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Super Saiyan Shinigami (Male Reader)(DISCONTINUED) by LightDrazirahc
Super Saiyan Shinigami (Male LightDrazirahc
Can OP Game mechanics break the Bleachverse Discontinued
Bleach: Your Life As A Soul Reaper by BruhJ1222
Bleach: Your Life As A Soul Reaperby BruhJ1221
Basically 'Your life as a soul reaper'. This book will go through your life at Shin'o Academy to your ending in the court guard squads. This story is in the reader's POV...
Bleach - Sea of Fire by PhilippeAlencar
Bleach - Sea of Fireby Philippe Alencar
A forgotten page in the book of Soul Society's history. It all starts when the head of the noble Kuchiki House, Ginrei Kuchiki, goes on a dangerous mission in order to...
The captain of The protection squad  by JamesHall137
The captain of The protection James Hall
The war with aizen now ended by ichigo kurosaki but he paid the price for it the hoyogku while fight aizen spoke and erupted from aizen and went in to ichigo he was in a...
⭐War between two worlds⭐ 💫 ~A KNY x Bleach crossover~💫 by KatsukeChan
⭐War between two worlds⭐ 💫 ~A Katsuke Sakurai
L/n Y/n is a former demon slayer who had just joined the Gotei 13 forces, just to see what it's like being a shinigami. But...she doesn't know the horrible backstory bet...
One hot day (bleach crack fanfiction) by Imafreakingavenger
One hot day (bleach crack T.RØMÁÑÔV
On this unusually hot day, the captains and lieutenants were forced to sit through the long boring meeting. What do they do when they get frustrated because of the heat...
the smile of a shinigami by emmavines
the smile of a shinigamiby emmavines
Mayumi Amaterasu a young shinigami in the fourth squad, the girl was a great fighter in her day in the academy but her healing skills matched those of her captain
Hanataro x reader (Bleach Fanfiction) by Amuletheart34
Hanataro x reader (Bleach Amuletheart34
Hanataro is to adorable so of course I took a chance at writing him. I hope u guys enjoy. Disclaimer: I don't own bleach or the pictures. Sadly~
Confused hearts by Tairauchiha
Confused heartsby Soifon 02
Isane lived in 62 district of Rukongai, when she was younger it was only Kiyone and her, but one day she walked towards a hollow, before the hollow got to kill the girls...
The Touch of Madness [Bleach fanfiction] by DistortedWhisper
The Touch of Madness [Bleach DistortedWhisper
She doesn't understand how. Doesn't understand when what or where it first happened but it did. Something in the time changed in her before she even knew it. Did he drug...
Fortune  by __lollipops__
Fortune by __lollipops__
A mysterious shinigami shows up claiming to know the future. Will she be able to protect the soul society from what is to come.
The Executive Order (A Bleach Fanfiction) by 2-la8-2-w8
The Executive Order (A Bleach Of the Sun
This was meant to be a series, but I decided to put it all in one Wattpad story, but in parts. I thought it would be easier to keep up with and also more convenient for...
Bleach Fanfiction by KanaeItsuki
Bleach Fanfictionby Kanae Itsuki
Kanae Itsuki was once a stray living in the outskirts of the Southern Rukongai District who would get beaten up almost every day, until she was taken into the care of th...
Tomorrow doesn't Exist | Nnoitra x Nelliel by CrazyCartoonFanGirl
Tomorrow doesn't Exist | Nnoitra CrazyCartoonFanGirl
Deciding to save the life of your worst enemy is tempting fate.
Bleach : Adapt And Overcome by BhekiSithole7
Bleach : Adapt And Overcomeby Bheki Sithole
Follow Suika's escapades as she tries to find a place where she belongs in the harsh world filled with dangers that are of supernatural degrees.
Cold Love(Bleach FanFic) by HollySand
Cold Love(Bleach FanFic)by HollySand
"My story is not one of happiness but of sorrow, pain and regret. My story is not one that should be shared but must be. My story starts here." As The Events o...
Captain, My Captain (Bleach Fanpoems) by yemihikari
Captain, My Captain (Bleach Yemi Hikari
This set of poems is themed around the captains of the Gotei Thirteen. Disclaimer - I don't own Bleach. (Written for the Bleach: Diversity Writing challenge... c-3)
Soul Society's Construction Squad : Preparation Book by blaziken01trainer
Soul Society's Construction Procrastinator
This book was inspired by @TheMidnightGirl248's book on her B-daman fanfic preparations. I decided to do the same with my Bleach fanfic. I hope you like it.