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An Owner Secret by 09Savertooth
An Owner Secretby 09Savertooth
🎉*Completed*🎊 Bryan have been hiding things from everyone. After the whole thing with afton at his old place bryan have been hiding that he was more poplar in school...
Can You Keep a Secret? by spacie_boii
Can You Keep a Secret?by ✨Emi✨
Ryan and Sabre are best buds. Ryan doesn't have any interest in Tina and Sabre has no chance with Goldy. Ryan starts to see Sabre in a different light. So, he decides to...
Magenta Jacket Feelings (Ryan x Nova) by Stendaa
Magenta Jacket Feelings (Ryan x No...by YerPalCalledSal
From strangers, to aquaintences, to arch enemies, to bros with a freindly rivalry, what is the one relationship that these two haven't had that doesn't involve bloodline...
Please Stay With Me (Minecraft Daycare Oneshots) by Honorchior
Please Stay With Me (Minecraft Day...by Honorchior
"Welcome to another day at Daycare!" From shipping #Tyan to making plans to go through the portal when the speaking kids aren't looking, this Daycare is full o...
Change of Fate  A Steve Saga Fanfic by Pinkcrystalwarrior
Change of Fate A Steve Saga Fanficby Pinkcrystalwarrior
What if Void Steve raises Sabre? What would his life be like? Well here's a story about that.
Famous with a Chance of a Huge Secret [UNDER EDITING] by unicornkittywolf29
Famous with a Chance of a Huge Sec...by Kitty
(Y/N) is a girl that has many secrets, but her biggest one is that she can transform into an arctic wolf. She has no friends, but she's a huge fan of Moosecraft himself...
Alicorn in the forest (GoldyCorn) by Raning_Starrz
Alicorn in the forest (GoldyCorn)by Raining Starrz
Goldy wanted to explore the forest at the edge of the town.. people would always say that there was a very strange figure in the forest that had bright glowing white eye...
Behind Everything by 09Savertooth
Behind Everythingby 09Savertooth
🎉*Completed*🎊 In the fairytale land their is a group called The Shadows Of Joy. Their a group who have a little of fun with everyone in their own way like, Opening up...
Truth or Dare with the Ryguyrocky Daycare! by Crystalize0193
Truth or Dare with the Ryguyrocky...by Crystalize
Basically the title. I don't own these characters. All the characters from my books are based off of Ryguyrockys daycare series.
Dare/Ask The Daycare Kids!! (And me please...) by 12bloodmoon34
Dare/Ask The Daycare Kids!! (And m...by Emily Zähl
this story may have Lgbtq+ in it Just ask/Dare them what ever you want! 😎🥳😁
10 Years Later... by Crystal_Sakura245
10 Years Later...by Crystal Sakura
10 years have passed since Ryan, Tina, Goldy, and Unicorn have left daycare and lost touch...but when they arrive at middle school, they realize that many things have ch...
The Power Within (Ryguyrocky) by TrickyKat
The Power Within (Ryguyrocky)by Tricky Kat
Goldy is the happiest and most enthusiastic person in the Academy she's friends with basically everyone, but one day that all changes, when a "harmless" dare e...
The locket- a Ryguyrocky fanfic by smoothunicorn
The locket- a Ryguyrocky fanficby Terrified_Lesbian
This story was NOT written by me, my friend is not able to get a Wattpad account so I am writing this for him.
Ryguyrocky Monster High School AU by LegoBronyClockwork
Ryguyrocky Monster High School AUby LB_Clockwork
I KNOW TINA THE TIGER MADE SOMETHING LIKE THIS BUT I MADE THIS FIRST ON OCTOBER 29: https://www.deviantart.com/legobronyclockwork/art/Ryguyrocky-Monster-AU-Ch-1-769610241
What love is (Goldy x Ryan) by fnaf_lover100
What love is (Goldy x Ryan)by Fnaf_lover100
Tina leaves the daycare and comes back two years later but by then you have anew crush on someone.
Why Do I Have To Love You? by spacie_boii
Why Do I Have To Love You?by ✨Emi✨
Tina starts to have these weird feelings for Goldy. Why? Why did she have to lover her of all people. On top of that she meets this kid who she starts to fall for. Wait...
More than friends? (goldycorn story) Completed by CrimsonFox21
More than friends? (goldycorn stor...by Crimson Fox
Btw the cover is not mine. One of my followers made it. What happens if a girl realizes that her best friend unicorn is more?
RyGuyRocky OneShots {Outdated and complete} by JustForFunz_
RyGuyRocky OneShots {Outdated and...by Crazy4U
Why not? You guys can request, but the first few chapters will be canon ships.
In the Cards {Outdated} by JustForFunz_
In the Cards {Outdated}by Crazy4U
Goldy makes a dangerous deal with a Demon, turning each of her friends into puppets in a game, including herself. She puts everyone at war unknowingly, and soon realize...
Ryguyrocky Mini Stories by Crystalize0193
Ryguyrocky Mini Storiesby Crystalize
This is a book that is gonna be filled with Ryguyrocky short stories! I don't own these characters!