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Daddy's Good Girl by brat4991
Daddy's Good Girlby kittykatbrat
Cassandra Wood is going undercover searching for her sister Claire after she goes missing from a mysterious club. When she is discovered by the clubs sexy owner Maddox H...
Newborn Love by ixchelnmejia
Newborn Loveby Ixchel N. Mejia
Simon Reyes watch his parents die in front of him. But what killed him was more scary. It was a vampire. No one believed him. Till the Chains. The family of MIST agents...
Deadly Touch | Han Jisung  by saturnstay
Deadly Touch | Han Jisung by bee
❝Don't play with me.❞ ❝Don't tell me what to do, Angel.❞ ᴀʟᴛᴇʀɴᴀᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴜɴɪᴠᴇʀꜱᴇ ʜᴀɴ ᴊɪꜱᴜɴɢ ꜰᴀɴ ꜰɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ - ᴠᴀᴍᴘɪʀᴇ
Scent Of Your Blood  ; Todobaku ; by Liaaaaa456
Scent Of Your Blood ; Todobaku ;by Liaaaaa456
Vampire au of < todobaku .> Full Description is in the first page . Warning ⚠️ sensitive and sexual contents ⚠️
Crazy School // Markhyuck by DalMoon127
Crazy School // Markhyuckby Yu
[Vampire AU!] A fine arts school made up of all boys, the perfect place for vampire Mark Lee to find a friend. When Mark enrolls at Son Seungwan's Academy, he meets a sw...
His Substitute Wife {Book 1} (Completed) by MyraKapoor
His Substitute Wife {Book 1} ( Myra Kapoor
Jennifer Jonas is a happy to go girl. Savvy Jonas is her sister and together they make the best team. They share everything with each other, and by everything, I mean ev...
The House of Vampire ( K.TH ff) by MoonKingstone
The House of Vampire ( K.TH ff)by Moon Kingstone
This is a story of a girl who went to meet her mother and big sister in her holidays but got trapped with the Ruthless Vampire king Kim Taehyung. Y/n: what?!?! He is a...
Rainbow Eyes by HowlingWolf9
Rainbow Eyesby HowlingWolf9
He saw her from when she was a baby. All he could remember was those eyes. Rainbow eyes.
My Vampire Mate  by DreamCatcherGal
My Vampire Mate by Lindsay
Cover made by dogpower77 - Raven is just like any other 18 year old on the planet, with a few exceptions. One, she's a Werewolf. A Werewolf that will find her mate, an...
𝑀𝐴𝐺𝑁𝑂𝐿𝐼𝐴 | jasper hale [3] by bouquetofmagnolias
𝑀𝐴𝐺𝑁𝑂𝐿𝐼𝐴 | jasper hale [3]by belle
"𝐼 𝑤𝑎𝑛𝑡 𝑛𝑜𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑒 𝑡ℎ𝑎𝑛 𝑡𝑜 𝑠𝑝𝑒𝑛𝑑 𝑚𝑦 𝑒𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑡𝑦 𝑠𝑡𝑎𝑛𝑑𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑏𝑒𝑠𝑖𝑑𝑒 𝑦𝑜𝑢." ECLIPSE | 𝕓𝕠𝕠𝕜 𝕥𝕙𝕣𝕖𝕖
Powerful Bella by FOR_NARNIA_XD
Powerful Bellaby FOR_NARNIA_XD
What if when Edward left, Bella was turned into a Vampire? What if Edward wasn't as perfect as he pretended to be? -- "What do you know about the Vampire world&quo...
Dusk: Seth Clearwater Love Story by 420Ringo
Dusk: Seth Clearwater Love Storyby 420Ringo
Seth Clearwater. You may know him as the fun optimistic guy from Twilight, but in Dusk Seth finally finds his other half, his soul mate, his imprint. Will he be able to...
I Fell In Love With Him While He Was In A Coma by normaa
I Fell In Love With Him While He normaa
Jayleen Lévon, is a hard working nurse working at Hopkins Hospital. One day, a handsome man named Ayden, is rolled into the ER, Jayleen doesn't know why she has such a s...
Vampire's Kiss by LRussell18
Vampire's Kissby LotusFlower
Heya humans! My name's Bill Cipher. And... I'm a vampire. In this world, the humans and vampires get along just fine. Except for the Pines family. They freaking hate vam...
Reckless by ItsPrettyReckless
Recklessby ItsPrettyReckless
Some things are just unintended... like bumping into a conceited vampire at a party, hating his guts then - against all your better judgement and frequent protests - ine...
The Four Pillars (Under Construction) by LadyEm420
The Four Pillars (Under Lady Em
Cover art by Elliot @floatyart on Twitter He was a pleasure to work with! Look them up and give em a follow if you like his style! Fantasy Au 18+ Mature Content Conte...
Oh, Okay  by Vaporeon700
Oh, Okay by Tay 👻
A Colby Brock Fanfiction
The Four Friend Quest by The1005thharmonyTvdu
The Four Friend Questby Clexa
Angelica, Valery, Candice, and Athena were four normal 13 year old junior high girls. Than something out of the ordinary happens Angelica starts to have weird dreams she...
Forever And Always |Book 2|  by Invisible5792
Forever And Always |Book 2| by Invisible5792
As the small girl ran around her room happily, I realized what she was to me. She was my mate. My sweet Bella. ------- " I'll always love you Bella, forever and...
Alive • Hope Mikaelson by DanielaParra1245
Alive • Hope Mikaelsonby adore daniela
'if my heart stopped beating today, would you miss me tomorrow?'