Submission by korielyn
Submissionby korielyn
Highest ranking #1 as on 4th July 2017 "Tell me you are mine" the cold, sharp, merciless blade tried to force me into submission. Into HIS submission. I am not...
  • suspense
  • submission
  • kidnap
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Hidden Marriage (Completed) by Aayatmemonz1
Hidden Marriage (Completed)by •Little Doll•
This is my new story hope & its mature story some parts will be private hope u guyzz like it fab 5 is a band but they are not studying all have their business but still...
  • romance
  • twists
  • love
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The pregnant maid by rosamarie67
The pregnant maidby rosamarie67
22 year old Alaina was always the responsible, loving and caring one in her whole family. Her sister, Janet, was the total opposite and wanted nothing to do with her fa...
  • creepy
  • pregnancy
  • obssessive
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Night Shift|TAEGI by MuMu_LuLu
Night Shift|TAEGIby MuMu_LuLu
Min Yoongi, a lonely little human. He wears glasses to hide his baby face. He has those sharp eyes, but once he takes off his glasses, he looks like a middle schooler. E...
  • dark
  • romance
  • rough
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Trapped In His Darkness [ Darkness #2] by Rujula07
Trapped In His Darkness [ Rujula Chander.
"Bella wait for me after the office hours I will be there to pick you , Si ? " This frustrated her. Alexis had gained control of her after a long time and he...
  • abuse
  • domineering
  • romance
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Yuuei, the Academy for Monsters by Haikyuis4U
Yuuei, the Academy for Monstersby Unknown2U
Izuku Midoriya never dreamed she would be walking into an academy for monsters. Every way she looks is someone new. Someone unique. So what is she who was raised as an o...
  • hybrid
  • academy
  • magic
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Storm and Silence (FANFIC) by EXOTrashiee
Storm and Silence (FANFIC)by Layla Striene
This fanfic is written by yours truly, with some plot parts made by Daisy! (@GreyDaisy). Support also given by Jennifer (@amuse-me), Cindy (@shadowhuntercindy), Kasey (@...
  • two
  • twists
  • parts
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Fiend Obsession || Yandere older brother X reader|| -ONGOING by yanderousOtaku
Fiend Obsession || Yandere older YanderousOtaku
He's the best of all. The brother that everyone wishes to have. Always so happy, determined and protective, things take a turn of event as you slowly, un-willingly start...
  • mature
  • blood
  • yanderousotaku
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Bad Isn't Always Terrible (REWRITING) by AubreyParsons
Bad Isn't Always Terrible ( Aubrey Parsons
Mason's been abused since a young age by his step father. Without a mother for support and the constant fear for his life, he decides caring just isn't worth it. Why car...
  • secrets
  • fights
  • protective
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Spare yourself, 'BadBoy' ... by krumble
Spare yourself, 'BadBoy' Katie Rumble
COMPLETE: ''I'm bad for you.'' ''Yet I still keep coming back for more. Funny how it works isn't it?'' ''You, badboy, need to spare yourself.'' ''Or what, exactly...
  • tommy
  • teenfiction
  • funny
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Their Secret by EloraBlack
Their Secretby Elora Black
Sequel to Billionaire's Secret Alex and Ashton are thrown a curveball can their relationship stand the test of Ashton's past and Alex's future?
  • dark
  • mafia
  • sequel
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Finally Free Dumped & Pregnant (book 2 Completed) by khassal
Finally Free Dumped & Pregnant ( Mel
After going through so much, Isabella Joshua and their baby Elise are finally able to start their new life. With Jaxon well and truly locked up for the next ten years. I...
  • emotional
  • friends
  • family
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♥️ Ace Of Hearts ♥️ Ace x Reader by TheOGThottie
♥️ Ace Of Hearts ♥️ Ace x Readerby The OG Thot
You'd always had a secret crush on Murdoc... but one day his replacement comes... will you get along well? Or maybe... a little too well? #4 GorillazFanFic~ Sept 3 2018
  • gorillaz
  • lovetriangle
  • 2d
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I am All Yours(✔) by -melodious_song
I am All Yours(✔)by Melodious Song
*Book 1 of YOURS series* Jiya lost hope on love when her boyfriend got married to someone else leaving her devasted. Maan who fell in love with Jiya at first sight ask h...
  • trust
  • drama
  • love
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Woes of a Prince by Toria301
Woes of a Princeby Toria301
Prince Yuuichiro Amane is known for his extraordinary beauty, and is notorious for it all across the joined Kingdoms of Japan, but his parents keep him locked up tight...
  • gay
  • ukeyuu
  • domyoichi
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Pretending You're Mine (Heroic Rogue Series - book 1) by MarieHiggins
Pretending You're Mine (Heroic Marie Higgins
Mercedes Maxwell is devastated when her twin sister is driven to take her own life by none other than her husband, William Braxton. Determined to make her brother-in-law...
  • twins
  • secrets
  • historical
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100-Word Dark Steamy Stories by RS_reads
100-Word Dark Steamy Storiesby R.S. Mendoza
A collection of twisted tales, dark humor, and sad-bad romance. All with surprise endings. All in 100 words.
  • steamy
  • shocking
  • erotic
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Their Princess by MysteriousENDGoddess
Their Princessby Ate Meg💕
Thrilling life, everybody wants that kind of life. But what if you've got a too thrilling life? There is this one girl who loves to break rules. A girl who knows how to...
  • wattys2018
  • love
  • friends
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The Arrangement by Juni0r234
The Arrangementby Jesse
Jasmine was not given a choice of who she was able to love but rather told who she would love. Since the time she was little she was shown only the dominance in men, and...
  • jake
  • twists
  • awkward
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Just Friends (Revision) by OfficialWriter
Just Friends (Revision)by Akira 📝
Revision of my original story, Just Friends. Miraculous! Marichat! All you want and more! Disclaimer: Artwork and miraculous do not belong to me!!!
  • love
  • newmiraculouses
  • chat
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