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Billie and Brandon: Unpredictable Circumstances by SevenandBillie
Billie and Brandon: Unpredictable...by Bleauchroma
When Billie falls pregnant as a seventeen year old in high school she is forced to make decisions about her life, love and future.
Billie and Brandon: Untamed by SevenandBillie
Billie and Brandon: Untamedby Bleauchroma
Billie lives in a very small conservative early 20th century western town at the ripe age of 19, where all women do her age is get married, pop out a few children and wa...
Mamas 'Revamped'  by inurmomsputhy
Mamas 'Revamped' by .
A very updated version of my first story, Mamas, I hate that story and you weirdos love it so I'm rewriting it (Slower Updates, just a side story)
K19 - Sideswipe fanfiction  by tfp-fanfiction
K19 - Sideswipe fanfiction by ❤️K.A. Alberts💛
The young werewolf Skye serves the military after project Pegasus was set up by the government for secret missions all around the globe. A unit called K19. Skye's life...
Un Nuevo Comienzo by Manuela5550
Un Nuevo Comienzoby MANUELITA.5550
Esta historia se trata que una chica llamada tn con su hermano viajaron al mundo de tokio revengers
Just Another Medic by Si13ntAmethyst
Just Another Medicby Amethyst
An Autobot medic/spy has landed on Earth a couple of months after the crisis in Chicago. She believes she has been keeping to the shadows for too long. She wants to do...
You're Mine (Sire Ironhide X Experimented Valkyrie X Terror Twins)  by EmotionlesSycoCyber7
You're Mine (Sire Ironhide X Exper...by 𓃭Shadow/Valkyrie𓃭
Valkyries parents were killed when she was 6. And when she was 8, she was scarred up and thought she was a freak. And when she turned 10 she escaped. At 12years old Val...
regrets  by lipsmeet
regrets by lipsmeet
this is about stripper shit lmao but with bil and q
Ready(Jacquees Love Story) by WildForJacquees
Ready(Jacquees Love Story)by WildForJacquees
You are an 18 year old singer. Your cousin is Durante from FYB. You are going to stay with Durante , or Tae as you will call him, and his mom for a whole year to get you...
Haz de esto lo que quieras by AngelNose3
Haz de esto lo que quierasby AngelNose3
Pues bueno, primer fanfic. Panafresco no siempre es tan malo como parece, todo ser malo tiene su punto débil, y todo ser débil tiene su punto malo. Esto es amor, creo.
too late by williameyelashh0
too lateby williameyelashh0
I'M SO SORRY ABOUT THE FIRST 13 CHAPTERS #1 on mtvsevemamp may 16, 2020. this is a billie and que fanfic
Since You Been Gone by Cass17
Since You Been Goneby Cassie Richards
Dawn Richard has it all. The perfect career, money, house, cars, clothes...the perfect fiance. But all that changed when her fiance Que did something unforgivable. Can s...
Billie and Brandon: The way we've always been by SevenandBillie
Billie and Brandon: The way we've...by Bleauchroma
Billie never believed in relationships. Until one day when she meets this mysterious man. She knows that maybe her family wouldn't love him, but that makes her want him...
My Secret by gayonlyforbil
My Secretby deby ☘️
Billie and brandon met at freshman year when they were both 14 when brandon moved to cali w his mom after she got divorcieded w brandons father. A year later, at sophomo...
El Regreso De La Raza Humana (Furry x Humano) by TheEpicKnight
El Regreso De La Raza Humana (Furr...by WolfIceandFire
Luis un chico de 20 años que estudia medicina humana con un futuro prometedor, tenia una vida normal y tranquila hasta que un dia se dio la noticia de que un gran aster...
New Teacher  by gayonlyforbil
New Teacher by deby ☘️
in this story, brandon adams, a 24-year-old man, owner of a family hotel, a divorced father with the custody of his two daughters, jade samuel adams who is 8yo and abiga...
Illegal:A Billie and Que fanfic by kaismint
Illegal:A Billie and Que fanficby Sam
What happens when Billie a girl known from a famous family moves to a new city where she meet a prayer popular at school named Brandon/Que read to find out
⌕ , mo4 photobook ᵎᵎ by unshinez
⌕ , mo4 photobook ᵎᵎby soph
first book dedicated to the japanese game marikin online 4/mo4 here you will find: -pictures/images -comics -videos -etc.
Billie & Seven: 2 by gayonlyforbil
Billie & Seven: 2by deby ☘️
read "billie & seven" first, or you wont understand