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What It Was by countryreb020
What It Wasby Country Writer
She's had a regular life. Regular parents trying to make ends meet. As a teenager she got a job part time working for a diner in town. She's just a small town girl anywa...
Enjoying My Neighbour's Navel by loverboy_1234_
Enjoying My Neighbour's Navelby loverboy_1234_
An unexpected real life navel experience with my neighbour.
Like Oil and Water by caja_the_princess
Like Oil and Waterby caja_the_princess
Esther, Essie for short, is a slave on the Williams Plantation. Snatched away from her parents as a toddler and sold to Master Williams she grew up as a slave like her a...
FEELINGS by SweetObehi
In a bid to make money, Sola Ferguson finds herself working for one of the richest families in Lagos city whose lives become more intertwined with hers than she could ev...
How To Befriend An Alien (BoyxBoy) by Mouki21
How To Befriend An Alien (BoyxBoy)by ENJOY!
Tyler Montgomery is a space geek. He loves Star Wars and Star Trek, Doctor Who and Avatar. But most of all, he believes that we are not alone in the universe, and he's d...
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Unexpected Friendship (murder drones) by RandomWriter225
Unexpected Friendship (murder dron...by RandomWriter225
Two very different drones... (Who's sides aren't exactly on good terms with eachother, as in one was made to kill the other-) Meet together in a freak incident, causing...
Samening Amerika by Peconigirii
Samening Amerikaby Peconigiri
amerika gets isekaid to magik world and do the freedom and steal oil becose amerika. totally not based of DrDoritosMD's Summoning America. cover is totally not gladeanus'
The Unique Art of Fellatio by Speakklyfe
The Unique Art of Fellatioby D.J.
A mastery guide to unleashing the part of YOU, that has been purposely unknown. Yes, that is right, there are aspects of YOU, that you had no idea ever existed within. I...
Formula 41 Extreme In Pakistan - 03003147666 by izzakhan11
Formula 41 Extreme In Pakistan - 0...by Bruslan
Formula 41 Extreme In Pakistan Formula 41 Extreme 60 Capsules Price In Pakistan https://openteleshop.com/product/formula-41-extreme-in-pakistan/ https://openteleshop.pk...
Sin and Bliss [Eli Sunday] by peachyparxx
Sin and Bliss [Eli Sunday]by 𝒮 𝔫 𝔞 𝔦 𝔩 Ⓒ
[DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE] New town, new faces. A certain face takes a liking to you very fast Eli Sunday x fem! Reader [There Will Be Blood, 2007]
Children Of Eden by AndreForbay
Children Of Edenby Andre Forbay
In the 142 years since its founding, the village of Prospera has existed as a paradise. Four of the children of Prospera: Hannah, Miranda, Kevin and Lisa, begin to suspe...
Reckless by ItsPrettyReckless
Recklessby ItsPrettyReckless
Some things are just unintended... like bumping into a conceited vampire at a party, hating his guts then - against all your better judgement and frequent protests - ine...
My Loose Soul by Kuma66
My Loose Soulby Kuma66
What would it feel like if you met Katsuragi Keima and Elcea de Rux Ima (Elsie)? What would happen if you had a loose soul and Keima had to make you fall in love with hi...
The Time Lady by B3thN3wbigging
The Time Ladyby Beth
Freya Green, meets the Doctor but he's already met her. He meets her but she's known him for a while. their time lines are all wibbly-wobbly but the Doctor is keeping a...
Countryhumans headcannons  by Friendly-yeetus
Countryhumans headcannons by Friendly-yeetus
Cuz why the hell not' also don't ask about the cover-
Mutahar x Reader by unknownBeing180
Mutahar x Readerby Mr.X
This is a story about a romantic relationship between a YouTuber and his fan.
Lickable lily and venomous Viktor  by hummus69
Lickable lily and venomous Viktor by The Hster
A story about a small petite girl lily and a manly Viktor. Two strangers - Two lovers. What could go wrong? Nothing hopefully... Hopefully? Lily is a 25 year old woman...
How to buy Sunflower oil online | Refined Sunflower oil Brazil by gloryglobaltrading
How to buy Sunflower oil online |...by
Why Choose Sunflower Oil? Our Organic Sunflower Oil has a very clean neutral taste, good appearance and is one of the most stable food-friendly oils. It provides excelle...