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Wet Days in the Dark Woods by Rubi_reads
Wet Days in the Dark Woodsby R.S. Mendoza
It's a rainy vacation for the girls of the Woods family. But there are stuff you can do cooped up in a secluded house lorded over by your authoritarian mother. And there...
  • war
  • steamy
  • darkandsteamy
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The Truth Untold by CherylAnnSorias
The Truth Untoldby CherylAnnSorias
Everything was gloomy for Chiara. No love, living in a world she created for herself This is the moment to experience the peril, only Chiara knew. The painful inability...
  • drama
  • twists
The 7 Series: All Grown Up: New Child by Arra__2003
The 7 Series: All Grown Up: New Arra__2003
When the seven have grown up and saved a bunch of lives, they are offered several things. The seven will have to make decisions that will change their lives....forever.
  • jiper
  • thalico
  • seven
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Even the Odds by Keskatoon04BU
Even the Oddsby Keskatoon04BU
Landon Baer likes even things. No! Loves them. He can't stand it when something is out of place or odd. He has been self-diagnosed with having OCD for years, and he's be...
  • gay
  • twists
  • romance
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Dear Bully And Dear Bullied by sakisakura14
Dear Bully And Dear Bulliedby saki
The bullied Patricia Parker The bully Jordan Blake She loves him She always did He hates her He always did too Years passed Only then She hated him Yet He loved her What...
  • love
  • suicide
  • bully
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Fate Or Magic? by Jay_Shayd
Fate Or Magic?by Jay Shayd
"You're weak when you're cotton. You're crushed easily." ~Jack "You're weaker when you're stone. You can be destroyed in an instance." ~Azura *-*-*-*...
  • supernova
  • fiction
  • family
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The Golden Trip by hershey218
The Golden Tripby Emma
Harry, Ron, and Hermione end up in the Marauders' time after the war because of an incident with a time turner. However, what happens when Hermione stumbles upon a secre...
  • ginny
  • twists
  • marauderstime
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Unique Ideas Contest by UniqueIdeasContest
Unique Ideas Contestby Unique Ideas Contest
For those who's stories match no others. Full of twists and heartbreakers, mysteries and thrillers, there is a prize for you! Is your imagination wanting to escape your...
  • heartbreakers
  • prizes
  • uniqueideas
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TWISTS  || JJK || 1ST BOOK by EloraSME
All was going well in Y/N's life until life decided otherwise. (Note1: This is my first story, please comment on it. I will read as many comments as I possibly can.) (N...
  • twisty
  • btsseokjin
  • btsjungkook
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The Man I Wasn't In love With(REIGN'S STORY)   by IJasonC
The Man I Wasn't In love With( Iyana Jason Creole
Being the first son to Ryan and Vic, Reign has alot to live up to. From his parents successful lives, to discovering himself to fulfilling his own dreams and the man...
  • hot
  • mxf
  • sequel
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Stuck with Love by -melodious_song
Stuck with Loveby Melodious Song
This is the Journey of Zaeem and Aneesha who fell in love at first sight. Does only love can be enough to have a successful relationship?
  • trust
  • obsession
  • indian
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The Moon's Spell by australiansheperd
The Moon's Spellby australianshepherd
A wolf is born and a drop from the moon gives her special gifts other wolves don't have. And when she gets older she only has one goal; becoming pack leader. But a femal...
  • moments
  • twists
  • fantasy
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Rogue's Property  by mikaelanay
Rogue's Property by Mickey
"The games have just begun, sweetheart." Paige and Lila are two bestfriends who ran away from their tragic past and just when they thought that things were no...
  • mysteries
  • thriller
  • badboy
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Beautiful love//Min Yoongi by sweethamida
Beautiful love//Min Yoongiby Bts Kpop❤️
"Do you love me? Can I trust you?" He said as he came closer. His dark orbs searched for answers in mine. Kim Y/N , a tough girl, comes face to face with the...
  • twists
  • btsfanfiction
  • suga
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The Sinner's Map by TheWickedLunarCycle
The Sinner's Mapby Eliza The Witchling
Cesmae Azorenté, She's a 16 year old girl who have lived her entire life as an orphan, running the streets in Periyxen, robbing and killing for money in order to survive...
  • dragons
  • twists
  • kingdom
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A Fictitious Attribution by JMH_Writer
A Fictitious Attributionby JMH_Writer
On her sixteenth birthday, Emma received a card through the post. It was from the father who she had always believed died in a car accident, along with her mother, when...
  • deceit
  • twists
  • murder
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Celebrity Apocalypse   by pupppies101
Celebrity Apocalypse by 101
Ariana grande is a young and beautiful 23 year old Singer. One day during her concert a seemingly crazy fan runs on stage and bites her DJ. But she soon finds out that...
  • dying
  • drama
  • enimies
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Glass Royalty by Mya_Michele
Glass Royaltyby Mya_Michele
Prince Cecil 'Cess' Roe Dowdy is the crown Prince of Alnaviea, the largest kingdom in all the land. Once he turns eighteen years of age, he will become King. Which he th...
  • prince
  • teenage
  • fantasyworld
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Rexye by _veramin_
Rexyeby _veramin_
Dory and her whole school get stuck in a dimension because the other one was attacked. With aliens, unidentified matter, and magic, Dory gets to go on an adventure. Soon...
  • teen
  • teams
  • dream
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Pride & Pre-Med Curriculum by JanaWilde
Pride & Pre-Med Curriculumby JanaWilde
Elizabeth Bennet didn't need distractions, she was just attempting to make it through college with good enough grades to get accepted into med school. But she hadn't co...
  • modernretelling
  • darcy
  • new
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