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Silent Poetry by seven_hues
Silent Poetryby Sreeja Naskar
(#1 in metaphor) At late nights, I could see those choked words rushing out of my throat-shouting their presence in the ink of the broken pen. They are awake to be in...
27 Bowls of Ice cream by dustychalks
27 Bowls of Ice creamby Jhalak
4x featured | Where 27 different flavours of ice cream metaphorically take Nicola and Rudra on a journey of love and self-discovery. * * * Nicola was convinced that it w...
somnium by titanically-
somniumby Mic
For what seems to him to be forever, he's been the personification of human fears. Every day is the same; he paints their fears according to the things that scare them t...
The Echo Awards - Poetry Contest by echoawards
The Echo Awards - Poetry Contestby The Echo Awards
"A voice, not an echo." At the Echo Awards, we want the emotional, the raw, the moving. We want everything you're afraid to share. We want the truest things yo...
𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐒𝐢𝐝𝐞 by __SHADOW_7
𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐒𝐢𝐝𝐞by __SHADOW __
A book full of poems, only some of them are mine Don't like it don't read it DO NOT REPORT Highest ranking #12 in Creativewriting - 19/9/2022 #38 in metaphor - 23/9/202...
Nier Automata: [Alt]ternative Novel (NOW UNDERGOING REVISIONS!) by SeraphimNoUta
Nier Automata: [Alt]ternative ミスル[ND]
During the events of Project Gestalt's collapse, one human was able to survive the apocalypse and kept safe in cryogenic sleep for millennia, only to reawaken to a decim...
FALLEN ANGELS by iceheartedflame
FALLEN ANGELSby iceheartedflame
We are all angels but once in our lifetime all of us fell from somewhere really high...
Raindrops of Reality - [poetry] by claire_brdn_
Raindrops of Reality - [poetry]by Claire Bourdon
I'm fine. But what does it mean? A phrase said for years but usually meaning a lie. A settlement for how something could be? Or a false testimony for the way that I'm f...
Skeletal Words Of A Dead Heart  by ElfriedeWestWood
Skeletal Words Of A Dead Heart by ~£|f~
A needed love to quench the thirsty feeling of a sore soul for 22,000 years.The heart is pale and dead yet the gene it possesses, is still longing for a love like oxyg...
Poems ni JanielleDL by JanielleDL
Poems ni JanielleDLby JanielleDL
Compilation lamang ito ng mga tulang pinaggagagawa.
The Universe is Our Poetry by writebysyllable
The Universe is Our Poetryby Kriselle Niña Pantig
Every poet is trying to send a message to someone in secret. If you would only learn to listen, you'll know it's for you.
butterflies on battlefields by wingedgirI
butterflies on battlefieldsby braylee
re:Happiness | Cell Phone Novel by lastwill-
re:Happiness | Cell Phone Novelby wallen (on hiatus)
「 Can you teach me how to be happy? 」 Fujiwara Ao has been living the past nineteen years of his life in ease. Born with the ideal background and blessed with...
the night  the stars fell - poetry collection  by starry_poetry
the night the stars fell - goldfish
PLEASE READ THE CONTENT WARNINGS this poetry collection includes themes and descriptions of: sexual violence/assault/harassment PTSD hallucinations depression anxiety ...
therapy by julixtta
therapyby Julietta
"they told us that we needed therapy, as if medication and tainted words could fix broken toys."
Poems of Rain by K_Rain_
Poems of Rainby K Rain
' Sweet sours shall swear For restrains to retreat As my ink in refrain Calls my love for the rain' Just a collection of poems I wrote. Poems of life, growth, sadn...
Stream Of Thoughts by Goalmishra
Stream Of Thoughtsby Harshit Mishra
Sometimes my thoughts are violent, Sometimes they bring me to the light. Sometimes I sit in silence, Sometimes I'm running for my life. Just random thoughts that I write...
¦Hellven¦ Kaworu x Shinji by Dying_Heartbeat
¦Hellven¦ Kaworu x Shinjiby ೋ◦۪۪̥ 𝚜𝚊𝚌𝚌𝚑
"Kaworu" "Yes?" "Can you show me, your world?" "... Perhaps, if our lips and body become one" And he kissed him. >One-shot >...
The Shorts by gvm_writes
The Shortsby GVM
Shorts stories that have nowhere to go :)