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For the King I Love by 1827fan
For the King I Loveby HibaTsuna~
The whole story is situated in Wonderland. Tsuna is White Rabbit and works as a messenger for the King of Hearts, Hibari Kyoya. He's in love with the King but he keeps h...
Wizard among Mafia√ by YaoiYurishipper
Wizard among Mafia√by YaoiYurilover1827
What if Harry feels out of place after the war? What if he gets a visit from Death and Death takes him away from the wizarding world. Because by all means Harry should b...
The Class Trip 'Vongola Style' by Msfujoshichan
The Class Trip 'Vongola Style'by Hime Echizen
Sawada Tsunayoshi, together with the whole Class of 2-A was invited for a 2 months vacation to Italy sponsored by his Grandfather Vongola Nono, the current boss of the V...
second chance by norasaki029
second chanceby Akira007
hibari and tsuna are lover,they live their life full of love.....well only for tsuna.hibari never even have a feeling of love toward tsuna,because he can't take it anymo...
Class Trip To Vongola! by Tropicalnightac
Class Trip To Vongola!by Tropicalnightac
An ordinary day turns into a whirlpool of a day when Reboyama-sensei arranges a class trip to Vongola per request of Nono, three weeks before Tsuna's inheritance ceremon...
Silent Sky by MeganJayRiley
Silent Skyby MeganJayRiley
Takeo is the younger twin. He is sporty, popular and intelligent. As far as anyone can tell he is perfect, but behind closed doors, he constantly torments and abuses his...
Get well soon, my Sky by animeotaku7739
Get well soon, my Skyby animeotaku7739
Tsuna is sick but decides that he still needs to go to school. This, of course, does not go unnoticed by his guardians. One guardian in particular takes it upon himself...
Twisted Love: His, Forever by memo-ruru
Twisted Love: His, Foreverby Prince Memo
It all started with a crush. He seems to be stronger than he looks like. Then stalking. He unconsciously watch him from afar. Taking in everything, etching it in his min...
in Namimori everything is normal, tsuna already accept that he is gonna be a mafia boss ( corecction: Vongola Decimo ), his guardians grew more stronger, tsuna and other...
Rooftop Rendezvous by ravenabi
Rooftop Rendezvousby Destiny Aitsuji
When Hibari told Tsuna to meet him on the rooftop, the brunet was prepared to be bitten to death. After an unexpected turn of events, Tsuna was left in tears. How could...
Sweetie by MiracleTaiyo
Sweetieby MiracleTaiyo
This is a 1827 KHR prompt story. (Imagine Person A casually calling B sweetie or hon or something for the first time and B just being like (•///•).) Note: Kyoya is going...
"Shattered Sky"     by MyOnlySky_Cielo
"Shattered Sky" by Vongola Cielo
Sawada Tsunayoshi-tsuna for short also known as Vongola Decimo. Being the Vongola Decimo was a hard work espesially if you have an anoying gurdians, but even though they...
Magic Of Flames  by YaoiYurishipper
Magic Of Flames by YaoiYurilover1827
This is part 2 book 2 of Wizard Among Mafia. Yep I'm finally uploading it my lovely readers. It has been many years since Harry came to the world of Flame users and met...
The sky KHR by MalditadiAsh
The sky KHRby Maldita Di Ash
When the twins sawada Ieyoshi and Sawada Tsunayoshi was born to the world Nana and Iemitsu was happy. But why is it when Reborn came for tutoring the older twin was mis...
Snapshots [KHR][1827] by Aissuko
Snapshots [KHR][1827]by Hιηα
Brief glimpses of their lives together ('Till death do us part). [AU][1827]
Cure to Insomnia by 1827fan
Cure to Insomniaby HibaTsuna~
After the fight in the future, Tsuna has problems with sleep. Who do you think will help him? :) Pairing: Hibari x Tsuna (1827) Rated: T Sequel: Cure to Maestitia
Posts Tumblr khr (allxtsuna) by KatsukiYuuri1
Posts Tumblr khr (allxtsuna)by Tsuna ❤
frases divertidas de katekyo hitman reborn yaoi, son RebornxTsuna , ColonelloxTsuna , MkuroxTsuna ,etc.
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(fic dịch) (1827 long fic) Tìm thấy tình yêu trong bóng tối by Meo_den2000
(fic dịch) (1827 long fic) Tìm thấ...by Hắc Miêu
Vì trước đây có bạn nói là không thể coi trên wordpress nên có đề nghị mình post lên wattpad hoặc VNS (cũng khoảng hơn tháng trước). Thấy cái nhà nó trống trải quá cũ...
Cielo perdido by lucy-chan1827
Cielo perdidoby lucy-chan1827
A Tsuki(Fem Tsuna) siempre la ignoraban, hasta que cierto incidente la cambio para siempre, sus padres la mandan a otra ciudad sin saber lo sucedido, pero cuando se ente...