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Amor y Mafia by asimplywritter
Amor y Mafiaby asimplywritter
¿Qué pasará cuando Alexa descubra cuál es su nuevo puesto de trabajo? Alexa, nuestra protagonista es una chica a la que no le gustan los compromisos y prefiere disfruta...
My Professor Affair (With Me) by missceleste1
My Professor Affair (With Me)by Tori
(this is ALL fanfiction, and DO NOT take it seriously) Natalia knight "Luna" Dela Cruz. The young and beautiful girl, she have everything, talented and smart s...
Mi nombre es Avery by Yiemir_Yiemir
Mi nombre es Averyby Yiemir
"Mi pequeño castillo, cero padres y una manada de hermanos mayores" , es así cómo describiría mi situación actual. Mi nombre es Avery y esta es mi inusual hist...
University Series # 2 SAFE SKIES, ARCHER (LINES) by kurisutikawai
University Series # 2 SAFE SKIES...by Himari Saki
UNIVERSITY SERIES # 2 Written by : 4reuminct - Ashianna Kim Fernandez ( Yanna) -Akihiro Leonel Juarez (Hiro)
Save (MINE SERIES #1) Slow Update  by gunthe_ko_talaga
Save (MINE SERIES #1) Slow Update by gunthe_ko_talaga
Azariah Jasper is a volleyball player who want to try everything that interesting things to her and want to be a successful woman on her own hard work. She has a perfect...
OJOS CERRADOS  by Hilary_Royball
OJOS CERRADOS by Hilary Royball
<<<Dónde Gillian se enamora de alguien que nunca se imaginó y hace todo para que puedan estar juntos... o Dónde, no sabes lo que realmente pasó al final porque...
Stay Alive. by RocioJoseph
Stay Alive.by Rocio Joseph
¿Has añorado con lugares donde el hombre nunca a pisado por solo sentirse el problema de toda su familia? un sitio donde ninguna mujer haya sonreído o llorado, para viv...
Ávido  by _Thelin
Ávido by _Thelin
Cuando las calles están en la profundidad del silencio. Cuando todo se oscurece. Cuando todo parece estar muerto. Él aparece arrastrándose entre las sombras. Listo para...
Bad girl and her shy secretary by MargeEscasura7
Bad girl and her shy secretaryby Marge Escasura
May isang paaralan na kung tawagin ay Saint Louis university may isang babae dito ang kinakatakutan ng lahat dahil sa sikreto nito pero ng dumating ang isang mahiyanging...
You don't have to like the same book as me but I can tell you that this stories are just a simply beautiful with a pain ! After reading these you will feel mixed emotio...
It's Just A One Night Stand (Campus Series#3) by Binibining_Ayane
It's Just A One Night Stand (Campu...by Eivie
Started: March 1-2021 Ended: March 31-2021 Loosing your virginity is one of the most important thing among women. But loosing your virginity with someone you didn't even...
Ms. Billionaire Meet Mr. Millionaire by MarsheEspiritu1
Ms. Billionaire Meet Mr. Millionai...by Marshe Espiritu
Si kim ang babaeng nag iisang anak nang nag mamay-ari nang paaralang BIS.
Behind The Limelight by luneaere
Behind The Limelightby luneaere
[ON GOING] Isla Karsen De Vera, a hopeless romantic girl who fell head over heels with Lennon, the student council president. She badly wants to confess her hidden feeli...
TAKE ME TO NEVERLAND by yellowisfine
This book is a compilation of one-shot stories. I'll take you to your imaginary place. I'll take you to neverland.
The Way I Love You. (Forced Marriage Series #2) by Azelluna
The Way I Love You. (Forced Marria...by 𝘓𝘶𝘯𝘢
At first, it may look like a normal love story... But it never was.
Talking to the stars by Dream13m
Talking to the starsby Zeta
There comes a time in life that you feel that simply nothing you do is enough, that you think that you disappoint the person who has given you the most, you feel that no...
Nephthys Macaria Empres (On Going) by Ms_Axiellaria
Nephthys Macaria Empres (On Going)by ASTRID_AXIELLARIA
The girl with a luxarious life and perfect appearance... The girl with innocent face that can be a demon... She can kill in just a blink and have a power to control the...
The Stroke of the Wave (Street Series #1) by colluviums
The Stroke of the Wave (Street Ser...by kou
Street Series #1 Lack of time, cheating, secrets, gradually loss of love, and selfish love. These are the truth behind Brielle April Sanchez's happy and perfect family...
No estas, ni estarás sola [libro uno "Todo y Nada"] by sarambv_
No estas, ni estarás sola [libro u...by Sarambv
Este libro trata sobre Lisa Parker, ella es una joven de 19 años que perdió a sus padres, se siente muy sola por lo sucedido pero, se dirige a su nueva vida en la univer...
I'm inlove with my Professor (Alzakebriya Series 1) by _cloudskie
I'm inlove with my Professor (Alza...by cloudine_rose
| COMPLETED | ~UNDER EDITING~ Alzakebriya series #1 Love is like an education. It always give us lessons which will help us to build our whole personality. Aliya Catheri...