Monster Peak by MavisVermillion892
Monster Peakby Goethe M. Gothenburg
What happens if you die? Someone once asked an eighteen years old, Jethro Cobalt. He answered with the best answer. "I am still alive, aren't I?" He then cr...
  • thriller
  • twists
  • monsters
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Trapped  by NahlaAhmed827
Trapped by kindey
I just orgasmed. Blindfolded. By someone who I don't even know. And to top it all of, I think he's a serial killer. ~ Reni was lonely. Forever. She didn't knew her whol...
  • secrets
  • disappearance
  • love
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Her Blood Lost by Kaylawide
Her Blood Lostby KayNishell~Koray
Threequel/Third Installment to "Her Wolf Alpha" Began 26Oct2018 Amelia's firstborn son struggles with his place in the pack as he and his half-brother grow up...
  • luna
  • alpha
  • moongoddess
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Update by Oh_YesSs
Updateby Oh_YesSs
Nico, Kyle, Asia-May, Elijah, and Thalia are back! They're living their normal lives and of course can't tell anyone about their adventure. They can't go back, but then...
  • adventure
  • fiction
  • war
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Pride & Pre-Med Curriculum by JanaWilde
Pride & Pre-Med Curriculumby JanaWilde
Elizabeth Bennet didn't need distractions, she was just attempting to make it through college with good enough grades to get accepted into med school. But she hadn't co...
  • elizabeth
  • modern
  • prideandpredjudice
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The Golden Girl by StephRose1201
The Golden Girlby Stephanie Rose
*FEATURED IN THE "KINGS, COURTSHIPS AND EMPIRES" READING LIST ON WATTPAD HISTORICAL FICTION* December 1st, 1797. A golden-haired woman receives two letters tha...
  • sequel
  • drama
  • plottwist
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❄A Red Christmas❄ by --BookwormForever--
❄A Red Christmas❄by 🆃🅸🅵🅵🅰🅽🆈
Oh, Christmastime is just the most loving time of the year. You have no worries, you have no fear. Unless you go to Evermore Academy. Then you have every reason to fear...
  • roleplay
  • whodunit
  • random
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Dark Places by IWasHere516
Dark Placesby I Was Here
That was the last time I saw my mom alive. She was the only thing I had, I had no family left. My dad died when I was younger, my grandparents died before I was born and...
  • kpop
  • beyondthescene
  • deep
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A Touch Of An Angel by IamApollosPrincess
A Touch Of An Angelby Cheben Maria Helaena Villamor
"P-please Ivan, D-dont leave me." Bakit? Bakit kailangan pa niya akong iwan? Ang sakit. Sobrang sakit. "N-no, no, no! Don't go with him yet Ivan!" Ay...
  • devil
  • turns
  • angel
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Melissa by DipashaSarkar
Melissaby L O R E N.
Melissa: She has a story in her eyes. "You. Are. Mine." He said, emphasising each word so that they carve in my brain. "No. Stop it." A tear stained...
  • friends
  • adult
  • sweethearts
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Byrne Preparatory - Twists And Turns by WritingPixels
Byrne Preparatory - Twists And Pixel
At the young age of 14, Blaire Willows was accepted into the most prestigious, Australian riding academy. Byrne Preparatory. The #2 Best Riding Academy. She was entering...
  • boarding
  • book
  • academy
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Welcome to a Nightmare by starchild10
Welcome to a Nightmareby starchild10
A twist on the Black Fairy's curse, when Henry wakes up, the quiet town of Storybrooke has become a wasteland filled with crime, casinos, and something dark looming bene...
  • davidnolan
  • welcometoanightmare
  • snowwhite
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The Lost Fairytales by AlienUnicorn
The Lost Fairytalesby AlienUnicorn
Billy was raised along side the Royals--better known as the ones who were Fairytales--but she herself never was one. She's a Renegade, or a Fable. With her older brother...
  • truemeaning
  • funny
  • quest
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Pretend by NovaStar336
Pretendby Nova
(Unfinished) __________ "If this works, there'll be no reason to pretend anymore!" I grinned. "Serenety would be defeated." "And if that fails...
  • popular
  • plot
  • highschool
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Vulnerable! by timya_love32
Vulnerable!by timya_love32
Bestfriends= Lovers She was always vulnerable to him. His eyes, his smile, his body, and he was her everything since birth. Will she tell him how she feels or will she...
  • besties
  • lovers
  • twists
DOLLY √ by 1Nugget4Dudes
DOLLY √by ShadøwQwēēn
Blaire Jackson and her family is the normal middle class family sandwiched between the two classes. At least, that's what she thought. Until her sister, Lilith Jackson...
  • demon
  • haunting
  • goosebumps
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Their Secrets And The Twists (On-going) by UncrownedCold_Queen
Their Secrets And The Twists ( Uncrowned_Queen
You can always read the first story (Searching for the Mafia Heiress) before reading this sequel (Their Secrets and The Twists). ⚠Plagiarism is a Crime⚠ ♛️UC_Q💕
  • secrets
  • theirsecretsandthetwists
  • uncrownedcold
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Bronzeville Mysteries by klayope1819
Bronzeville Mysteriesby Hayley
"I have blood in my hands Hayley and nobody would forgive me for that " Nick said in a worried tone "Don't worry Nick. I will surely find a solution for t...
  • murders
  • psychopath
  • twins
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