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Ban's Bitch. *SEVEN DEADLY SINS* by shyfriendofauthor
Ban's Bitch. *SEVEN DEADLY SINS*by ✞𝙳𝚢𝚗𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚢✞
Seven Deadly Sins Fanfic *My first ever one!* "Ban?" You smiled, carefully twisting an interesting flower you had picked up earlier. "What?" The man...
Who am I?(villian tommyinnt au) by stupmzy
Who am I?(villian tommyinnt au)by Sad
Too lazy to continue, may continue if I feel like it Also if you ain't a fan of gory stuff then don't read this YESSIR TOP 1000 IN GORY LETS GOOO Also I changed the cove...
PSYCHOPATH by mzdeeee
PSYCHOPATHby mzdeeee
Have you ever wondered that a psychopath also have a feeling? He's a fuckboy who killed girls after he let go of his lust. This maybe weird but it's also can happen in...
Different (giyuu x reader) by Tine_ackerman
Different (giyuu x reader)by Tine_ackerman
y/n kamado is living a normal life with her family until that day comes to an end I rumbled some events dont hate ⚠️Cringe chapters ahead⚠️
True Love : Steven x male reader (Half gem) by UrbanAnime
True Love : Steven x male reader ( BakedTatoes
(Y/n) woke up at Beach city after escaping from home.You knew nothing about the people around you. What will happen when you meet a certain Steven Universe?(Takes place...
The Girl Gangleader by DeicyMoreno5
The Girl Gangleaderby Deicy Moreno
Eliza King also known as Eli Eli is in the most dangerous gang in Detroit what happens when Eli has to move to LA and go to school there Veronica Rose also known as V...
One year away by smackdehoeee
One year awayby Tehe
"Did you tell someone we fucked?" I spit and he raises his eyebrow at me. "Well!" "No what the fuck who said that?" A frown takes over bea...
Beast Is the Father. [ENDING 2]  by Stories_by_Saesha
Beast Is the Father. [ENDING 2] by SaeShae
Story with mild contents. Some changes will be there in this story. For example Sexual assaults will be removed, Storyline may differ depending upon the ending. Rosanne...
His Queen |  Completed✓ by EVERGREEN_18
His Queen | Completed✓by Evergreen .s. R
It's been one year, since Antonio Giovanni the world's most feared mafia leader, adopted his angel Delilah shadow Giovanni. The now six-year-old is quite the active litt...
Dating my bully//xxxtentacion by globalmoney_bitch
Dating my bully//xxxtentacionby globalmoney_bitch
This is my second story but first x story and i hope yall enjoy it. if your sensitive to violents and suicide then I advise you not to read.
Rewind demon 🎴Yandere hazbin hotel/Helluva boss x innocent!demon!reader🀄️ by Nikei-Yomiuri
Rewind demon 🎴Yandere hazbin Ultimate-Journalists
Y/n l/n is the most innocent demon you could ever meet in h##l but she went to h##l because her family emotionally abused and physically abused her. She soon had enough...
Reincarnated as a cat by irontaco12
Reincarnated as a catby Opal05
I was expecting something like Hades or the grim reaper to take me but things did not turn out how I thought of it. I get reincarnated into another world that very diffe...
Love Me Later by BungeegumBunniemagic
Love Me Laterby Alienbunniesnowcone
(hisgon) gon is training to have a rematch for Hisoka until he dozes off he waked up to loud noises coming from the forest he went to check what it was until he comes ac...
a phantom tale by poppygammer
a phantom taleby poppygammer
"they wont mind if i tel them right?, they wouldnt hate me right?, they would understand and not kill me right?" danny thought this through before telling his...
Secrets by killaMelody
Secretsby 𝓑𝓮𝔂𝓲𝓷𝓮𝓬𝓱𝓲
Read to find out😉 this book is influenced off of many other stories I've read.
Within The Devil by jorina101
Within The Devilby Jorina Mangohig
"Trust me, Amelia, and I will get you out of this." Where a rich boy meets the princess of innocence- "I trust you." "Then take my hand." ...
Ticci Y/n 🧇 Yandere The Leigon x Ticci Tina!Reader x Yandere creepypastas🧇 by Nikei-Yomiuri
Ticci Y/n 🧇 Yandere The Leigon Ultimate-Journalists
How do I explain Y/n Rogers life,well she had an abusive father,a dead sister and a mother that never fought back. Her and her sister got in a car crash which only Y/n...
Cikgu Arib: Cikgu Paling Gempak by AdibAfnanJR
Cikgu Arib: Cikgu Paling Gempakby Adib Afnan
Cikgu kat sekolah korang jenis yang macam mana? Garang? Baik? Cantik? Ke muke macam kasut? Tapi korang pernah dengar tak cerita lagenda Cikgu Arib? Cikgu langsi no.1 Asi...
Light Within Her by thetaleofchaos
Light Within Herby Aarushi Singh
This is not a story but a narrative poetry. So, go ahead only if you are interested. ♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡ It is a story of a girl living in darkness sur...
Manhunt [DreamTeam Fanfic] by monochopsis_writer
Manhunt [DreamTeam Fanfic]by Novelista 🤭
As a gift from George and the rest, Dream always love to wear the mask wherever he goes. Little did he know, that Mask was more than an object. ❌ WARNING! THIS STORY CON...