌊 Not much more time left. ➰Read at your own risk. ➰ /C...
  • stuck
  • falling
  • numb
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Lost in love  by 18kzae
Lost in love by 18kzae
Here's a little story about a male Pisces (Savuan) and Scorpio female (Alexxus) both with terrible pasts whom fall in love with each other that faces hardships in their...
  • stubborn
  • crime
  • scorpio
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human survival by varmaRuddarraju
human survivalby varma
this story is about human survival in the universe. if the humans are going to destroy due to natural calamities or human deeds then humans need to search for another pl...
  • newplanet
  • space-travel
  • spacestation
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Floating With The Clouds by CardioWriter
Floating With The Cloudsby CardioWriter
Apollo only had one dream, to fly a plane one day. With his parents' accidental death after his High school graduation and all kinds of crisis coming his way, he ends up...
  • newadult
  • fighter
  • adventure
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The Elementals: The Elite by KaliStrong
The Elementals: The Eliteby Kalista Armstrong
Artemis Armstrong was never a normal girl and she always knew that. First, she's insanely rich; her parents own major companies and corporations. Also, she's crazy smart...
  • earth
  • water
  • elements
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The Blue Prince | PJM  ❗️ by shadow_pupx
The Blue Prince | PJM ❗️by esme
[To the Jimin edit used,credit to @mindales on Twitter. ] Summary: Park Jimin,the prince of the sea. The merman are drawn as blue as for the mermaid are drawn in pink...
  • seacreatures
  • merman
  • colors
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Moonlight by Hogwarts730
Moonlightby Maddie
Thalia has always been afraid of the water ever since her mother's death at sea. That night she felt strange as she nearly died from drowning but someone saved her at th...
  • absentfather
  • teenfiction
  • missingparents
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