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Mamas 'Revamped'  by igottheavacodos
Mamas 'Revamped' by Tristan
A very updated version of my first story, Mamas, I hate that story and you weirdos love it so I'm rewriting it (Slower Updates, just a side story)
Everything she wanted by Takis_B1llie
Everything she wantedby Billie's cum slut
In this story billies's friend jah has passed away, one day she will meet someone special. A billie and brandon story bxg
Being 7s Girl by billiessaddestfan
Being 7s Girlby billiessaddestfan
Billie Eilish is dating the ever so famous 7:Amp. But his job makes their relationship difficult
Just Another Medic by Si13ntAmethyst
Just Another Medicby Amethyst
An Autobot medic/spy has landed on Earth a couple of months after the crisis in Chicago. She believes she has been keeping to the shadows for too long. She wants to do...
Billie and Brandon: Untamed by SevenandBillie
Billie and Brandon: Untamedby Bleauchroma
Billie lives in a very small conservative early 20th century western town at the ripe age of 19, where all women do her age is get married, pop out a few children and wa...
K19 - Sideswipe fanfiction  by tfp-fanfiction
K19 - Sideswipe fanfiction by ❤️TF bayverse💛
The young werewolf Skye serves the military after project Pegasus was set up by the government for secret missions all around the globe. A unit called K19. Skye's life...
Billie & Seven by gayonlyforbil
Billie & Sevenby d :)
just a story ab billie and brandon in highschool there will be some chapters with smut, but I'll put a warning before so yall can know
Warrior of gold - Sunstreaker fanfiction-  by tfp-fanfiction
Warrior of gold - Sunstreaker fanf...by ❤️TF bayverse💛
Electra is a 18-year-old girl and on a turning point of her life. After the sudden death of her father, the girl finds something horrifying in an old town somewhere in t...
EMBRACED|| BilliexQue by PirateEilish1218
EMBRACED|| BilliexQueby PirateEilish1218
A story in which Billie and Que/Brandon meet through a mutual friends death. This story does contain Billie and Que's friends in real life, but fame is non-existent.
Billie & Seven: 2 by gayonlyforbil
Billie & Seven: 2by d :)
read "billie & seven" first, or you wont understand
Someone new (Brandon and Billie  by iyonna321
Someone new (Brandon and Billie by iyonna🦋
Billie and Brandon were the kind of couple that everyone's lease thought is that they would break up but it all changed
Billie&Brandon: Detective O'Connell  by gayonlyforbil
Billie&Brandon: Detective O'Connel...by d :)
What happens when the highly respected detective O'connell falls in love with one of the witnesses to a murder case she's solving? In the middle of a toxic marriage and...
Mi niñero by TatianaVargas449
Mi niñeroby Tatiana Vargas
Tn se entera que va a tener un niñero esperen que va haber mucho lemon
Arranged Marriage | B.E by 7_sinisters
Arranged Marriage | B.Eby 7 sins
Maggie had just enough of Billie's behaviour in the past months. Billie would often come home late, get drunk, smelling like alcohol and hooking up with random people. T...
regrets  by lipsmeet
regrets by lipsmeet
this is about stripper shit lmao but with bil and q
𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐬𝐭  by Serendipitypjm
𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐬𝐭 by 박지민 사랑해
Billie is being abused by her parents but one day she'll meet a boy named Brandon. Little did she know he'll end up being the love of her life
Jacquees' Baby Mama by WildForJacquees
Jacquees' Baby Mamaby WildForJacquees
The life of the stubborn, determined, ambitious mother of Jacquees's child.
¿Que rayos? [Lenicoln] [Completado] by LuanF4natic
¿Que rayos? [Lenicoln] [Completado]by El tipo de los fanfics elimin...
¿Que pasaría si estás a punto de morir y la salvadora de tu vida es la hermana más linda como dulce de la casa Loud? ¿Qué pasa si comienzas a sentir cosas por ella y te...
Billie&Brandon: My Secret by gayonlyforbil
Billie&Brandon: My Secretby d :)
Billie and brandon met at freshman year when they were both 14 when brandon moved to cali w his mom after she got divorcieded w brandons father. A year later, at sophomo...