W - Two Worlds by swarnaacharjee
W - Two Worldsby swarnaacharjee
17-year-old Scarlet Ankist, lives a regular, simple teenage life. She goes to school, hangs out with her friends, and goes to her like any other girl. She's normal. Her...
  • fanfiction
  • misunderstood
  • drama
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A Dare is a Dare by catsouttathebag
A Dare is a Dareby ↬ Locke ↫
He voice had never been so cold, and his face held no uncertainty. "Haven't you ever made a mistake?" :)xx first published: july 11, 2018 **UNEDITED
  • teenfiction
  • fighting
  • notahappyending
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Yuuei, the Academy for Monsters by Haikyuis4U
Yuuei, the Academy for Monstersby Unknown2U
Izuku Midoriya never dreamed she would be walking into an academy for monsters. Every way she looks is someone new. Someone unique. So what is she who was raised as an o...
  • twists
  • femizuku
  • academy
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Chemical Kid by Alice_Madness02
Chemical Kidby A. M. Wolfe
Eve (Evie) Lester was just a normal fourteen year old, if you consider being a child genius normal that is. One day when she was in a lab at her college a freak accident...
  • fanfiction
  • batman
  • superpower
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The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales by elizabethmarie131
The Brothers Grimm Fairy Talesby Eliza
Originally, Grimm's Fairy Tales were not meant for children. The stories routinely included sex, violence, incest, and copious footnotes. Worse yet, they didn't even hav...
  • tales
  • 1812
  • dark
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The Unknown  by Jnel454
The Unknown by Juan-Pierre
I am known but unknown ... I don't let those around me know about the real me ...If they know ill have to kill them ....
  • action
  • twists
3AM Lonely Talks// BOOK 2 by -lushmoon
3AM Lonely Talks// BOOK 2by - ̀,lying ̖́-
"Did you really ever think of me?" "Yes" "Liar"
  • lonely
  • heartbreak
  • danielhowell
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Escaping Words From Heart by Ms_Ziara
Escaping Words From Heartby Ms_Ziara
Although everybody is busy and doing good in life, we have several unspoken words that remain buried deep down the heart. This is just an escape for every such word. Th...
  • sinfulacts
  • twists
  • articles
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Collide by notexactlynormalxx
Collideby Raychel❤
Jenna's old and buried feelings begin to surface up when her crush comes back into her life. It's not so easy, they're both being dragged in different directions. Will t...
  • youngadult
  • romance
  • drama
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The Colours  by Aurainme
The Colours by Annie D'Souza
Pearl wanted to make a wish. Now she is entrusted to save the people from danger. But she isn't the only one. There are many like her. The world knows her has yellow...
  • twists
  • confusion
  • luck
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Pay the Ghost 2 - Resurrection by emmaszlauko
Pay the Ghost 2 - Resurrectionby Emma Szlaukó
**BOOK 2 IN THE GHOST SERIES** Meet Carina Nightingale. Welcome to her nightmare. 13 years passed since JC Dekker was sent to a nuthouse. But things have changed. When...
  • budapest
  • fear
  • police
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Versus The Rogue by SaylorS0
Versus The Rogueby Storm
"It's not right." "Mack-" "They need to be prepared." "It's not like we can destroy that weirdo. That'll cause major destruction. You...
  • suspense
  • mech-x4
  • caseyvalasquez
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Carl Grimes X Reader: Strange world  by Irenenki14
Carl Grimes X Reader: Strange Irenenki14
(Y/N) is 17 years old and is all alone with a secret that could get her killed, but now she is gonna have to conceal everything from her new group, will it be worth it?
  • love
  • twd
  • twists
Bloodwolf by Hurricanine
Bloodwolfby Stormdog
Jason Grey is your average nerd- scrawny, awkward, smart, shy. However, the universe holds a powerful secret from him, one that will bring him into a world he never knew...
  • violence
  • long
  • mysterious
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Love?by -3-
Don't have to read,I really only wrote this book based on my thoughts,so if your not interested in sad thoughts don't read♡
  • sad
  • poems
  • twists
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The Realm by michu_saki
The Realmby michu_saki
"Life is just like a rose. Beautiful, mysterious, and fragile. But make one wrong move and you get pricked by its thorns." - Aylo Genesis ~~~ It was never mean...
  • mystery
  • academy
  • mayhem
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Draco: a different life by divergentmaya05
Draco: a different lifeby divergentmaya05
What if our famous Draco Malfoy had never been Sorted into Slytherin? What if he was Sorted into a different house? This is a story about Draco and how his life got flip...
  • gryffindor
  • draco
  • twists
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Twisted Love by Algibrig
Twisted Loveby David Acquah
Emily is a thin,unnoticeable nerd who is obsessed with Travis Grayson a.k.a Mr. Popular is no doubt unseen by him But under all her ugliness,there's a beating heart only...
  • laughs
  • goodboy
  • jealous
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Turns that Life Takes... by bhagya1504
Turns that Life Bhagyashree
We all have listened numerous times that 'Time is might' but the seriousness of this phrase hits the protagonist when mighty time decides to show no mercy on her . She...
  • shraddhakapoor
  • understanding
  • care
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(On Hold)❧ Soul Tear ❧ Book One: The Last Spirit Adapt  by darkocean
(On Hold)❧ Soul Tear ❧ Book One: Robin T. Vale
Merryn really didn't want to steal the Book of Pordicion but with the magic runes on it weakening it was only a matter of time before the god trapped in it's pages awake...
  • friendship
  • horror
  • adventure
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