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A world to part {CANCELLED} by AistMaenskyt4
A world to part {CANCELLED}by Weirdo
A story about a boy named (ryguyrocky) who finds himself discovering his powers MUTCH earlier than L.I.F.E academy thought he wold and the rest is yours to find out... G...
Can You Keep a Secret? by spacie_boii
Can You Keep a Secret?by ✨Emi✨
Ryan and Sabre are best buds. Ryan doesn't have any interest in Tina and Sabre has no chance with Goldy. Ryan starts to see Sabre in a different light. So, he decides to...
Never Forget You (Ryguyrocky Fanfic) Discontinued by EveryKindOfNerd_13
Never Forget You (Ryguyrocky Fanfi...by I'mAWeeb
Its been 10 years since Tina moved away and Ryan has been missing her everyday since. When she does return he is excited to find that Tina has not forgotten about him. S...
Ryguyrocky Daycare fanfic by bluemoon030
Ryguyrocky Daycare fanficby Ruby
In addition to Ryan, Tina, Goldy, Sabre, and Unicornman I'll also be having Percy and other oc's! This will be my second book so I hope you enjoy!
A Broken Tiger by starmario552
A Broken Tigerby The Puppeteer
Have you ever felt the if you told somebody a secret that you would live to regret it? Well for Tina that's reality if she were to tell anybody it would wipe any trace o...
Shocking Realization (Goldycorn au)  by ArtAngle713
Shocking Realization (Goldycorn au...by ArtAngle713
(COMPLETE) People have their disagreements, it's human nature. All that Goldys over wanted was for Tina to like her for once. But what happens when Tina pushes her to he...
Ask/Dare The MC Daycare Kids! (and me!) 2! by MidnightDarkSkies
Ask/Dare The MC Daycare Kids! (and...by Midnight Dark Skies
So this is a thing where you ask or dare something for the mc daycare kids, and the au character's I made! except Derp! XD (If you want you can tag me on twitter/wattpad...
Gloomy Hearts go boom.( a Ryguyrocky daycare fanfic) by idkstudio
Gloomy Hearts go boom.( a Ryguyroc...by ✨🌸~Strawberry~🌸✨
Goldy and her friends always have fun together! They laugh and play all day when they're with each other. Even when one of them is sad Goldy was there to brighten their...
Change of Fate  A Steve Saga Fanfic by Pinkcrystalwarrior
Change of Fate A Steve Saga Fanficby Pinkcrystalwarrior
What if Void Steve raises Sabre? What would his life be like? Well here's a story about that.
Sabre x Ryan by KittyKatTats
Sabre x Ryanby Kairi
Read and find out
Phases of the Moon (Tina x Goldy) by Fanfictioner72418
Phases of the Moon (Tina x Goldy)by FANFICTIONER
2 enemies find that maybe they don't hate each other quite as much as they thought
Truth or Dare with the Daycare kids by riosjulie
Truth or Dare with the Daycare kidsby Bunz
||Really REALLY slow updates..sorry hehe|| Have you ever wanted to make a daycare kid do or say something? Well now you can! This was also inspired be MidnightDarkSa
Ryguyrocky Oneshots by IronDaMan
Ryguyrocky Oneshotsby Drum
Hey, doods and doodettes!!! This is an oneshots book for Ryguyrocky, and I'll be taking comments for what YOU want to see!
Dark Jealousy TYAN #1 (16+) by OkamiBookStudio
Dark Jealousy TYAN #1 (16+)by Okami Stories (Studio)
Writer: NuGGeT Wolf A Story Of Jealousy, Lemon, Violence, Love, Werewolf, Force, and Dark... This story is tended to be a tyan story but not just any kind a love fight...
Rotten (a ryguyrocky daycare au) (Completed) by idkstudio
Rotten (a ryguyrocky daycare au) (...by ✨🌸~Strawberry~🌸✨
A girl named Goldy was being chased by someone trying to hurt her. She was being cornered and was scared. Her only escape was the portal, so what much of a choice did s...
Famous with a Chance of a Huge Secret [UNDER EDITING] by unicornkittywolf29
Famous with a Chance of a Huge Sec...by Kitty
(Y/N) is a girl that has many secrets, but her biggest one is that she can transform into an arctic wolf. She has no friends, but she's a huge fan of Moosecraft himself...
More than just a friend (Ryan x Tina) ✔ by GirlwithSecrets_
More than just a friend (Ryan x Ti...by GirlwithSecrets_
Ryguyrocky fanfic (Completed) Ryan and Tina rule over their daycare. Through their adventures with their friends: Cookie, Sabre, Shark, Goldy, and Unicorn man, they make...
Welcome, to another day of daycare! Ryguyrocky x Neko!Reader by BossnineGaming
Welcome, to another day of daycare...by Genine Tellez
You and your parents have moved into a new home and it being your first time at daycare. Your parents let you walk there since its close and you go on wild adventures an...
.+*Love to be*+. [Gina (Goldy X Tina) Fan Fiction] by JackieKunette
.+*Love to be*+. [Gina (Goldy X Ti...by _.xXLetMeGoXx._
The worst of enemys become friends and start to get feelings for each other. Cover not made by me. I wanna thank @NotHumanOBS for letting me use the picture and I'm sorr...
Alicorn in the forest (GoldyCorn) by Raning_Starrz
Alicorn in the forest (GoldyCorn)by Raining Starrz
Goldy wanted to explore the forest at the edge of the town.. people would always say that there was a very strange figure in the forest that had bright glowing white eye...