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Please Stay With Me (Minecraft Daycare Oneshots) by Honorchior
Please Stay With Me (Minecraft Honorchior
"Welcome to another day at Daycare!" From shipping #Tyan to making plans to go through the portal when the speaking kids aren't looking, this Daycare is full o...
More than friends? (goldycorn story) Completed by CrimsonFox21
More than friends? (goldycorn Crimson Fox
Btw the cover is not mine. One of my followers made it. What happens if a girl realizes that her best friend unicorn is more?
Shocking Realization (Goldycorn au)  by ArtAngle713
Shocking Realization (Goldycorn ArtAngle713
(COMPLETE) People have their disagreements, it's human nature. All that Goldys over wanted was for Tina to like her for once. But what happens when Tina pushes her to he...
Rotten (a ryguyrocky daycare au) (Completed) by idkstudio
Rotten (a ryguyrocky daycare au) ( ✨🌸~Strawberry~🌸✨
A girl named Goldy was being chased by someone trying to hurt her. She was cornered and really scared. Her only escape was the portal, so what much of a choice did she h...
Only She Can Fix My Heart by Crystalize0193
Only She Can Fix My Heartby Crystalize
Tina moved away leaving Ryan heartbroke. Unicorn stops showing up leaving Ryan devastated. Now he is in highschool and has never been the same but when he sees her his h...
Never Forget You (Ryguyrocky Fanfic) Discontinued by EveryKindOfNerd_13
Never Forget You (Ryguyrocky I'mAWeeb
Its been 10 years since Tina moved away and Ryan has been missing her everyday since. When she does return he is excited to find that Tina has not forgotten about him. S...
He love me, he love me not by Lonely_Dreamer14
He love me, he love me notby Lonely_Lesley
One school day on the way home, Kat started to cough out roses along with some blood that startled her. She asked her friend Lizzy about it and the answer she got was un...
My cute Flower~! (Tyan/Goldycorn fanfic) by tyanforeverpleb
My cute Flower~! (Tyan/Goldycorn • L o s e r•
Well...In this AU Tina is a soft boi (but still yandre) but she doesn't know her crush also has a MAD crush on her...Goldy is less oblivious (But still is like:98%) And...
Eliminate {Outdated} by JustForFunz_
Eliminate {Outdated}by Crazy4U
Ryan's friends have been threatened to stay away. His admirers, eliminated. Goldy, missing. Tina, responsible. Maybe. But what people don't know, is that Tina is not...
To pure for this world (Goldycorn AU) Completed by CrimsonFox21
To pure for this world ( Crimson Fox
Btw this is an au that I thought of. . Unicorn Was a very shy and pure child. he always would say no to his friends because they will do mischief. He also got scared if...
What if they had powers by jayden1234567891011
What if they had powersby Jayden
Basically ruyguyrocky characters with powers
Alicorn in the forest (GoldyCorn) by Sunflower_Boba
Alicorn in the forest (GoldyCorn)by Sunflower.Boba
Goldy wanted to explore the forest at the edge of the town.. people would always say that there was a very strange figure in the forest that had bright glowing white eye...
Ask or dare from my old account (My old account is called JayBomb19) by jayden1234567891011
Ask or dare from my old account ( Jayden
Read my first part of ask or dare on my old account for this to make sense
10 Years Later... by Crystal_Sakura245
10 Years Crystal Sakura
10 years have passed since Ryan, Tina, Goldy, and Unicorn have left daycare and lost touch...but when they arrive at middle school, they realize that many things have ch...
Wait till i snap (Goldycorn) by BlaireGacha
Wait till i snap (Goldycorn)by i cant change my name for som...
/well unicornmann got emotional and his inner evilnessgot out and turned his au into a shard and then broke it/read to find out more
Im still here. (Goldycorn story) Completed by CrimsonFox21
Im still here. (Goldycorn story) Crimson Fox
After the day Goldy died in a car Accident.... Unicorn hasn't been doing well... He's hasn't been making the jokes that everyone loved. Not helping people... and not eve...
The locket- a Ryguyrocky fanfic by smoothunicorn
The locket- a Ryguyrocky fanficby Terrified_Lesbian
This story was NOT written by me, my friend is not able to get a Wattpad account so I am writing this for him.
Texting Stories (Ryguyrocky) by TwistedWriterX
Texting Stories (Ryguyrocky)by ~Ƭᑕᗯᖇ⫯𝜏∈⟆~
**This is not the first of it's kind** Hewwo. I thought that i'd try this out. This isn't the first of it's kind. This is also a FanFiction of Ryguyrocky. Go sub to him...
Daycare One Shots by Crystal_Sakura245
Daycare One Shotsby Crystal Sakura
This book is a bunch of Daycare one shots that I either found cute, or were requested. I will not do any lemons!