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BTS Littles (On Hold) by _midnight_monster_
BTS Littles (On Hold)by midnight
Best Awards: #1 - Favorites #1 - Tantrums #3 - vkookmin #1 - Playdates #1 - mildcussing A compilation of the maknae line as littles that the hyung line has to take care...
『two daddy one little 』 by btsparty
『two daddy one little 』by btsparty
"Where is our baby Tae~" jimin giggle and try find his and Jungkook's baby. They can hear Taehyung's adorable baby giggle behind sofa. Jungkook pick up Taehyu...
Foolhardy // vminkook by Jron_Jungkook_lover
Foolhardy // vminkookby Steelkook
"At that, he got him by his shoulder and pushed him against the lockers, slightly levitating him from the ground and crushing the younger boy's windpipe with his el...
Random Namjin : knj x ksj by Nameless_StoryTeller
Random Namjin : knj x ksjby ~Thiea~
COMPLETED Namjin smut may come up soon. HIGH ANGST (don't read if you can't handle- don't tell me I didn't warn ya ) It's PURELY FICTIONAL.
Insecurities ~ Vminkook ff by Bunbao-BTS
Insecurities ~ Vminkook ffby Bunbao
Everyone has there own insecurities in life, maybe it's their looks or maybe it's something they lack. But in this story three boys meet and try to love each other with...
sexy belly dancer  by koji98
sexy belly dancer by jikookmin
ماذا ستفعل اذا كنت تحتاج المال و لا يوجد امامك سوى وظيفه واحده في ملهى للرقص الشرقي و المثير للرجال و شروط تلك الوظيفه ان يكون الموظف مستقيم و لحظك انك مثلي الجنس كاللعن...
Amorous | 𝙑𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙤𝙤𝙠  by Sugaisland
Amorous | 𝙑𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙤𝙤𝙠 by Sugaisland
When Jimin is in love with Jungkook and doesn't know how to come out with his feelings nor deal with them... but Jungkook already knows. And Taehyung somehow comes into...
[VKookMin][Transfic] ABO  by diepthanbg
[VKookMin][Transfic] ABO by diepthan
Thật ra truyện này mình đăng lâu lắm rồi nhưng mà nay nổi hứng đăng lại, hồi xưa dịch phèn lắm nên mọi người thông cảm. Chuyện tình tay ba giữa Taehyung, Jungkook và Ji...
Realistic Fanfiction Story, BTS Imagines, Sexual Tension And Satisfaction by Emociional
Realistic Fanfiction Story, BTS Im...by Amanda D
A realistic BTS fanfiction story. Please feel free to leave your thoughts.
[VKOOKMIN] Cao H  by veeminminners
Lại là những oneshot cao H nhưng lần này là về VKOOKMIN hehe :]] You know, chủ nhà rất thích thể loại Song Tính nên những oneshots này sẽ có cả thể loại ❗️ SONG TÍNH và...
you are 💔💔mine...( TK ) by 1507898zy
you are 💔💔mine...( TK )by ❣️ Dark queen ❣️.
අවසානය !!! ඇත්ත දැනගැනීමෙන් ආදරය පටන් ගනීද නැතිනම් වේදනාව පමණක්ම ඉතුරු වේවිද මේ ඔවුන් දෙදෙනාගේ ආදර කතාවයි..... හුදෙක් ම සියලුම චරිත සහ නම්ගම් මනඃකල්පිත ඒවා මිස idols ලා...
yoonseok // instagram by cutieseokseok
yoonseok // instagramby Comfy_beannn
hoseok is a fanboy that made his own fan account it just like a fluff story line kinda thing
DANGER (NamJin FanFic) by Tee_Ess
DANGER (NamJin FanFic)by ISHA
Trying to forget someone that is always on your mind is something that is hard to do. I tried to forget but I end up remembering those times when were together. Im alway...
mist, bts vkook by 96-hoon
mist, bts vkookby 96-hoon
glass. mist. on a snowy day, on a search for friends.
Sex With An Idol by Marktuanislife
Sex With An Idolby Kim Nani Rene
You and Jungkook and Jimin and V are friends and got close after a few concerts
What a boy... by creepypastaGURL_13
What a boy...by AllFandomKindaGirl
❗️BTS (VKookMin) if you don't like it, don't read it.❗️ BSB. Also known as Boarding School of Busan. It's ranked the top school out of all of South Korea and Jimin...
Red  by AsalbagheriBTS
Red by moonchild
کاپل:ویکوکمین، بقیه در صول داستان ژانر:کمی ترسانک و رازالود ، کمی کمدی، عاشقانه ، تریسام، اسمات، کرگینه خوناشامی
Truth or dare {VkookMin} by KielyaCool
Truth or dare {VkookMin}by KielyaCool
"true or dare?" tae and jimin say in the same way "d-dare.." jungkook say while panting. "naked in front of us" in which jungkook are botto...
~Jogo De Sedução {Vkookmin}~ by joaozinhoAkmicloudco
~Jogo De Sedução {Vkookmin}~by Boiola_por_jikook
Três pessoas com personalidades diferentes será que em um quarto de faculdade mudará isso.......
Ⓕⓡⓘⓔⓝⓓ? by somethinginnowhere
Ⓕⓡⓘⓔⓝⓓ?by SUGA_DADDY
Seokjin um menino agradável, simpático, inteligente mais cheios de problemas o único problema é que esconde varias coisas. Onde o grande namjoon se enfia ai? pois é gr...