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Shadow Guardian{VA fanfic} by worldreader18
Shadow Guardian{VA fanfic}by Lizzy Paige
Rose is hurt after Dimitri says he doesn't love her anymore, and Lissa isn't helping. So Rose decides to leave for a while, only telling a few people she disappears. Six...
  • mazur
  • wattys2017
  • janinehathaway
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Letters to Rose- A Vampire Academy Fan Fiction [UNDER MAJOR EDITING] BOOK ONE by iristhecutie02
Letters to Rose- A Vampire Academy...by | IRIS |
***DESCRIPTION HAS BEEN EDITED*** Two different lives living in one world. Two senior students in the same school. Who knew a game of truth or dare could change...
  • singer
  • nerd
  • masonashford
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Vampire Academy Game Night by OfficDeyaSolo
Vampire Academy Game Nightby princess of the inferno
I know. There are some fanfics already like this but this is my version of it. Enjoy! Set the night before Graduation and afterwards. RPOV unless I say otherwise!
  • jilldragomir
  • jilldragomirmastrano
  • rosehathaway
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Another shot (A Vampire Academy Fanfic) by Jess-Roza
Another shot (A Vampire Academy Fa...by Jess-Roza
Six years later in Dimitri's point of view. What happens when Alberta meets him at the plane and hands him a little girl that looks like Rose's mini me? How will Rose re...
  • romitribaby
  • albertapetrov
  • eddiecastile
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Torn (A Vampire Academy Fanfiction) by ivashkovology
Torn (A Vampire Academy Fanfiction)by ivashkovology
My name is Rose Hathaway. I am a dhampir and I'm best friends with Princess Vasilisa Dragomir, the last of the Dragomir line. My life is pretty unstable and with having...
  • rose-hathaway
  • hathaway
  • rose
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Driven Away (one shot complete) by TeresaSullivan427
Driven Away (one shot complete)by Teresa Sullivan
This is another Vampire Academy one shot about what happens after those four fateful words. Love fades... Mine has.
  • belikovafamily
  • christianozera
  • love
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The Wild to His Fire by Kayla_Boschert96
The Wild to His Fireby Kayla Boschert
"How old is she?" Christian asked. "She's 2.... Christian there's something you need to know about Harmony." "She's your daughter." Kayl...
  • dimitribelikov
  • love
  • christianozera
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One family rules. (one shot. complete) by TeresaSullivan427
One family rules. (one shot. compl...by Teresa Sullivan
This is a little one shot of what could have happened after Dimitri said those four little words to Rose. As a reminder, I do not own VA. Only the plot.
  • eddiecastile
  • abemazur
  • vladimirsacademy
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What If The Stake Made It In? by destiny_writes
What If The Stake Made It In?by Destiny Rose
What if the stake made it in? What if Dimitri really died? This is Rose's life after she actually kills Dimitri, her life with Lisa and Christian as their guardian. 嚙...
  • christianozera
  • death
  • vampireacademy
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Not the old Rose (complete) by TeresaSullivan427
Not the old Rose (complete)by Teresa Sullivan
What happens when Rose Hathaway's heart, soul and spirit are broken by Dimitri?
  • eddiecastile
  • thebelikovas
  • randalivashkov
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The bet by _fangirlife_
The betby _fangirlife_
A romitri story. What happens when on valentine's day the school organises a contest between novices and gardians? Each novice is paired with a gardian and obviously Ros...
  • vampire
  • fanfiction
  • game
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Game Changer (A VA Fanfic) by Jess-Roza
Game Changer (A VA Fanfic)by Jess-Roza
  • strigoi
  • tashaozera
  • janinehathaway
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Because  Of Him  by DragonRider432
Because Of Him by DragonRider432
Rose and Christian are betrayed by the ones they love the most .what they do is unforgivable. Rose and Christian leave Court to starts a new life away from Lisa and...
  • rosehathaway
  • mauzar
  • christianxrose
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A Thorne for every Rose by Bree232
A Thorne for every Roseby Bree232
After "Love fades, Mine has", Rose decided everyone would better off without her. She has been away from Court for three years and has no intentions of going b...
  • dimitribelikov
  • rosehathaway
  • eddiecastile
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Vampire Academy Cast Book by katlovbook2211
Vampire Academy Cast Bookby katlovbook2211
This book has pictures of actors/singers/people that could fit the role of the Vampire Academy cast. Also a big thanks to Richelle Mead for making the best series ever...
  • natashaozera
  • rosehathaway
  • mia
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Fighting for Forever by Bree232
Fighting for Foreverby Bree232
Rose has left Court, leaving behind her friends and family. She never thought she'd return, until a familiar stranger asks for her help.
  • love
  • vampireacademy
  • eddiecastile
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Vampire Academy Fanfiction by EmmaBoon8
Vampire Academy Fanfictionby Necromancer0304
Janine kidnapped Rose from her mother and father when she was a few months old, when this is all discovered Rose knows who is really there for her and who isn't. But wh...
  • albertapetrov
  • dimitribelikov
  • eddiecastile
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A kiss of poison by divergentfanfic__
A kiss of poisonby just literal trash
Rose is an assassin, she goes to st Vladamirs academy to try and kill Victor Dashkov and his little girl Natalie. Rose is in year 17 so is put into year 13 and is in he...
  • dragozera
  • miaronaldi
  • romitri
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