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Eclipse  by LoveAnidalaforeva
Eclipse by LoveAnidalaforeva
The Chosen One is made up of light and dark. Good and evil. Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader. But what is the difference? The one himself does not even know. After a ter...
  • framed
  • vader
  • starwarsfanfiction
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Betrayal♕[Star Wars] {Book 2}{Completed} by MinJiminnies
Betrayal♕[Star Wars] {Book 2}{ ✼Peter Parker✼
"If you're not with me, then you're my enemy." He said walking around his opponent, glaring at him. "So if she does not stand with you, would you try to k...
  • star
  • skywalker
  • starwars
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Fulfillment: Star Wars by athunter99
Fulfillment: Star Warsby Professional Fangirl
ROTS AU: He was supposed to be the chosen one. He was suppose to balance the force. He was suppose to fulfill the prophecy. .. The galaxy is in shambles. The Jedi are...
  • amidala
  • force
  • anakin
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Darth Maul Trilogy Book Three: Warrior by Storm-Shadows7
Darth Maul Trilogy Book Three: Captain Kiri Storm
Part Three of a Trilogy It all comes down to this... Darth Maul has survived more than he rightfully should. He's escaped his masters not twice, but three times. He's be...
  • savageoppress
  • lightsabers
  • dooku
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Star Wars: An Earthling's Journey by DarkForce2016
Star Wars: An Earthling's Journeyby DarkForce2016
Book I in the Earthling series. Melisa Starkiller who is obsessed with Star Wars finally gets her wish when she is picked up in a Jedi Cruiser by three of her favourite...
  • completed
  • light
  • empire
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When Paths Diverge by Nellie3421
When Paths Divergeby Nellie3421
After dying on the Death Star, Obi-Wan wakes up in the past. Back in the Jedi Temple and surrounded by everyone he thought he had lost, Obi-Wan tries very hard NOT to br...
  • starwars
  • anakinskywalker
  • tatooine
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(English Version) Star Wars: Isfet Order by TheBlackWingedKing
(English Version) Star Wars: F. G. Luck
Maul is now part of the rebellion. He will meet new and old enemies to face but he will not be alone, with him there will be the Squadron Ghost and a new apprentice. The...
  • clonetroopers
  • sidious
  • obiwan
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Star Wars Fanfiction : Who I Am Beneath The Mask by The_Skywalker_Family
Star Wars Fanfiction : Who I Am The Skywalker Family
32BBY, Padme got victory in the Trade Federation invaded and occupied Naboo by the Gungans's help. Naboo was freed, but the Jedi refuse to train Anakin and sent him bac...
  • skywalker
  • fanfiction
  • anakin
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Alive: Star Wars (#Wattys2014) by athunter99
Alive: Star Wars (#Wattys2014)by Professional Fangirl
AU: TAKES PLACE BETWEEN ROTS AND ANH. Two years... two years since Darth Vader became what he was. He was trapped... trapped inside himself, he couldn't break away from...
  • darth
  • empire
  • anidala
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Skywalkers: Trial Force Story #1 by SkywalkersAcademy
Skywalkers: Trial Force Story #1by Skywalkers Academy
This story is based on Star Wars and characters created by George Lucas and Lucas Film currently owned by Disney. It takes us back to the creation of first known organiz...
  • lordsidious
  • knights
  • wars
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A Missing Piece by Kimify
A Missing Pieceby
When it mattered most, Anakin had sided with the Jedi Order and fought against Chancellor Palpatine. Years later, and together with his wife, Anakin finally watches his...
  • luke
  • sidious
  • marajade
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Star Wars Fan Fiction: The Skywalkers Rise by purplemaya12
Star Wars Fan Fiction: The purplemaya12
What would have happened to Star Wars if Anakin had never turned dark and Padmé lived? This is my perspective of the tale.
  • fanfiction
  • rebel
  • romance
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41st Millenium: A Star Wars Story by DaLewisII
41st Millenium: A Star Wars Storyby l3moh94 .
Darth Vader and his master Darth Sidious tap into the ancient wisdom of the Dark Side and enter the 41st Millenium universe. This Fanfic tells their exploits and struggl...
  • imperium
  • vader
  • sidious
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Just for her by CyanaShan
Just for herby Cyana Shan
*First Vadala story* Darth Vader. It was a name, the name of the most powerful Sith Lord of the galaxy. More machine than human was his definition. Cold blood and black...
  • cyana
  • skywalker
  • amidala
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The Light Within. by The_Skywalker_Family
The Light The Skywalker Family
What will happen if Shmi survive?
  • obi-wan
  • skywalker
  • leia
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Of Lightsabers And Liberty by Cattherinepalpatine
Of Lightsabers And Libertyby Cat Landya
Out of the ashes of the destroyed Galactic Empire, and the late Sheev Palpatine, a new hero rises. Or maybe she isn't a hero, that's for you to decide. Archduchess Cathe...
  • rey
  • starwars
  • sequels
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Palpatine's Vision by jesusfreak202
Palpatine's Visionby jesusfreak202
Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.... Chancellor Palpatine stopped at nothing to get what he wanted. He played sides, he deceived and clawed his way to political...
  • sith
  • star
  • sidious
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Irremediable Mistake (Star Wars AU) by TheRationalWolf42
Irremediable Mistake (Star Wars AU)by sweatie <3
Fanfare music boomed into his ears. Luke Skywalker looked up, and saw thousands of Venetor-class Star Destroyer blocking the red clouds of Coruscant. And right above him...
  • clonetroopers
  • obiwan
  • theclonewars
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Star Wars Texts by ArafinweCarnesir
Star Wars Textsby Hi! I'm Hans
You've heard of The Clean Avengers text, and Inside out texts, but what about Star Wars Texts, huh?
  • rey
  • luke
  • macé
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Star Wars: Captain Storm and the Jedi by Storm-Shadows7
Star Wars: Captain Storm and the Captain Kiri Storm
Three Years After the Great Purge... Kiri Storm, Captain of the Constant Marauder, has had a nasty surprise. Her medic, Skai Joka, happens to be a Jedi Knight. With a he...
  • starwarsrebels
  • rebellion
  • jediknight
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