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Escaping Words From Heart by Ms_Ziara
Escaping Words From Heartby Ms_Ziara
Although everybody is busy and doing good in life, we have several unspoken words that remain buried deep down the heart. This is just an escape for every such word. Th...
  • friends
  • shortstories
  • attraction
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The Lost Ones by myzzmimi
The Lost Onesby myzzmimi
When everything and everyone is nothing like what it seems..... After a tragedy Marie Hunter makes a decision that she has no clue of exactly what the consequences are...
  • suspense
  • turns
  • love
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Conspiring Cadences by NoorAftab9
Conspiring Cadencesby Noor Aftab
❝Hush little baby, don't say a word, Your wails of pain cannot be heard. And if you fail to listen to my advice, I'm sorry, but I'll have to have your throat sliced. Bit...
  • conspiracy
  • love
  • fire
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The Golden Duchess (#3 in the GOLDEN series) by StephRose1201
The Golden Duchess (#3 in the Stephanie Rose
YOU MUST HAVE READ THE GOLDEN GIRL to read this book! You've been warned! ••• In this thrilling follow-up to THE GOLDEN GIRL, Maggie and Céleste must deal with the reper...
  • history
  • impossiblelove
  • writer
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Complicated Love by 1TheDreamerWhoWrites
Complicated Loveby
Maybe some friendships are meant to stay the way they are. But when Jessica acknowledges her feelings for a guy that is also her childhood friend and brother's best frie...
  • lovers
  • cute
  • romance
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Pride & Pre-Med Curriculum by JanaWilde
Pride & Pre-Med Curriculumby JanaWilde
Elizabeth Bennet didn't need distractions, she was just attempting to make it through college with good enough grades to get accepted into med school. But she hadn't co...
  • modern
  • twists
  • prideandpredjudice
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The Hunger Games: Blacklite District's version by DANGERDAVID12346
The Hunger Games: Blacklite DANGERDAVID12346
After David and his friend's helicopter was shot down, They woke up in a hunger games lobby....... And they have to fight each other but if they die, they just go to the...
  • chapter
  • ends
  • each
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Carl Grimes X Reader: Strange world  by Irenenki14
Carl Grimes X Reader: Strange Irenenki14
(Y/N) is 17 years old and is all alone with a secret that could get her killed, but now she is gonna have to conceal everything from her new group, will it be worth it?
  • love
  • twd
  • twists
A Dragon Queens Dream by NNH1999
A Dragon Queens Dreamby Nani Hiapo
Ever since Luna could remember, electric blue eyes have haunted her dreams. In her dreams, a blue-eyed shadow figure saves her from a mysterious dark force that has been...
  • mystery
  • love
  • trouble
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The Dream by Flowerygirl07
The Dreamby Flowerygirl07
Chloe dreams that her whole estate and the town nearby collapses and she can't find her parents but what will happen if it's true?
  • fiction
  • twists
  • flowerygirl07
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Insecurities Power by ColorlessZiah
Insecurities Powerby KeziahGarcia
Overthinking kills happiness. Insecurities kill self-esteem. Lies kills trust. ----- "Pero?" Tanong niya na humihikbi "Pero hindi na kagaya ng dati. Once...
  • insecurity
  • emotional
  • secrets
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Seeing Blindly by aminatbudo
Seeing Blindlyby Aminãt Budo
Nina Carlton is heart broken, Adrian, the man of her dreams, who she thought she would spend the rest of her with, left without a proper goodbye leaving her broken tryin...
  • sad
  • theo
  • sisters
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Always.....[#wattys2018] by celenamerrimus
Always.....[#wattys2018]by celenamerrimus
[Ranked 2]You guys may ask me, ugh.. Yet another dramione story? But this one's gonna stay in your heart forever. And ever. So don't miss this. Also, this story isn't f...
  • rowling
  • sisters
  • potterheads
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The Ravenfall by DrakenWinterson
The Ravenfallby D R A K E N
" A modern-medieval madness " Since the era of steel and gold, there has always been a conflict between darkness and light. But amid those bloodsheds were thos...
  • action
  • exploration
  • science-fantasy
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Enamoured by clchsm
Enamouredby Alex Nara
"Hey..." I trailed off panting slightly from all the running. Andy turned around to look at me. "What is it?" She asked with her sweet smile. &quo...
  • funny
  • teenfiction
  • teen
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Business as Usual by jessica6t
Business as Usualby jessica6t
Lucy Dawn was a sales person at her father's company, Wense. It had only been Lucy and her father ever since her mother died when Lucy was 9. The Dawn's made best of the...
  • extreme
  • twists
  • ian
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Sex Therapist {K.TH} by LonelyPotato921
Sex Therapist {K.TH}by LonelyPotato921
"I'll teach you how to really love." -Kim Taehyung BTS Kim Taehyung X Reader This story contains: •Strong language •Mature content •Angst ©LonelyPotato921
  • jungkook
  • deceit
  • angst
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I'M NOT OKAY by FionaMaeOrdonia
I'M NOT OKAYby Fiona Mae Ordonia
A girl with a depressing story
  • heartbroken
  • english
  • emptyness
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Don't Tell by caviie
Don't Tellby caviie
I think the most beautiful thing you can do is finding someone who wants your all, even if your all is a mess
  • real
  • blackfeelings
  • blackwriter
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Trapped~mature  by kindey2
Trapped~mature by kindey's new account
"I want you to take me on the floor, against the wall, on the dinning table. I want you inside me right now." I moaned the last sentence softly. He looked at m...
  • vampire
  • girls
  • kings
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