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Fnaf (All)  oneshot :) by MOON___DROP
Fnaf (All) oneshot :)by moondrop
x reader here ya go you sinfull simps
FNAF Zodiacs by Georgia187
FNAF Zodiacsby Georgiaux_Starsuset_
A Five Nights at Freddy's zodiac book to entertain you. Includes all FNaF games and nightguards. Hope y'alls enjoy, cause I'm gonna keep updating. *I made the book just...
š—š—‚š–½š–¾ š—š—š–¾ š—Œš—Žš—‡ | š¦š¢šœš”šššžš„ šššŸš­šØš§ by hauntinqz
š—š—‚š–½š–¾ š—š—š–¾ š—Œš—Žš—‡ | š¦š¢šœš”ļæ½...by deez nuts
ā ššš§š š­š”šžš§ š¢ šŸššš„š„. ššš§š š­š”šžš§ š¢ š¤š§šØš°. āž ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢ (y/n) (l/n) is a 24 year old fugitive. with no form of true self identity and an unwanted gift of shape...
Ask fnaf nightguards by Bee_is_gae
Ask fnaf nightguardsby Spring boi
!!!Warning!!! Lots of swearing Ask any of the fnaf nightguards from any game
Fnia Nights Of Love And Fright by MikeTheFniaFan
Fnia Nights Of Love And Frightby FniaFan666
A Teen named Kyle that was AGE 18 who had a terrible past needs a job and comes to the Anime Convention in hope of getting a job just to notice the animatronics are movi...
The Strongest Owner! [Thefamousfilms] *completed* by Moonshadow193
The Strongest Owner! [Thefamousfil...by Moonshadow193
bryan bought a pizzaria & themepark but what he didnt know were all the secrets and dangers that were coming his way ill take you into my domain :3 ALSO STORY PIC MADE B...
Fnaf vore book by Amelia454
Fnaf vore bookby Amelia454
This will have any fnaf animatronics you want You can have your OC vored by Nightmare for example or vored by Freddy Contains digestion too 12/30/21:Godamn did not excep...
Our child (FnafxChild!Reader) by Laineyloulougirl12
Our child (FnafxChild!Reader)by LouLou bell
Each Fnaf animatronic gets there own child and your the child
Trust No One...Except Him - Funtime Foxy x Reader by Purpleypop
Trust No One...Except Him - Funtim...by Purpleypop
You needed a job and just so happened to come across an ad for Circus Baby's Pizza World. Interested, you applied for the job and were excited to begin your first night...
ā Arthur's FNaF Au~ āž - Completed by PumpkingxAngel
ā Arthur's FNaF Au~ āž - Completedby šŸŒˆ Your Gay Dad šŸŒˆ
Hewo ! Welcome to my FNaF Au book info ! This book will contain the animatronics (which belong to Scott Cawthon) and me adding a head canon / personality to them! If you...
JUST RUN  | Micheal X Ennard | Fluff | Book 1 by LunarFox_3048
JUST RUN | Micheal X Ennard | Flu...by Lunar
| Don't ask for More Chapters, It's A Completed story!!| William is out to get Ennard... Why tho... Will we ever know?
Hello and welcome to by quna1999
Hello and welcome toby Mama Story
To most Scott cawthon is just a voice, A voice over the phone, a voice to guide you through the hell that is working at freddy fazbears pizzeria. The voice that saves li...
 A FNAF SL Story Circus Baby x Male Animatronic Reader(COMPLETED) by Baby_The_Baby
A FNAF SL Story Circus Baby x Mal...by Baby
You just arrived to a new pizzeria the name of it is Circus Baby Pizzeria World.And you met a girl named Circus Baby and you have falled in love with her.
FNAF TEXTING by xX_Mangle_Girl_Xx457
FNAF TEXTINGby xX_Mangle_Girl_Xx457
WARNING LOTS OF SHIPS Bonnie:Freddy Bonnie:Freddy Bonnie:FREDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Freddy: What!?!? Bonnie: I love u Freddy:shut up
Michael Afton x Reader (The Return/Stay By My Side 2) by Mricecream7
Michael Afton x Reader (The Return...by Mricecream
It's been three years since y/ns and Michael's reencounter at Circus Baby's Pizza World. Lucky for them, things have been going smoothly... at first. It's only a matter...
Alone in the dark no more (Funtime Frexy) (completed) by Ironspiderfan2006
Alone in the dark no more (Funtime...by Mysteriousauthorguy
After a tragic incident at circus baby's pizza world. Funtime foxy finds herself locked underground in the dark. But a kind and mysterious voice may be able to guide her...
Art Book (2) by _ILikeSadRomance_
Art Book (2)by 怌 ā™” 怍
ā—¤ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā—„ Contains all sorts of random drawings I've made over past few months, and more that come along every other time motivation's working. šŸ…†šŸ„°šŸ…šŸ„½šŸ„øšŸ„½...
Broken - a fnaf fanfic by TheInsaneFoxWriter
Broken - a fnaf fanficby TheInsaneFoxWriter
The horrifying story of the Fazbear franchise is thought of as a myth by most, simply a scary tale spread around; it's ruled off as fiction by Fazbear Entertainment itse...
17 (Vanny x reader) (Oneshot) by TheNessieSimp
17 (Vanny x reader) (Oneshot)by CrimsonTint
(Soulmate Au) this is not cannon to "Your Life is in my hands" although they are from different universes some things are similar. This is also kinda off from...